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Dakota Fanning on Jay Leno March 12, 2010 - The Runways

Behind the Scenes Eclipse

NOW THIS makes me excited - - - not like the trailer......

My husband, daughter and I re-watched the trailer then watched this again.... they are like two different movies... I much prefer the behind the scenes look.... Can't wait for June 30, though I am happy to have Remember Me and The Runaways in the meantime ;)


Comparison between this and the trailer? [which I broke down here]

Rob talks about Love, Jealousy, Water for Elephants and More

Skateland Poster

Skateland Poster. Ashley Greene.

Clevver TV - Eclipse Trailer look with HIllywood

I like that the girls discuss the costumes and wigs a bit more than the actual tailer which was pretty lame anyways imo. They do stay really positive... they also perform at Creation and Summit's Twi Conventions.... lastly, all 4 girls' voice annoy me in this interview.... My general rule it you can't have more than 2 girls try to talk together because they all end up talking over eachother and giving me a headache.

Remember Me - Safe Post - NO Spoilers


******** SPOILER POST CLICK HERE *****************

Remember Me was amazing!

Despite my frequent posts of clips and interviews and whatnot I actually hadn't watched or read them all (yes, I cheat, I am sorry) so I was still shocked by much of what I saw.

I was most shocked by the end and I indeed cried a lot at the end but also in other places throughout the movie.

I think Robert's acting was phenomenal and he portrayed Tyler very well. There was raw emotion and some of his facial expressions and mannerisms were so quirky and endearing.

Emilie was fabulous, though I expected nothing less, and the rest of the cast was awesome also.

I think Rob working with such amazing actors, as well as being a Producer, really helped him bring his A-Game... not that he isn't good in Twilight, but I really thought this, along with Little Ashes, showcased his acting best.

If you like Rob or not (and most reading my blog are Twilight fans so I am guessing you are a fan) this movie is worth checking out. The story is easy to connect to and is about real people, real life and a world of possibilities and what-if's.....

I am all for eating my dessert first!

******** SPOILER POST HERE *****************

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Eclipse Trailer - Thoughts?

I apologize for my lack of blogging, I can't believe how wiped out I am from the 5 day conference then returning only to be back at work non-stop - and when i am not working, attempting to spend time with my family and falling asleep for hours on end mid day - ah well... I seem to be almost back to normal...

The Eclipse Trailer came out early this morning and I have watched it multiple times.... Though I offered a few opinions on the Screencaps, I wanted to do a break down of the trailer much like I did with The New Moon Trailer.

Here we go:

My overall thoughts on the trailer aren't great.... New Moon had me so excited, and this one, well, it falls flat. Don't get me wrong as a fan I will take whatever I can get, but this trailer didn't get me all worke dup and excited like New Moon did, and from others I have spoken too, I am not alone with this.

First of all we have about 15 seconds of fade in.... Summit, mountains, etc. and we hear "Isabelle Swan...." *sigh* I get excited for what's to come, but as we will get to in a moment, it simply doesn't deliver.

Finally we see the meadow [0:15] and Edward and Bella gazing into each other.... The meadow looks good, same as New Moon (well same set, though I am sure there are differences in flower layout etc) not like anything could be as horrible as Twilight's meadow.... A close-up of Bella and Edward [0:20] has them in different outfits, post engagement as she is clearly wearing a rock on her finger in this clip.

More mountains [0:23] Don't get me wrong, I love our mountains but guess what, I look outside every day and see them, well, almost everyday, some days our rain and fog hide them, but I know they are there... and now, even on foggy days I can watch the first 20 seconds of this Eclipse trailer and be reminded - yay!

We get a nice shot of the Volturi walking as a pack [0:24] "She's still human" we hear Dakota Fanning as Jane say. A close up on her as she reminds us all that "The Volutri don't give second chances" which I think was filmed at the beach/camp where I watched the "newborns" emerge from the water.

[0:29] Shot of Bell and Edward significantly less happy than in the meadow... Edward looks espcially dead/vampiric... though I would dig the less "poofy" hair but it seems very flat... though not as flat *ahem greasy* as we saw recently ;)

When we see Bell and Edward in bed we are reminded that she "likes purple" but amongst her purple bedding is something, a quilt possibly, that seems to have the wolf symbol or something on it (yellow patch) not sure [0:32]

....but is it weird they are all ready to make out with some wolf-pack artifacts between them? symbolic perhaps? ooh - I am good!

Family is important, we are reminded that once she changes she can't be wit hher family... and family is important just look at her and her father Charlie [0:38] and the warm embrace with her mother [0:40] while Edward, acting like a parent, lectures on consequences of their decisions yadda yadda [0:35]

More Mountains [0:42]

Now it gets a bit better.... though when Taycob is on the screen (especially topless) it is always better.... [0:46]"You don't have to change for me Bella" and "I'm in love with you" *swoons* and "Pick Me instead of him" (cue day dreams of a life with Jacob... children, love, aging.... *Spoiler post here*)

Jacob forces Edward to "consider the idea" that he is better for Bella [0:52] and I hope thst the actual movie will have lot's of banter and teasing and male testosterone fuelling snarky comments between these two, especially in the "tent scene" tee hee.

More Mountains [1:03]

The Victoria cliff jump [1:07] is awesome, I remember seeing all the pulley's and fake trees and harnesses set up for that stunt.... her close up, however, [1:10] is less impressive. Bryce Dallas Howard has the curly Victoria hair (a la Rachelle LeFevre) but she lacks the fierceness Rachelle brought... at least in this short clip. She looks too doe eyed and innocent.

I do recall shots of Bryce under the bridge with Riley (Xavier Samuel) and she looked fierce there in a leather cat suit - - - so I am not losing all hope in how the new Victoria will play out, but this trailer doesn't do her justice.

[1:15] "I'll protect you, no matter what" comes from a very distraught looking Edward. Breaking Dawn needs to go and get made because Robert is aging before our eyes... not good for a vampire... ;) His smoking and drinking and well, human habit of aging isn't helping ha ha!

[1:18] speaking of looking *ahem* less-than-perfect, Bella's Brows are over drawn and her wig, while not as busted as I feared, it needs some more post-editing work (but I will get to the editing point at the end)

Now for my personal fave clip.... [1:19] anyone hazard a guess on this???

Topless Jacob... what? why yes!!! Top off that sexiness with a "I'm going to fight for you, til your heart stops beating" (which as we know, with a future life as a vampire, will happen sooner than most teenaged girls) *swoons*

Abs and Sweet Words.... I am sold....

[1:25] ECLIPSE - - the poster we have been staring at for months since Summit wouldn't give us anything else.

[1:29] June 30 2010, in case anyone else watching the newly released Eclipse trailer on youtube the day it was released 500 times didn't already know that date... nope, I don't have it perma-penned into every calendar I own, nor have I booked off those days to plan, party, watch, re-watch and then watch some more... not me... June? what? oh! ;)

Overall, an ok trailer, it gets the job done, let's us Twi Fans relax (maybe) for a few days till we can get some more...

I feel like with the change of editors on Eclipse we got screwed with the trailer.... I have two theories and have yet to prove which is true....

If the new editor was put on to Eclipse because Summit felt the previous editor (who has worked with director David Slade before on his previous films, all known for their highly graphic, intense themes) then we would believe that Summit felt the film was headed in a direction that lacked the underlying "love story" and focussed too much on the battles and such.

If so, this trailer shows NO evidence of that and therefore either:

#1 - the first editor was doing the love story just fine (omg, this trailer smells of cheesey love stories)


#2 - this trailer was DONE by the new editor and thrown together quite quickly given the new hiree's announcement last week and the due date of the trailer....


Either way the trailer is not great, but I will take what I can get.... but this does not get me fired up for the movie like the New Moon trailer did.... just me?

See Eclipse Trailer Here.

Eclipse Editor Replaced.

Eclipse Book vs Script vs Filming **SPOILERS** Here.

Tracy Interviews Rob at Remember Me Premiere (Pop Sugar Contest)

I met Tracy last October she was awesome... we chilled... I still .can't believe she WON this contest... and look how amazing she did - - - lucky gal ;)

Autographs at The Runaways Premiere

The Runaways Premiere - After Party Photos


Kristen Stewart's Response to Eclipse Trailer

Earlier today, Cinematical sat down with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning to talk about their new movie The Runaways, in which the actresses play Cherie Currie and Joan Jett, two of the founding members of the eponymous all-girl rock turned to the new 90-second trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which debuted online this morning.

When asked if either of them got to see the trailer, Stewart and Fanning turned to one another for reactions. "Did you watch it?" Stewart asked Fanning.

"No, I didn't," Fanning replied. "I watched it," Stewart said with enthusiasm, she said, "Well, it's really fast, isn't it? It's sort of like a couple of pictures strung together. But it looks good – it looks good! I think Taylor
[Lautner] looks really great. Like, he looks very strong and I love his voice in it," she said. "He's good in it."

My Eclipse Trailer Run Down is here


Reality TV Updates

I got caught up on all my reality TV this week - here is my break-down:

Survivor - Still love Russell, keep fearing he will get booted but I feel he truly is the best player and deserved to win last season and I am rooting for him this season. Brutal injury with James and SHOCKED they didn't vote him out... I loved JT in his season but he is too wishy washy this season, he is a "heroe" but threatened to be a bit "snakey" then stopped.... I dunno.

I thought JT would keep Tom since they both won and really are the only two who could go against each other and not lose.... against a player who has never won they won't win ANOTHER million....

American Idol - My faves are still there. I was shocked at who went home, but I always say "only one winner" and then feel less bad... though some could have stayed longer... I love Kaity but thought she would go over Lilly for sure.

Casey, Lee, Big Poppa Mike and Andrew Garcia are my fave men.... For women, Crystal, though I am not sure why she was hospitalized, but she still doesn't seem well... sitting during critique, barely a smile when she made it through and a struggle to walk and sit on the stool.... anyone know? I am a huge fan of DiDi though I wasn't from the start.. her and Lee poppe dup out of no where for me. I also really like everything about Lacey. I defo favour the men over the women this year though.

America's Next Top Model - 90 minute opener, make-overs right away, it was a fun episode. There are so many girls I hate already and many I was glad didn't make it on the show. I really like Naduah... her story about the cult and whatnot is intriguing and she has a very interesting look I like. Angelea is still a bitch, and if they had picked "one mixed girl" Gabrielle would have been it clearly, she has a more exotic look and is more versatile, she is so pretty and unique, but she talks as ghetto as Gabrielle sadly. I swear they highlight all the bitchy black girls, you'd think Tyra would cut that shit out in editing non? It really gives young black women a bad rep. Brenda's cry fest over losing her hair was lame, though she was hotter with long locks, she is deffo more fashionable - and we have all learend from watching 14 cycles that pretty does NOT equal model. I like Ren's down-to-earth, no - drama attitude and was it Aliasia that was all mental ase falling on the floor?

Amazing Race - My fave team came in last but were not eliminated *phew* Let's hope they can pull it together Big Brother Style ;) Jeff & Jordan need to win :)

That's it for now - any thoughts?

Ashley Greene workig hard or hardly working?

Ashley Greene workig hard or hardly working? Either way she looks stunning as always.

[Via Twifans]

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The Runaways Premiere - Red Carpet Phtoos

I wish Kristen would dye her hair one colour the long brown roots on her jet black hair annoy me LoL

So Glad Taylor was there :)

Interesting dress.... I really like it!

The "REAL" Stars.... The inspiration....


Kristen Stewart on Jay Leno - The Runaways Promo

Rough Cut - Interview with Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart

True Blood - New Cast & Characters for Season 3

True Blood Net compiled a list of new cast and characters for Season 3.

**Updates Coming**

WARNING: Character spoilers below!

Denis O’Hare – Russell Edgington, King of Mississippi, vampire

Grant Bowler – Coot, leader of a motorcycle gang, werewolf

Theo Alexander – Talbot, Russell’s “trophy husband”, vampire

Shannon Lucio – Caroline Compton, Bill’s wife before he was turned, human

Marshall Allman – Tommy Mickens, Sam’s younger brother, possible shifter

J. Smith-Cameron – Melinda Mickens, Sam’s mother, possible shifter

James Frain – Franklin Mott, Tara’s love interest, vampire

Alfre Woodard – Ruby Jean Reynolds, Lafayette’s mother, human

Natasha Alam – Yvetta, dancer at Fangtasia/Eric’s lover, human?

Gregg Daniel – Reverend Daniels, Lettie Mae’s pastor, human

Joe Manganiello – Alcide, assists Sookie in searching for Bill, were

Cooper Huckabee – Joe Lee Mickens, husband of Melinda, human

Lindsay Pulsipher – Crystal Norris, has a connection to Jason, were

Kevin Alejandro – Jesus Velasquez, love interest for Lafayette, human

Brit Morgan – Debbie Pelt, Alcide’s [psycho] ex, were

Hans Tester – Ulfrick Northman, Eric’s father, human

Melissa Rauch – Summer, love interest for Hoyt, human

Grainger Hines – Colonel John Flood, packmaster, were

Gregory Sporleder – Calvin Norris, leader of Hotshot, were

Dawn Olivieri - Janice Herveaux, the sister of werewolf Alcide.

Gregory Sporleder – Calvin Norris, leader of Hotshot, were

Lauren Bowles – Holly Cleary, waitress at Merlotte’s, human

Vincent Ward – Hollis, owner of were bar, were?

Lara Pulver – Claudine, Sookie’s protector, fairy

Michael Steger – Tony, prostitute, human


Eclipse Trailer Screen Caps



I love these mountains as they are right near my house and I just love remembering them filming here.... gah!!!!

Now this is sad, she looks too nice, not evil like Rachelle LoL, I will wait to see her in action to pass full judgement but I think it will be tough having BDH instead of RL

Best Part - Although I admit, in person he had less of an effect on me than he does in his topless photos.... too obviously young and small in person, but here... THIS is how I wanna always think of him - rawr

Just saying, Rob's got some "life lines" starting to appear, so they better get Breaking Dawn going... especially with Rpattz' lifestyle of smoking and drinking - not good for the aging process (or a supposed eternal-teenaged vampire)

Love me some Volturi

See the trailer in it's entirity here