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American Idol's Paul McDonald discusses upcoming wedding to Nikki Reed

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Scott Westerfeld, author of The Uglies Series, guest at Comic-Con

Scott Westerfeld
Author, The Uglies series, Midnighters trilogy

Scott Westerfeld is the author of 12 novels for young adults, including the Uglies series and the Midnighters trilogy, and 5 for adults. His books have won the Philip K. Dick Special Citation, the Aurealis Award, the Locus Award, the Victorian Premier's Award, and his adult book The Risen Empire was named a NY Times Notable Book of the Year. He has contributed nonfiction to Nerve, BookForum, and the scientific journal Nature. His current series is Leviathan, a steampunk trilogy for teenagers set in an alternative World War I and illustrated by Keith Thompson. The third book in the Leviathan series, Goliath, will be published October 4, 2011

'Shiver' gets Oscar Nominated Director... but who?

P2P writes:

The author, Maggie Stiefvater, and screenwriter, Nick Pustay, shared the news! Such a tease. Who do you hope is the director of Shiver? At least we can narrow it down to the best of the best!

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Hailee Steinfeld has her Romeo... Douglas Booth Cast

Variety reports:

British thesp Douglas Booth has been cast as Romeo opposite Hailee Steinfeld in Carlo Carlei’s “Romeo and Juliet.”
19-year-old Booth beat out more than 300 other young thesps for the coveted role of Romeo, an accomplished swordsman and adept lover who falls for Juliet despite the bitter rivalry between their families.

Emma Stone passes up Pride & Prejudice and Zombies

Emma Stone passed on the heroine role in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Lionsgate’s adaptation of the Seth Grahame-Smith novel tells the tale of a woman’s quest for love and independence amid the outbreak of a deadly virus that turns the undead into vicious killers.

Too bad, I love Emma Stone... who do you think may be cast...?


Win a trip to the Hunger Games Set

Enter Here

It is only open to USA residents, but under the discussion thread on facebook there is a petition to open it to international.

PRIZES/ODDS: One (1) Grand Prize is available. The Grand Prize consists of (i) round trip coach class airfare for the Grand Prize winner and one (1) guest between the major airport that is nearest to the Grand Prize winner’s residence and Charlotte, North Carolina; (ii) three (3) nights’ hotel accommodations for the Grand Prize winner and his or her travel companion at a hotel to be selected by Sponsor in its sole discretion (one [1] room, double occupancy); (iii) a visit to the set of “The Hunger Games” (the “Film”) for the Grand Prize winner and his or her guest (the “Set Visit”) which may include a tour of costumes, lunch on set, a meet and greet with members of the cast, and watching a scene shot from a video village with headphones and monitors; and (iv) ground transportation to and from the Set Visit.

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New Tom Sawyer Cast

Move over, Jonathan Taylor Thomas. It’s been 16 years since Mark Twain’s iconic trouble-maker has been seen on a big screen – in 1995′s “Tom and Huck”, which also starred the late Brad Renfro as Huckleberry Finn – but a new Tom Sawyer is finally on his way. Variety reports the young breakout star of JJ Abrams’ “Super 8″, Joel Courtney, has signed on to play Tom Sawyer in a new indie adaptation written and directed by Jo Kastner.

Did you know Joel was discovered by attending a open casting call that ended up being ‘Super 8′ under a fake name? It was his first acting role, he had just come out to Los Angeles try to get parts in a few commercials. Crazy how things can work out, huh?

[Source via P2P]

Hobbit - First Still via EW

[Source: EW]

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SYTYCD Canada Season 4 Premiere Details - Toronto Auditions

I originally posted this

For those of you who are not able to watch SYTYCD Canada, I will try to bring you updates each week.

First of all the basics:

Our judges are Jean-Marc Genereux, Tre Armstrong and Luther Brown.
We often have guest judges. Tonight it was Mary Murphy and Rex Harrington.

The procedure during auditions are the same, they dance then get a ticket to the finals or go to choreo or get sent home.

Our host is Leah Miller. She is not nearly as amazing as Cat Deely and to be honest, gets on my nerves almost as much as Jean-Marc.

Choreo is run by Blake McGrath, called “Blake Boot Camp”

Any questions?

Tonight were the Toronto Auditions

I have listed the dancer, the music if I could figure it out and then any details I could. Feel free to comment if I missed anything important or let me know what you think.

More... Tonight was the premiere of So You Think You Can Dance Canada Season 4 on CTV.

Daniel Keith Morrison
Hip hopping in his thatched hat appeared to be a joke but busted out some serious (and goofy) moves.
Sent to finals.

Jordan Clarke
“Firework” – Katy Perry (montage)
“Fall at Your Feet” – James Blunt (audition)
Sent to finals.

Cassandra Flammini
“Fever” – Peggy Lee
Jazz Dance
Tre said she had“delicious toes” while others called her “Cassexy”
Sent for choreo – made it through

Joey Arrigo – 18
“A Drop in the Ocean” – Ron Pope
Stunning contemporary
Sent to Finals

Rodrigo Basurto
“Pressure” – Belly
Sent to Finals

Sarah Vance
“Bleeding Love” – (acoustic)
Sent to Choreo – made it through

Marivic De Vera
Tahitian Dancer
Sent Home

Adam Lopapa - 18
“Feeling Good” – Michael Buble
Sent to finals

Jennifer Abbey
“Perfect” – Pink (montage)
“Only Girl” – Rihanna (audition)
Very heartbreaking story, quite emotional

“Can’t Touch This” – MC Hammer – warm up routine / mid-day montage

Lisa Frias
“The Way I Am” – Ingrid Michaelson
Sent to Choreo – made it through

Jordan Davis
Very fun hip hop
Sent to finals

Jena Singh – 19
Salsa dancer
She had been a partner for someone auditioning during season 2 but was too young until now to audition herself. Her shoe came undone during her routine but she still rocked it.
Sent to choreo – made it through

Melissa Mitro
“S&M” – Rihanna – (montage)
“Say You Don’t Want It” – One Night Only (audition)
She is so muscular and athletic, she joked about her “guns”

She actually made it to the finals in season 1 but did not show up, because she was committed to competition dance with a team and did not want to let them down.
Sent to finals – hope she makes it this time, I like her!

Jean-Marc returned, he had been at a ballroom competition. I honestly, prefer when he is NOT there, his voice and the way he hits on all the hot ladies gets on my nerves.

Yara Casconcelos
Sent to finals

Shandal Lee Williams
Crump – Hard-hitting, spasms and throwing himself on the floor doing Contortions. The judges were more fearful he was going to hurt himself than anything. Was told to calm his aggression.
Sent to Choreo – did not complete choreo

Matthew Cuff
“Sexy Chick” – David Guetta
Voguer – He auditions every year, but his ‘flamboyant’ style is not well recieved typically. Tonight he had fun and had improved a lot.
Sent to Choreo – made it through

Andrew Chung
“We No Speak Americano” – Yolando Be Cool
B-Boy who auditions every year. Decided to focus on locking this year to take it to the next level. He almost made Top 20 last year and I predict he will make it this year after judges compliments on how much cleaner and confident he is.
Sent to finals.

Katie Arnold
“Marry Me” – Train (montage)
“Bleeding Love” – Five Finger Death Punch (Acoustic)
Unsupportive father, emotional intro, but she is nervous and weak and stopped mid-dance
Sent Home

Suzana Garcia
“Errtime” – Nelly (montage)
“Commander” – Kelly Rowland (audition)
Lot’s of compliments on her looks, but that she was needing to bring more precision to her dancing, she was too wild.
Sent to choreo – made it through

Brenner Smith – 18
Everett Smith (tapper from Season 2) is his brother. I LOVED Everett! Brenner is Contemporary though. I really liked him.
Sent to finals

AJ Lopresti
“Shambala” – Three Dog Night
Tapper who auditioned as contemporary in the past and did not make it.
Sent to Finals

Kirstie Keenan – 19
“Best for Last” – Adele
Some mixed responses from the judges. I really think she is cute and quirky and fun.
Sent to choreo – did not make it through this year

Esie Mensah – 25
Martial Arts Black Belt in 3 Disciplines. She was unique and hard-hitting and I could just see Sean Cheesman having a hay-day with her.

Captain Canada
After another year of all No’s he announces he is “retiring” This guy has a hat and a Canada Flag Cape… all in fun.

Jordon Barley – 18
“Like a G6″ – Far East Movement
He was really awesome. He learned off the internet!!
Sent to finals

Vicky Luo – 23
Chinese Dancer, amazing, made it to finals season 2 and has studied other forms of dancing to prepare for this year.
Sent to Choreo – made it through

Aleksandra Jurevich
“Where I Stood” – Missy Higgins
A returning auditioner, she did very well.
Sent to finals.

“I Like to Dance” – Hot Chelle Rae (montage of dancers sent to finals)

Blake Boot Camp

“Mine” – Ace Hood (montage of dancers sent to choreo)

*New those who got sent to finals get to go to choreo to see what is to come in finals if they wish*

Montage of sweating dancers making mistakes, saying it is hard and hurts, while Blake says it is not good enough.

“DJ Got Us Falling in Love” – Usher (Blake’s Routine for dancers)

I included choreo results above next to each dancer sent to choreo.

And that was SYTYCD Season 4 Premiere.

What did you think?

Next Episode:
Vancouver, Edmonton, Saint John Auditions next Monday, June 27, 2011.

Reality TV Updates - June 2011

It's been a while, but there is a lot going on in reality tv world...

Bachelorette - Well the whole Bentley thing is just stupid. What is it with girls and going after bad boys. I swear I want to grab and SHAKE some of these Bachelorettes. It is even worse when they are past "contestents" and KNOW how the "game" works... Michelle told Ashley Bentley was there for his career... granted he didn't seem to push his career, but he did play his son like a card, publicly say he wished she was Emily and basically be a complete douche... yet stupid girl kept obsessing *sigh* played like a fiddle.

Tonight they boys fought each other in Thailand - Muay Thai though none are trained.... WTF? It was NO shock when Ames was sent to the hospital. What are the producers thinking?! Then poor old Ashley is all, "I care for them, I don't want to see them hurt" really? Did NOBODY think this was a bad idea? a dangerous idea? a potentially harmful idea?

I know three boys will be on Bachelor Pad - I would love to see more JP, William and Blake (if they don't make it to the end ... See my post here)

Big Brother - Starts Thursday July 7. I can't wait. No casting news or twist sharing yet... I can't wait - I really am considering getting live feed since it is on sale - then again, I rarely get time to sit online and watch and may not have time... BUT - it's cheap and I have a fairly lazy few weeks after I get my wisdom teeth out mid-july, so perhaps...

Master Chef - I really love this show. I think it's great to see home cooks from all walks of life come to the show and go through the challenges. I already have some faves. I am excited to see tonight's episode.

SYTYCD - Early faves include Ryan, Jess, and also Tadd, Missy, Melaniel Robert... gah - - - It's too early to tell how they will fair in all the types... but there are some great characters. Of course for the first round, no one was eliminated, which means four will be this week - stress!

In funny, somewhat related news, @dizzyfeet accidently tweeted his phone # thinking he was sending a DM to a friends... oops! Well, I called and got his humourous voicemail basically saying he would not be answering the phone anymore ha ha - changing his number - clearly!

SYTYCD Canada - Premiered tonight. I always love the flavour Canada's show brings. Though I hate when it airs at the same time as the USA one - it's just SO MUCH tv time - - Thank god for PVR!

The Voice - Best new show, I have to say. I am Team Adam.... He has a great team. I really love the banter between the coaches and the social media component... it's awesome to have the tweets going throughout the show.

America's Got Talent
- I have to admit this and Biggest Loser are probably the only two reality shows I do not watch religiously... In fact, I maybe catch one or two a season and do not follow.

Bachelor Pad - I am so psyched this is returning. I really really loved the show last summer... take all the bachelor(ette) rejects and throw them in a house for money and "love" (ahem - sex) See who is cast here.

Expedition Impossible - Premieres after Wipeout on Thursday... I may or may not watch this. I feel a bit full as far as tv goes and I stopped watching Amazing Race a few seasons ago - so I feel like this will be very similar... we`ll see.

Love in the Wild - this I plan to watch. I don`t know why, I just like watching people fall in and out of love in wacky situations ha ha

Am I missing anything?

Danny Elfman composing score for The Hunger Games Movie

The musician has already signed on to score Sam Raimi’s Oz: The Great and Powerful – which is an unexpected surprise since the duo had a well-publicized falling out during the filming of Spider-Man 2. Things were reportedly so bad during the shooting of that film that Elfman said he’d go back to waiting tables rather than go through the process again.

Apparently, the duo have buried the hatchet – which is good news, because Raimi’s Oz is a project that seems perfectly suited for Elfman’s light and bouncy style. If ever there were a project where the composer could recapture the magic of the past, it would seem to be this one.

That’s hardly the only film on his plate, however. Elfman has already signed on for Real Steel, Frankenweenie, and Dark Shadows (the last two reuniting him with frequent collaborator Tim Burton) and is in negotiations to provide the score for next year’s The Hunger Games.


Abduction Poster

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Big Brother 13 Returns July 7

This is my summer obsession....

Miss USA - Alyssa Campanella

I watched... I often do... I still wish the ladies were more curvy than boney, but that's another issue.

From theopening I picked the following favourites on appearence and introduction of themselves ONLY:

-New Mexico
-North Carolina
-Washington State

OF those these made it on and I ranked them as follows:

#1 - California
#2 - Hawaii
#3 - Maryland
#4 - Tennessee
#5 - New Mexico

THEN, slowly they were eliminated. I tweeted my thoughts on the rounds, in particular the evening gowns.

Finally, in the final question it was Texas, Tennesee, California and Alabama.

In the end it was Miss California who won and Miss Tennessee as 1st runner up. I am so shocked that I actually picked the winner as my number one from the start, especially because my favourite is usually eliminated early on!

Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald at MMVas tonight

Bachelor Pad 2

Reality World posted:

The former The Bachelor bachelorettes competing on the show are ninth-season bachelorette Erica Rose; twelfth-season bachelorette Holly Durst; fourteenth-season second runner-up Gia Allemand and bachelorette Ella Nolan; and fifteenth-season bachelorettes Jackie Gordon, Michelle Money, Melissa Schreiber, and Alli Travis.

The former The Bachelorette bachelors competing are fourth-season bachelor Graham Bunn; fifth-season bachelor Michael Stagliano; sixth-season bachelors Kirk DeWindt, Kasey Kahl and Justin Rego; and three seventh-season bachelors who ABC has yet to reveal because the season is still currently airing.

Reality TV World: Bachelor Pad

More Bachelor Pad News

In addition, former fourteenth-season The Bachelor couple Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka are also competing to win the $250,000 grand prize on the second season of The Bachelor franchise's Big Brother-like spinoff, which began taping on June 7.

Reports of the participation of Girardi, Pavelka, Kahl, Rego, Rose, and Money had previously surfaced last week.

Pavelka presented his final rose and a marriage proposal to Girardi -- and she accepted -- during The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love's finale, which aired in March 2010 and was filmed the prior fall.

However the couple split three months later and engaged in a mud-slinging "he said, she said" battle in the press afterwards, leading to a heavily-promoted joint interview with host Chris Harrison which aired during Ali Fedotowsky's season of The Bachelorette last summer.

Girardi is currently dating Kahl, who is best remembered for a sincere pledge to "guard and protect" Fedotowsky's heart during the sixth season of The Bachelorette.

Harrison will also return and reclaim his position as host of Bachelor Pad's second season.

Below are the full details on Bachelor Pad's second-season contestants, including ABC's description of what each is memorable for.

- Alli Travis, a 25-year-old buyer from Columbus, OH who previously competed on The Bachelor's fifteenth season

After telling Womack she had trouble picturing herself marrying her previous boyfriend, The Bachelor star reflected on his relationship with Travis and told her he felt the same way about her. Shortly thereafter, she was dismissed.

- Ella Nolan, a 31-year-old hairstylist from Nashville, TN who previously competed on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love

Single mom Nolan is still quite upset with Pavelka for sending her home during a two-on-one date. Engaged to be wed, she will come to the pad having called off her wedding.

- Erica Rose, a 28-year-old student from Houston, TX who previously competed on The Bachelor: Rome

Rose's outspokenness proved to be a turn-off for Lorenzo Borghese, but whether she's in it for love or money, Rose will do anything. She'll have her friends Girardi and Kahl by her side, and she may just get what she wants.

- Gia Allemand, a 26-year-old model from New York, NY who previously competed on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love

After falling for fifth-season The Bachelorette bachelor Wes Hayden on the first season of Bachelor Pad, Allemand will return to the pad to face Girardi, who is rumored to have come between her and Wes. She'll be thankful to have an ally in Pavelka whom she's formed a friendship with.

- Graham Bunn, a 32-year-old entrepreneur from New York, NY who previously competed on The Bachelorette's fourth season

Bunn is known as the hot heartbreaker from DeAnna Pappas' season who didn't reciprocate her feelings for him.

- Holly Durst, a 28-year-old children's book author from Hollywood, CA who previously competed on The Bachelor: London Calling

Durst was engaged to fellow Bachelor Pad Season 2 contestant, Stagliano, until she broke off the engagement only to realize she'd made a mistake. Just days after the break-up, she ran back to Stagliano, but it was too late and he felt he could no longer trust her. Durst will be ready to find a rebound in the pad.

- Jackie Gordon, a 27-year-old assistant teacher from New York, NY who previously competed on The Bachelor's fifteenth season

Gordon is the girl next door who's not afraid to speak her mind. She's ready for love and will get along well with the guys but will watch her back when it comes to Michelle Money, whom she doesn't trust.

- Jake Pavelka, a 33-year-old pilot from Los Angeles, CA who previously starred on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love

Pavelka will return to the site of his infamous post-breakup face-off with Girardi and will see her for the first time since their heated exchange. However, Girardi's new man, Kahl, will be by her side.

- Justin Rego, a 27-year-old salesman from Toronto, Canada who previously competed on The Bachelorette's sixth season

Justin walked off Fedotowsky's season when she confronted him about the voice messages he'd left for his girlfriend back home.

- Kasey Kahl, a 27-year-old entrepreneur and philanthropist from Clovis, CA who previously competed on The Bachelorette's sixth season

Kahl is known for getting a tattoo on his wrist to signify to Fedotowsky how he will "guard and protect" her heart. These days, his affection belongs to fellow contestant and girlfriend, Girardi. There may be eight other guys he'll have to contend with, but only one guy he must beat -- Pavelka.

- Kirk DeWindt, a 27-year-old personal trainer from Minneapolis, MN who previously competed on The Bachelorette's sixth season

Dewindt's dad, a taxidermist, gave Fedotowsky a tour of his basement to show off his work. Shortly thereafter, he was dismissed. Dewindt will join the pad with friend and ally Kahl.

- Melissa Schreiber, a 32-year-old waitress from Boca Raton, FL who previously competed on The Bachelor's fifteenth season

Referred to as "the cougar" by her fellow castmates from Womack's season, Schreiber is also known for her heated argument with fellow former fifteenth-season The Bachelor bachelorette Raichel Goodyear.

- Michelle Money, a 30-year-old hairstylist from Salt Lake City, UT who previously competed on The Bachelor's fifteenth season

Money may be known as the manipulative seductress from Brad Womack's season, but the men won't mind sharing the pad with her.

- Michael Stagliano, a 27-year-old entrepreneur from Sherman Oaks, CA who previously competed on The Bachelorette's fifth season

The impact from his break-up with ex-fiancee and fellow Bachelor Pad contestant, Durst, is still fresh. Stagliano must not only contend with 17 other contestants, but he also will face the prospects of Durst dating other guys.

- Vienna Girardi, an unemployed 25-year-old from Los Angeles, CA who previously competed on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love

Now dating Kahl, Girardi has since moved on from her messy break-up with Pavelka and their infamous post-breakup TV face-off. Not only will she have to face Pavelka again in the pad, but she must also confront Allemand about their recent history.


Who do you want to see from the current season? I would love to see more William, JP, and / or Blake. They are my favourites and I want to see more of them... and I don't want them with Ashley - I don't really like her that much ha - just like when Ali was on, I didn't want her with Chris becuase I thought he was too good for her... and now he is engaged to Peyton, who is awesome!

Harry Potter Trailer - Another one - I can't wait for this....

...But am sad also!

Snow White vs. Snow White

The battle is heating up between dueling Snow White adaptations!

“The concept of dueling movies is a time-honored tradition,” says box-office tracker Paul Dergarabedian, citing examples such as Dante’s Peak vs. Volcano and Tombstone vs. Wyatt Earp. “No one wants to have another film in the running with the same scenario. Once the first one comes out, it is hard to convince audiences to go again. In their mind, it’s the same movie.”

Check it out on USA Today.

What do you think of the rivalry?

Who is better?

Kristen Stewart vs. Lily Collins

Chris Hemsworth vs. Armie Hammer

Charlize Theron vs. Julia Roberts

Action vs. Rom-Com?

Hunger Games feature on Beastly DVD?

OMG - This excited me!

The Hob writes:

According to the Amazon UK product page for the Beastly DVD, it looks like we may be able to expect some exclusive Hunger Games footage on the DVD. The image of the DVD for the UK includes a red sticker that says "The Hunger Games exclusive content included."

Note that this sticker doesn't appear on the US version of the DVD, likely due to the difference in release dates - the US DVD is released June 28, while the UK DVD isn't released until August 29, which means The Hunger Games will be much further along in filming by that time.


Chris Weitz asked if he would consider directing a Hunger Games Movie

I don't imagine he would do this anyways, but it's cute that fans asked...