Monday, June 11, 2012

Reality TV Update - Monday June 11, 2012

It's a busy night for reality tv, Bachelorette, Masterchef and Hells Kitchen.

I am watching everything and will update this post with some links to full recaps and some opinions of what went down on tv tonight.

Masterchef - I still need to watch.

Hells Kitchen - RECAP HERE. Maybe I am just too tired, but it wasn't that interesting an episode.

Bachelorette - WAS an interesting episode. I did a full recap here. But there were some surprises.

Tomorrow: Masterchef, Hells Kitchen, Love in the Wild.

Later this week: SYTYCD, ABDC, and more!

Hells Kitchen

another episode of hells kitchen tonight.....


The girls are not happy with Barbie. Robyn and Kimmie are losing their minds yelling at her.

New day, Barbie wakes up early and noisily cleans, banging dishes and stomping as she cleans. Out comes Tiffany losing her mind, threatening to choke out Barbie. Robyn is ready to snap too and drama is causing all hell to break lose until Chef Ramsay calls them all down stairs to the kitchen where a room of people are singing America the Beautiful in an immigration ceremony.

Chef Ramsay challanges the chefs to serve them all. Which ever team fees their entire side of the kitchen wins. The menu? Cobb Salad then choice of sliders, pizza or grilled cheese.

Royce is on salads and holds up the men's side. Women struggle with communication.

The Ladies win and get to go to San Diego safari via private jet, while the men get to do some hard labour...

The giraffes lick the girls and they all celebrate with Chef Ramsay. The men lift trees and clear our land.

Later that night Hells Kitchen is ready to open....

American heroes attend and Chef Ramsay is hoping they can actually complete dinner service tonight... I however, am not as optimistic.

Blue starts off well with Royce on Appies. On the floor Don can't spell so his tickets are slow and hold up the men, but the kitchen does well getting food out. Clamenza can't tell time and quotes 20 minutes to the pass, then 15 then he isn't sure - when he brings it up it is cooked perfectly, and the men continue to excel.

Red team starts with soupy spaghetti and Dana is bombing on appies. She finally gets her footing and things start to come out. barbie messes up scallops - again - Ramsay is pissed because it was for a VIP table of firemen. Christina helps out and keeps the red team going.

Both kitchens struggle at times and it seems like they may get through dinner service... Briana keeps burning fish which messes with Kimmie's timing of entrees, which they have to remake. Clemenza runs out of wellington he is supposed to bemaking for the marines on meat station and is forced to go out and reccommend the NY strip instead.

Red gets kicked out of the kitchen and is the obvious loser. They put forth Briana and Barbie, then Dana.

Robyn tells Chef Ramsay Briana and Barbie. Ramsay calls forward Roshni as well. In the end Chef Ramsay sends Briana home.

The ladies are still pissed barbie is till there... more drama to come surely.

Master Chef - Top 36 Challenge

The rest of the auditions happened tonight and then a Top 36 challenge using beef.

Some memorable cooks from the auditions:

husband and wife, blind gal, tall (not basketball player) guy, nearly made it gal, cowboy, Monti, and more.

At the end of the hour, there are some groups. One group of 12 is safe to go to master chef, the other group of 12 is already not staying and then there are a few people back at the stations still who get to come present their dishes.

Going Through - the cocky asian girl, Ryan the unemployed ego maniac...that was all I saw....

First up:

David - Italian Beeg Taco with Eggplant - tastes good but simple
Anna - Beef stuffed onions with raisins and horseradish - Lacks colour but tastes good
AJ - Orecchiette pasta with broccoli rabe and fennel meatballs - nice idea but a bit bland
Tanya - Persian Kebab with red onion pickle salad and egg plant - bold but within her comfort zone of persian food

Tanya and David get through. Husband and Wife AJ and Anna step forward and are told to say good bye to each other as one is going home alone is AJ. Anna goes through.

Next up:

Christine - Thai Basil Beef with rice dish (She is the blind cook) - complex flavours are delicious but beef is dry
Bubba - Ranch Stew with corn bread topping - flavourful but simple
Didn't get her name Nadinni? - Beef and Spinach Curry - cooked well but doesn't explode with flavour
Monti - Beef Roll with greens and almonds - delicious

Monti goes through. I am glad I like her!

Bubba and Nadinni(?) did not make it.

Christine - gets through!!! I love it!

Last up:

Courtney - (a man) Spaghetti Bolgnese - brave move to try to make sauce in shrot time, it is a bit sweet
Romy - Grape Leaf Patty - pickled well, weird colour for beef, but tastey and bold
David- Faux Bone Marrow - smart idea, savory, but some undercooked veggies
Sharine - Roasted egg plant stuffed with garlic mash and beef with tomato butter sauce - raw eggplant, not a lot of positive reviews

Courtney - sent home, a bit shocking
Sharine - sent home, no shock there
Romy and David - only one goes through.... and it is David!

And now we have our Top 18!!!

So who do we have?
Anna Rossi
Becky Reams
Christine Ha
David Mack
David Martinez
Felix Fang
Frank Mirando
Helene Leeds
Joshua Marks
Michael Chen
Mike Hill
Monti Carlo
Ryan Umane
Samantha de Silva
Scott Little
Stacey Amagrande
Tali Clavijo
Tanya Noble

View full bio's here

Bachelorette - Ten Men in London

Tonight we went from ten men to eight, who made the cut? Let's recap....

Emily and Ricky enjoy London sight-seeing. I have to say, she has a sweet deal, taking her kid around the world... nice! Then men meet in London and head to their hotel May Fair.


"Sean, Love takes no prisoners"

The first one-on-one date was with Sean and they went sight-seeing in London, taking cute photos. I am loving the two of them together. Sean reminds Emily he is selective, and Emily agrees that good guys are hard to come by. She tells him he seems to be the full package, since he is good looking and also not boring. She seems smitten. As they walk they see these poets doing speakers corner and so he steps up and shouts about how he feels about love staring at Emily. He wooed her. You could see it in her eyes, she thinks he is a keeper... at least for now.

Later in the evening they have dinner in a castle / Tower of London. King Henry lived in this building and after a short tour they sit down in a candle lit room filled with armour and elegant decor sets a romantic mood for the two love birds. Emily sounds like she is losing her voice as she tells him about the room they are in being where Henry VIII locked up his wives, two of which he beheaded.

Emily is waiting for the bomb, Sean has been divorced? has 7 kids? but no bomb comes, only compliments about how much he enjoyed the day. She tells him he is humble but perfect. They talk about kids, she presses him to see how many he wants, he says two seems good but he is open minded, EMily says so three? four? She is clearly planning their whole entire life in that very moment.

Not shocking she gives him the rose, it feels like if she could, she'd marry him right there on the spot. Instead she settles for making out on the roof top.

Back at the house then men chat, Kalon says something along the lines of "everyday is a group date, you, her and Ricky" the men didn't like that answer, especially because Kalon himself grew up with a single mom. I sense drama coming soon.

The next date card arrives:

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet....." only Alejandro notices this is a Shakespeare quote... props to him for that!

And invited are:

Chris, Arie, Ryan, Doug, Alejandro, Travis, John, and Kalon

Jef gets the second one-on-one. Kalon is pissed, the others aren't happy, but not nearly as grumpy or bitchy about it.

Next up - the Group Date

Travis is up first and he is horrible. Everyone laughs. They are all horrible actually. The men all laugh at each other.

Emily admits she doesn't care about the acting, but the ability to have fun, be silly and not take it too seriously.

Alejandro, John, Ryan, Kalon, win mens roles, the worst actors, Arie and Doug play females.

They prepare briefly and are given the scene they will play.

Arie is beat red as the nurse, and this concerns Emily. Travis has a lot of fun with it. Kalon seems to take it very seriously (competitively) Ryan is his "stiffest competition" and Ryan is excited he gets to kiss Emily. Emily comes to check in and Kalon tells Emily to run along so they can rehearse.

After practicing, they find out it is almost show time and there will be a live audience. Nerves increase.

They get interesting Shakespeare costumes and wigs.

The play starts....

Balcony Scene: Kallon & Emily
He takes it quite seriously and is quite intense.

Doug is a hilarious nurse with John Wolf.

Alejandro and Travis were funny along with Chris.

Arie as a nurse with Emily was really unintentionally funny. He was so embarrassed, but he had every reason to be... it was really bad. He pulled it off though!

Ryan and Emily's scene was really bad and Emily looked not interested in kissing Ryan. It was a little peck and the men were clear to point out it was just an acting kiss. So, Ryan went back in for more.... the men weren't happy about that. Emily complimented his kissing - ew! I used to like Ryan, but he has been a bit sleazy lately (or the editing has made him so)

Off for some eats and drinks... and drama...

They all go to some kind of brewery or pub and Emily compliments their good spirit today for the acting. She has some one on one time with each of the men, first is Arie, who admits how tough today was for him. They are still playful and seem to connect, but the Arie baggage can't leave my brain, even as they make out on the picnic bench.

Next up is Ryan who closes the curtains to have privacy. She calls him "trouble" as she smiles which he interprets as a good thing. The men plan to interupt him anyways. Ryan says he has a surprise for her and he pulls out a necklace with a pendant on it which she really loves. I atill think he is sleazy, this gesture feels like a "must do" on his part.

Kalon is mad he hasn't had time to talk to her and he says something along the lines of waiting to talk to an exhausted, sick, mother with a child waiting on her... um.... obviously Chris gets upset again at this and he tells Arie who is also upset. Chris and Artie then somehow manage to sit with all the men except Kalon and they discuss it.

The men are pretty upset. Doug, a dad, confronts Kalon who says he did say "baggage" but didn't mean it as an insult, he meant it as "responsibility" and he won't take back what he said... Doug is pissed, if someone said that about his son he would be mad, so he feels he has to tell Emily.

Emily is so mad and ponders the most "lady like" way to handle this... she can't think of one... so she goes to confront him.

The scene is set, Doug has everyone sit down and Emily takes off her coat. Doug confronts the topic, Emily says "Do you have anything to say for yourself" Kalon kind of defends himself, but not really.... Emily cuts him off saying "I'd love to hear you talk, but not until I am done, I got that line from you" ha ha - go girl! She calls Ricky a blessing and asks if he can say anything he says no, she tells him to get the fuck out. He says he only dreamed his first child would be his own, Emily is hurt by that because she his MOM is a single mom and she says the whole conversation is so disappointing she will not have it. She walks away. She says the only solution was if he did not say it, but he did, the end, he is gone.

Emily is upset and worried she let Kalon get this far and also why no men told her sooner? Then men back peddal that they didn't want to say anything and wanted to let her find her way - she doesn't buy it, she expects respect and honesty and decides she won't hand out the rose tonight. I feel like Doug should have got it, he was the one who told her. Ah well! Sean and Jef surely have a leg up for avoiding this train wreck of a night.

One-on-one date time with Jef, but Emily is still in a foul mood from the group date. Jef is aware of what happened and wants to make sure Emily is doing ok.

They go for tea first and learn ettiquette first. This lady is absolutely annoying and Jef and EMily have NO TIME to talk because "JEAN" is teaching them how to hold cups, pour tea, eat snacks and yadda yadda yadda...........

Luckily Emily and Jef feel the same way and bolt.

They hit a pub and are way more relaxed and have time to chat and get to know each other. Jef takes this opportunity to tell Emily about what Kalon said and that he HAD stood up for her. Emily feels better but feels Jef is hard to read and is hoping to see that Jef is into her. Later in the evening they have dessert in the London Eye. They have a nice conversation and things seem to be going well. I still wonder because he comes across a bit young and they both seem cautious. Yet, somehow they got to the serious, what if life discussion and he seemed sincere and really... into it.

He of course gets the rose. They also share their first kiss by the water after he apologizes for not kissing her in Bermuda. Jef says Emily takes his breath away, he is truly in love, and now if he can figure out how to show her that, they could be ever lasting.

Cocktail Party
Travis and Emily chat and she asks how he would react to someone saying something bad about her. She says she would have his back and hopes he would too. Travis feels uncomfy and feels it is a pretty serious convo. John says he feels bad he didn't tell her about the Kalon thing. Arie tries to be supportive and listens to her talk about how the Kalon thing made her feel, he seems kind of dopey during the conversation he doesn't have the right answers. Emily is on a role and calling out everyone for not standing up for her. Arie is shaken. Ryan and Emily talk and he tries to have fun with her and make her laugh. Props to him for trying to lighten the mood by re-enacting the balcony scene from Romeo & Juliet and summarizing what it means, complimenting her. She is falling for him, despite the red flags he sent out early on - bad Emily! At least she is hip to the warnings. Sean wants to let Emily know that he is there for her. They have a nice talk and lets her know he will always be honest and he is one of the good guys! They kiss, I love them! He gives her butterflies in her heart.... gah!!! Adorabz!

Rose Ceremony:
Sean & Jef already have roses.
Kalon was already sent packing.


Good-bye to Alejandro, I was surprised he lasted this long, we barely saw anything from him, though what we did see was awesome. He is obviously an intelligent and charming man, but editing didn't show much sadly.

Next Week:

Looks like a one on one with Ryan, Travis, Jef maybe, Some kissing with John, Arie, Chris, then of course drama, Jef and Arie talk about someone who is there for the "win" who are we talking about this time? Maybe Chris? Arie goes to Emily's room to tell her, after not telling her about Kalon...

Lot's more kissing in upcomgin weeks, Jef, Arie, Xhris still around it looks like. Ryan too, It is hard to say what is next week and what is future episodes. Sean, Trais, lot's of kissing - it is insane. She says she is falling in love with more than one person. Crying and tanned Emily ponders her decisions and I almost feel bad for her until they show her scuba diving and making out with more hotties.

Cosmopolis Review

**edit I went from Eric Packer to Eric Packer to Peter Parker, it was 1am when I wrote this, I tried to edit back to correct name, but in case I missed any - sorry**

Yes, I saw Cosmopolis tonight.

I forgot it doesn't come out in USA until August until my twitter and facebook blew up at my Get Glue check-in to see the movie.

I am not a great review writer, but more of a "thought sharer" so bare with me as I spew my thoughts on this film....

Overall, I love it!

It was completely messed up, with a very indie feel, but genius.

There was basically no score, various strange but creative film angles, intense dialogue and absolutely amazing acting!

Robert Pattinson is perfect! I say this not as a Robert Pattinson fan (which I am) because I had my hesitations as to how he would perform in such a seriously strange role, but he is perfect. From his general paranoia of the world, to his non-chalant carelessness of possibly losing his fortune, he plays character, Eric Packer, perfectly.

Also, Paul Giamatti is not surprisingly amazing in his role, which wraps the film up and is perhaps the most intense of the flick. Rob & Paul both play their characters well, both armed and unpredictable.

The film starts with Eric waiting to get in his limo to go for a hair cut. His security doesn't want him to because the President is in town and traffic / road closures are going to make the trip difficult. Eric doesn't care, he wants to go, he also ponders what happens to the limo's at night... random right? Yes, this entire film is full of random and strange, obscure moments and conversations, but somehow, it is still highly intriguing...

I have so much to say, I don't want to spoil it for those who wish to see it / not know.... but if you want to know click MORE and ready on...


I notice strange things and I noticed the word "this" repeated frequently. "This I know" "I know this" "This is true" and so on. The dialgue was often mechanical, yet precise. It felt as if the characters were socially awkward, yet obsessive with numbers and their desire to understand human normalcy, which they very clearly lacked.

An example, Eric is married to a poet. We don't know this when he first sees her in the taxi cab and joins her to talk. We leearn this later, after he has sex with another woman and she mentions his recent marriage. His conversation with his wife is highly unnatural, as is their entire relationship. He speaks freely of his desire to have sex, even trying to conform to social norms of noticing her outfit and complimenting her as awkward as it is for his character, yet she speaks confused and childlike, seeking clarification on his every sentence. It is like a puzzle they can't put together...

Another example, he fucks one of his security guards. Besides her full frontal nudity we do get a peak of his chest, hips and a 'tresaure trail' - yes ladies!!! He asks her what kind of weapon she uses to protect him, if the job is interesting, why she does it, and then asks her to taze him (with her only weapon, a tazer) not the usual pillow talk.

During a prostate exam, in the limo, he carries on an entire conversation with a woman, albeit uncomfortably. The camera angle and Rob's facial expressions are telling. I had heard about this scene from interviews and I have to say it was very well shot as Eric is bent over, doctor near the rear, Eric's face in the woman's as they talk she becomes sexually aroused and Eric calls her on it.

"Nancy Babitch" the voice activated code word for his head of security's top of the line, futuristic weapon, which Eric Parker promptly uses to inexplainably shoot his head of security in the head, then toss the gun into a basketball court.... more random.

Eric talks about his two elevators, the music is different in each and he takes one or the other depending on his mood. This showcases just how RICH he really is. It is also a stark contrast to where he is headed given his investments are taking a huge slash due to exchange rates and he risks losing everything.

There is a lot of economic talk and capitalism fear and the riots and the "rats" reminded me of the late 90s early 2000s (in which this novel was originally written - 2003) I didn't follow the numbers or the lingo of the financial world so much, but understood the premise.

Another random scene has one of Eric's favourite rap artists (who's music plays in one of the elevators) dying from heart failure, not being shot as Eric guesses steretypically. Eric sheds a tear embracing a big, black man in his limo who broke the news to him, as the rap artists body is towed behind a car, on display, through the streets of NYC.

There are a lot of visitors in his limo. A lot of pit stops. A lot of action surrounding his limo. A lot of strange random things... I have NOT read the book, perhaps if I had this would not have been so strange to me. Strangely Genius!

So much randomness... it is money, sex, and desire. Not just a desire of money and sex, but of .... control? understanding? connection? One can't tell, but Eric is not a happy man and he lacks true humanity or emotion except for some strange occurence of manic reactions (he shoots his own hand near the end of the film....) bizzare!

Besides his security gal, he also has sex in the limo with another woman (Juliette Binoche) in another interesting camera angle that showcases some flexibility and gymnastic techniques from the actress. She is older and the mention of age comes up with a few limo visitors.

What surprised me throughout this film was the sound, or lack there of. The limo is apparently sound proofed so you see the riots outside, as anarchists spray paint the limo and rock it and scream and fighton the streets, yet, inside, it is seemingly calm, separate from the world around it, much like Eric Packer is separated from general society.

The limo, besides sound proofing also has a urinal under the floor, a giant seat at the end for him to sit in like a king on his throne, computerized touch screens everywhere, black out and untinted windows that dim on command, and more. He has daily doctor examinations because you could die any day, even weekends.

The hair cut he eventually gets to, only to walk out half way through sporting the infamous patchy hair cut we remember seeing at Comic-Con 2011. He returns to his father's barber, which is closed by the time they arrive, but the old man welcomes him and offers him food.

In the end he sees where the limos go at night and is left on the side of the road, only to be shot at. He seeks the shooter and finds Paul Giamatti's character in a run down apartment where deep conversation occurs between the two. Brilliant scene!

Eric Parker starts as a paranoid, cocky, intelligent, multi-millionaire wanting to go for a hair cut, however, by the end of the film, he has lost everything, and been exposed as an eccentric shell of a human who is looking for more.

The final scene in which Paul Giamatti's character should kill Eric Packer, is interupted by credits. One can assume he is shot... but the talk, the exchange of dialogue is what makes that scene, not the pending murder.

It is not your typical movie. The plot is not tangible or explainable, it is more about ideas and concepts than any particular story. There are a lot of things that do not make simple sense, but leave you pondering bigger ideas.

I thinkt he film is amazing. I think Rob is superb. I think you should see it and tell me what YOU think... it is just one of those movies.... brilliant!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Snow White & The Huntsman (SWATH) Review

I saw Snow White and the Hunstmand tonight, i know I am late to the party, but I went and saw Cosmopolis and SWATH tonight as a RObsten movie night ha ha!

SWATH visuals were absolutely stunning. The castle, the dark forest, the fairy forest, the snow, the small village of women, everything was so beautifully cinematic! Stunning!

The acting was good. I was worried, not going to lie, but it wasn't disappointing.

I need to say it, I am sorry, I thought Kristen might blow it. I had heard mixed reviews and expected the worse. My issue is that every role Kristen plays (almost) she pays herself. I always say how Kristen Stewart plans an awesome Kristen Stewart - sorry.... As Snow White... well, she had the look, beautiful! She also had the wardrobe, fabulous hair and costumes in the entire movie. And, this is a massive compliment, I only thought of her as Kristen like, three times... or so...

The poison scene felt like the venom bite from James in Twilight, the death lying in the bed awaiting resurrection scene felt like Breaking Dawn Part 1 Bella awaiting the venom to revive her as a vampire.

Lastly, she barely spoke until her 'rally the troops' speech at the end, which I thought was well done but others in my theatre giggled... ah well.

But despite these connections, even distractions, I thought Kristen Stewart was really good. She looked stunning and the little girl who played the younger her was amazing!

Chris Hemsworth, where have you been my whole life? WOW! He is so hot! I mean, I already knew this, but - wow! Huntsman Hottie!

I thought Charlize Theron was the super star of this film. She was just perfect! Along with the make up and costumes, she looked and played the part of the evil queen to a tee.

My most favourite parts of the film were the setting and visuals. The dark forest haunted me, the fairy forest was so magical, it reminded me of Labyrinth or Narnia or Legend. So stunning.

The storyline was predictable being that the Snow White tale has been told numerous times, but even so, kept me interested. There were lot's of little bits added to enhance the story... 8 dwarves, the town of "ugly" women, the queens brother, and so on.

I know they have thought to make this a series, though I am not sure what story they would tell as it ends with fairly solid closure.... I guess you never know.

I loved the movie, I plan to take my husband and daughter to go see it with me again :)


SYTYCD Season 9 Schedule (as of right now):

- Wednesday, May 24: Dallas / New York Auditions
- Wednesday, May 30: Los Angeles Auditions
- Wednesday, June 6: Atlanta Auditions
- Wednesday, June 13: Salt Lake City Auditions
- Wednesday, June 20: Las Vegas Callbacks
- Wednesday, June 27: Top 20 Revealed/Meet the Top 20 Performances (200th Episode)
- Wednesday, July 4: Preemption – July 4th Holiday
- Wednesday, July 11: First Performance Show (Top 20)
- Wednesday, July 18: Performance and First Results Show (Top 20)
- Wednesday, July 25: Top 18 Performance and Results
- Wednesday, August 1: Preemption – Olympics
- Wednesday, August 8: Preemption – Olympics
- Wednesday, August 15: Top 16 Performance and Results
- Wednesday, August 22: Top 14 Performance and Results
- Wednesday, August 29: Top 12 Performance and Results
- Wednesday, September 5: Top 10 Performance and Results
- Tuesday, September 11: Top 8 Performance and Results
- Tuesday, September 18: Finale

True Blood Season 5 Premiere

Season 5 returned and already I am more impressed than I was with Season 4.

It picks up directly where it left off... Tara has been shot by Debbie, Jesus was just killed by Lafayette, Jessica and Hoyt are through and she and Jason have been together. We discover Russell Edginton is "de-cemented" that fellowship preacher dude Steve is back - as a vampire. Most importantly, Sookie has told Eric and Bill to walk away.

Remember all that? ok.......... here we go....


Pam shows up and Lafayette and Sookie convince her (in a floral yellow Walmart sweat suit) to make Tara into a vampire. Pam agrees reluctantly stating that half of Tara's face is blown off and she may come back "fucktarded" love Pam!

Jessica is fratinizing wityh frat boys, enjoying the single life, much to Jason's despair. She does save him from the fellowship, preacher (newly vamp) guy Steve, who glamours Jason and admits he is gay and in love with Jason - wow!

Eric and Bill are trapped by the vampire authority (government) and manage to escape. One of the drivers is in fact Eric's vampire sister Nora - they reunite with some hot and dirty sex. (They are siblings in the case that they share maker Godric - *sigh* I miss Godric so hard! I love him!) anyways, they take on new fake id and are ready to escape life when they are ambushed.

Sheriff sleeps with blonde waitress, her sons come home and see this. Not sure what is going on with this story line next.

Alcide comes by and Sookie almost tells him about Debbie but Lafayette stops her. He has a hilarious line and facial expression where he gets up in Alcide's face and tells him to leave. Love that hooker!

Something weird happened with Terry in the war, his old vet friend is in town and there is talk about all of their crew having issues with "fires" who knows - it feels like an uneccessary side plot - again.

Meanwhile Sam Merlotte is accused of killing werewolf pack leader (his girlfriend, Luna's ex) marcus and escapes them by shape shifting into a bird. They find him at his girlfriends and threaten her so instead of tell the truth (it was Alcide) he accepts the blame and is taken away. Sam shows them where Marcus' body is and the mother werewolf and some of the pack eat his body *gag* while Luna arrives with Alcide and confesses it was him who killed Marcus (making him Alpha?) and some werewolves bow to him - looks like there will be a divide with in the pack....

It ends with a bawling Lafayette and Sookie over Tara's dead, unvamped body. Convinced Pam was unsuccessful in changing her, all of a sudden Tara whips out of the grave and in Sookie's face. She is a vampire....

“I am wearing a Walmart sweatsuit for y’all, If that ain’t a demonstration of team spirit I don’t know what is.” - Pam to Lafayette and Sookie

“I’ve been around the block enough times to know that fangs are basically like twin hard-ons, hard-ons for trouble or for feeding on somebody, never just for talking, not ever,” - Jason to Steve

“I think that’s why I started acting the way I did, all murderous and whatnot, Now that I have been blessed with immortality, I finally have the strength to say it: I’m a gay vampire American. And I love you, Jason Stackhouse." - Steve

“A friend of yours?” asks Bill. “It’s my sister, actually,” replies Eric. HA HA HA

The new identities: Bill’s was “Marcellus Clark,” Eric’s “Ike Applebaum” HA HA HA

Also from a review I read:
Judging by the three episodes I’ve seen, the action is going to come fast and furious this season.

And we can look forward to the appearance of Christopher Meloni (Law & Order: SVU) as the vampire Roman, one of the head honchos of the Authority.

Vampire politics will play a role, as the Authority battles a vampire cult called the Sanguinistas, who believe that humans exist only as vampire Happy Meals.

Also, we’re not quite done with the faeries.

interesting indeed..................

This season is going to be amazing!