Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dating Advice from Bronson, Mike and Kiowa - video

I have spent so much time with these guys via conventions and such that I just don't look at them like superstar idols, but goofy boys who make me laugh.... and laugh I do at this video - LOL

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NEW PHOTOS - Bella's House decorated for Christmas

Today my twi-twit-buddy @depechemama popped by Bella's house and got some fantastic shots of the Christmas decor at Bella's House... how exciting!

At first I thought maybe they were using the house for another production (as they did after New Moon) but then I remembered that Bill Condon sent us that wonderful interior set photo of Christmas from Breaking Dawn and now I am fairly sure it is for Breaking Dawn.

With Baton Rouge filming wrapping recently and Bella's house completely up and decorated, it seems certain the cast and crew will arrive as planned in upcoming days.

This is exciting for local fans.

I won't be able to go to sets as often as I did during New Moon, but like Eclipse I will go out when I can and when I can't I will have friends pop by and share photos and stories of what is going on.

Bookmark and check back often in upcoming weeks for all the Vancouver Breaking Dawn News, Photos and Set Reports.

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Robsten at a wedding together - photos

Cute pics - they are playful and cute.

[Via Twifans]

Monday, February 14, 2011

Reality TV Updates - Feb 2011

Lot's starting soon, and some ending soon... here are my updates and thoughts on Everything Reality TV... My last post had details on my overall thoughts for all the shows.

The Bachelor

I still see Brad as Mr. Zero Personality... and can see him with Emily if she opens up. My fave is Chantal and I want her to NOT be chosen so she can be the next Bachelorette - she is hot, fun, emotional, quirky and would make a great Bachelorette season! Thoughts?

I was SO SO SO SO SO Glad Michelle FINALLY went home! She is insane and I have no idea how or why he kept her for so long!

As I said last time Michelle is crazy, Shawntal is pretty rad, Emily is sweet but Chantal is my fave.

Jersey Shore

Finally, no more Sammi & Ronnie... I HATE them together.. it was awesome seeing Sammi out with Deena and Ronnie and Pauly walk by and Sammi is all "he's with a girl" (not even close) so she goes all ho-bag... Those two are dangerously volatile and I hope they stay apart.

American Idol

I skipped a bumnch of auditions (they are still on PVR but I simply don't have time to watch them all) but I did watch Hollywood episode one and was sad to see a few faves go home already, but relieved to see a few annoying singers go home. Honestly - before the live shows I don't care much if I miss a few shows.

Survivor - Redemption Island

THIS WEEK!!!! Rob vs Russell - - - - Go Russell!

America's Next Top Model

I am indifferent, I will watch it but I imagine it will be same old same old.

Amazing Race

I haven't watched in a few seasons, partly due to time/day and partly due to lack of interest... but all of the "past favourites" return this season and so I am excited to check it out.


THey need to plan it so we are never with out a dance show... and the new one with Paula Abdul doesn't count!

Other Gossip:

Will Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul work together again? THey have talked about it, but who knows if/when it will happen.

Jersey Shore's Ronnie not on 4th season? Because of assault charges (during filming of first season) he may not be able to get a VISA to go to Italy for filming of the 4th season. His pre-trial is scheduled for March 7th but "Any person applying for a Visa to Italy must have their case fully adjudicated." Honestly, I'd rather have him there than Sammi.... but as long as they aren't BOTH there I will be happy.


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Isle of Esme Photo

Official from Summit as a Valentine's Day gift to fans...

Valentines from Mackenzie Foy to Cast of Breaking Dawn


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