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Bachelor Pad 3 Cast

“Bachelor Pad 3″ premieres on July 23 and I can NOT wait. I love that this show isn't as hokey and all about love, but the competition, the drama and maybe some hooking up.

Kallon will appear (the rich helicopter arriving "Baggage" bitchin bachelor that Emily sent packing.

Five unknown “super fans” selected by ABC will also be part of the cast, as well as one more cast-off from Maynard’s season, who will be revealed at a later date. (I am hoping Arie)

In the "super fans" there is a set of twins, Brittany and Erica. See the superfans and all the cast with photos and bios here.

Check out the rest of the contestants below:

Ryan Hoag (“Bachelorette” season 4, DeAnna Pappas)

Nick Peterson (“Bachelorette” season 7, Ashley Hebert)

Tony Pieper (“Bachelorette” season 8, Emily Maynard)

Ed Swiderski (“Bachelorette” season 5, Jillian Harris)

Reid Rosenthal (“Bachelorette” season 5, Jillian Harris)

Lindzi Cox (“Bachelor” season 16, Ben Flajnik)

Blakely Jones (“Bachelor” season 16, Ben Flajnik)

Sarah Newlon (“Bachelor” Season 11, Brad Womack)

Jamie Otis (“Bachelor” Season 16, Ben Flajnik)

Erica Rose (“Bachelor” Season 9, Prince Lorenzo Borghese)

Jaclyn Swartz (“Bachelor” Season 16, Ben Flajnik)

Rachel Trueheart (“Bachelor” Season 16, Ben Flajnik)

See Photos and links to bio's here.

Jennie Garth filming Eleventh Victim locally

So my girlfriend got a notice that they were filming near her house and Jennie Garth was the actress. She squee'd and invited me over to help her try to meet her. The rain and a long day kept me home, but I told her just to go and ask if Jennie was there and if she would come out.

She didn't go. But today she went and sure enough easy peasy got her photo with Jennie Garth - - -

I am kicking my self now.... ha ha - I should go now... but I am lazy and need a nap before Games Night tonight.... blah!

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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart at Concert Last Night

Pap Pix - so look away if you don't approve - I have said my piece on pap pics a zillion times.... if you look, they take... so... make your choice...

More at RP LIFE

Personally, I love the Kstew ass pic - - - for such a tiny lil gal she has a great ass... there is even a twitter for her ass @kstewsbutt (who's avi currently is a great photo of Kstew that I took during New Moon... the original pic is me and her at a Vancouver bar)

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SYTYCD Vegas Round....

Tonight was Vegas week, the best episode of the auditions, pre live show... what a show it was, I have done a complete recap after the cut...

All the music form tonight's episode is posted here.

181 dancers head to Vegas for finals week and to dance for the panel of judges who will determine this year's top dancers to compete in the live shows.

8 rounds to get through:
hip hop
final solos

The panel of judges tonight:
Mary Murphy
Debbie Allen
Lil' C
Adam Shankman
Tyce DiOrio
and of course Nigel Lythgoe


First up.... Solo's:

Massive cuts planned if the solo's don't shine.

Hampton Williams (The Exorcist) - Dallas
He had the long standing O and strange moves. I love the way he has choppy, skeleton movements with such soft, soothing music. It brought me chills and many udges had tears in their eyes. Pure Passion but such a unique style, I wonder who it would translate in other styles.

After first 10 - they assessed....

Jennifer and Brianna were sent home. The rest stayed another round. (Including Hampton)

Janelle Isiss - Belly Dancer - Alabama

She had a very intricate costume and as the only belly dancer was sure to stand out. She is extrememly secxy and mixed traditional and contemporary moves into her belly dancing. Then male judges, even the gay ones loved her.

Rihanna's "Where have you been all my life" plays as we see more bits and pieces of dancing - we then learn 51 cuts were made, uncluding the martial arts cutie.

See all music here

First Round of Choreo - Hip Hop
Choreographers: Twitch & Comfort

I love seeing Comfort and Twitch again - they are amazing!

Besides the amount of hip hoppers, they all still pic it up pretty fast!
Hampton, Dragonhouse Crew - Andre, Boris, Sirus have not done other peoples choreo before.

Sadly, Hampton who has never been choreographed before tells the judges he can't do choreography and bows out of the competition.

Then one of the dragonhouse dancers bails, without saying goodbye.

Boris is sent home, that leaves only one from dragon house... Sirus.
He makes it through.

Praying Mantis and mommy Bree were also sent home. Both great dancers.

97 were remaining. Plus one more group of about 6 or 8... so just over 100 move on to day 2.

Day 2 - Broadway

Tyce is intense but a lot made it through. I love the idea of something crazy in the drinks and the characters going a lil' strange. It was a fun routine to watch.

The blonde ballroom gals perform in first group. They have been friends since they were 9 and are both hotties. They all move on from first performance group.

Alexa, who was cut last - last year performs... Adam tells her she is not bringing it and she needs to or she will be cut. She looks "dead" no emotion.... she is given another chance, but with warning.

23 more head home, mostly criticized for not bringing the character of broadway to the routine. Some upset, some angry, some bitter, some tears, some vows to never return (yuh-huh we shall see)

82 remain....

Jazz - Sonya Tayeh

Who doesn't love Sonya's choreo? She is amazing! Intense! But amazing!

Hip Hopper Shefiek gets upset and complains a lot. His partner Danielle, is the bacon loveer from Atlanta who has dreamed of dancing with Sonya but is being held back by her partner, grumpy Shefiek.

Also in this first group is the burlesque gal from Salt Lake City, Rachel.

After they perform Shefiek complains he messed up - Nigel gives him shit. He and Rachel are sent home. The rest stay. Shefiek swears and leaves in a grumpy state, walking barefoot downt he street saying he will n ever be back... Rachel fights to stay and surprisingly judges agree to let her dance for her life.

Many more are eliminated as Sonya's choreo proves too difficult for many dancers.

Danielle returns to partner with someone else and he kicks her in the head - he is sent home, she heads to the medic. They are concerned and take her away on a stretcher....

Emilia from NYC (the black and white scene gal) was up next along with dragonhouse Sirus who's partner is ballroom Lindsay Arnold.

Emilia is asked to dance for her life as the judges are split.

Lindsay makes it through.

Sirus is told to take contemporary classes, but he is through!

15 more are cut.

Dance for your life

Emilia and Rachel return.

Rachel - sticks to her burlesque routes but the judges do not wish to keep her. Debbie tells her that some see her as just sex and so taking the burlesque route only magnifies those feelings. She suggests she returns with more clothes and more dancing.

Emilia - Performed beautifully and Sonya was an easy yes. Nigel said no because he doesn't see how she can be so good now, but not bring it into other people's choreography. Everyone else says yes. She goes through and she promises to bring a different animal tomorrow and make everyone love her.

Group Routines - 10pm

They pick a piece of music at random and they have all night to practice and perform in the morning. They get to choose their own groups of 5-6 people.

This is always my favourite round because of all the drama that kicks in with lack of sleep and bubbling personalities. I am really upset we didn't get to see more drama from the night

Day 3 - Group Routines

Daniel (ballet dancer with an accent saying "belly dancer") Audrey, Danielle (who was injured the day before) only joined the group at midnight when she got back from the hospital. Some were more willing to add her than others.... Daniel doesn't want her in the group, to re-do the routine or to go to bed....

Judges think they are a hot mess. I agree. They weren't in synch, it was pretty bad! Nigel says they should all be sent home, yet, after the judges discuss, they decide Charlie and Danielle go home and the rest stay.

There are a lot more eliminations "epic fail" says Adam Shankman, "I'm sorry" they say "it's totally forgettable" says Debbie Allen to one group. A lot of dancers who make it through are still upset as their friends head home.

The Highschoolers were amazing, they "went to prom" and the one girl, Aubrey, dances with each man and it is stunning! They all go through!

There were a lot of great bits shown from various groups. I really would love to attend a live taping of group day - so fun!

dres, adrian,and alexa were in the next group. All have been in the finals in previous season being cut at the very end before live shows started. The routine was good, though there were a few criticisms. Tyce is no longer enamoured by Alexas beauty - he really puts her ont he spot asking what this all means to her, telling her to demand attention. Mary adds she needs to take them somewhere and show the fire. She is quiet, she says she has fire to show, but she is so blah, like even her voice is calm, quiet and emotionless until she starts crying.

They all make it through.

The celebrations continue with all the dancers at the pool.

Ballroom - Jason Gilkison
Cha Cha time... many dancers are noticably terrified!!

Sirus, with no formal training is pretty good. The last standing dragonhouse makes it through for dancing for your life...

Many more are cute with tears and good-byes.

Aubrey gets cut after an amazing group routine being compared to Mia Michaels. She takes it VERY rough. She complans she can't get through, she can't get work and now she is headed home.

Alexa makes it through, she brought her personality - finally!

Finally, Sirus dances for his life - as much camera time as this kid has got, I'd be surprised if he doesn't make it to the live show / Top 20 Especially with "The Excorsist" having quit.

Contemporary - Travis Wall

One hour to practice and we all know how intense Travis is... |technically I am looking for perfection... this is the last round" Dancers are exhausted and the routine is tough.

Nigel announces that they will not provide results until the end of the day. The dancing is beautiful, the choreo makes it amazing but so many dancers just embrace it and it's a pleasure to watch. The dancers compliment each other and at the end of the day Nigel calls a few dancers down to the stage.

Theya ll make it - some more have to re-dance the routine. Most of the re-do's do not make it.

Day 4

Joshua tries his new trick - a back flip, but he lands and doesn't get up. Medics take him away.

The solo's are amazing - out of this world. Still, there are a few that are let go despite being amazing dancers...

Trey, Dres, Adrian Lee, and some others are cut... sadly.

No girls were cut. I think this may have been because there were far more girls cut in a previous round and they wanted to keep it even.

regardless, the remaning dancers go part in a suite with balloons and snacks.

Season 9 will be exciting... next week we learn who makes it through to the Top 20.....

Check out all the music from tonight's episode here.

SYTYCD Vegas Music


Hampton (The Exorcist) Williams’ solo: Evanescence – My Immortal

Montage of dancers during the solo round: Rihanna – Where Have You Been

Montage of groups making it past day 1 choreography round: B.o.B – So Good

Groups dance during the day 2 choreography round (broadway): Marc Broussard – Must Be the Water

Montage of groups making it through after the day 2 of choreography round: Gin Wigmore – Don’t Stop

Pendulum – The Island, Pt. II (Dusk)

Amelia Lowe’s “Dance For Your Life” solo: Elmer Bernstein & The Royal Philharmonic Pops Orchestra – To Kill a Mockingbird

Alexa’s solo (her audition song): The Naked and Famous – Young Blood (Renholdër Remix)

The dancers rehearse for the Jazz round: Richard Vission & Static Revenger Starring Luciana – I Like That

Groups dance during the jazz round: My Brightest Diamond – Freak Out (Gold Chains Panique Mix)

Dancers get cut during the jazz round: Gemini – Blue

Rachel Applehans’ solo: Leela James – It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World

Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed

Group round: The Wanted – Glad You Came

Group 1 & Cyrus’ group dance during the day 1 choreography round: OutKast – Bombs Over Baghdad

Song used for the group round: Gotye (feat. Kimbra) – Somebody That I Used to Know

Estelle (feat. Janelle Monáe) – Do My Thing

Montage of dancers who get eliminated after the day 2 choreography round (broadway): Lissie – You Can Go Your Own Way

Cyrus makes it through past the day 1 choreography round: Flux Pavilion – I Cant Stop

Ballroom round: Jennifer Lopez – Let’s Get Loud

Montage of dancers eliminated after the ballroom round: Kris Allen – Out Alive

Montage of ballroom dancers & dancers who excelled during the ballroom round: Nicki Minaj & Rihanna – Fly

Contemporary round: Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up

Montage of dancers doing their solos & telling the judges why they deserve to move on: Timeflies – Until the Sunrise

End of the episode: Outasight – Tonight Is the Night

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Teaser Trailer - Happy Birthday Edward Cullen!

It is Edward Cullen's birthday and Yahoo has the exclusive teaser trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 2 as of 5am PST - if it hasn't loaded check back at 5am SHARP!!!

Via Yahoo!

Man, we get a 10 second teaser to the teaser trailer, now we get the teaser trailer when will we get the trailer.... the movie? I can't wait!!!

See all screencaps from this trailer at RP Life they ALWAYS get all the screencaps up ASAP!!


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Happy Birthday Edward Cullen

June 20, 2012 check back here 5am PST (8am EST) for Yahoo's release of the new Breaking Dawn Part 2 teaser trailer in honour of Edward Cullen's 111th birthday.

Reality TV Update Tuesday June 19

Another busy night of tv...

Masterchef: It's a crabfest. Some great dishes made, some major failures. See full recap here.

Hells Kitchen: Food trends, a fashion show, read the full recap here.

Love in the Wild: Quite the shake up - read the full recap here.

See Monday's Recaps here

Masterchef - Top 15 compete

Another night of masterchef with one of the grossest mystery box challenges ever - ewwwww!

The top 15 enter to begin the mystery box challenge. The person with the best dish will get a "huge advantage" in the elimination challenege which will follow this mystery box challenege.

Inside the box was....


... brain, balls, tongue, a lamb's head, hearts, livers, and more - gross!

90 minutes to create something gourmet... *gag*

Felix is excited because she says in asian cooking they eat everything. Most homecooks are not excited about this challenge though.

Watching then cook, prep, experiement makes me want to barf.

Cocky Ryan thinks Monty should go home next and he is winning it all.

The judges go around and the ideas teh homecooks have range from brilliant to disgusting. Considering the ingredients, I can't see how anything good could come from it, but there are some creative cooks there!

Judges inspect all the dishes and choose the Top 3 stand-outs.

They choose:
-Becky - Sweet Bread Duo - with chicken liver pate on buttered toast. A sampling as she called it and Ramsay calls it bold but delicious. Three different tehcniques, textures, flavours, a very well done appetizer.

-Ryan - Sweet breads with potato and shallot curry oil. He is cocky, the others are upset he was chosen. Judges say it is balanced and delicious.

-Christine - Panko fried sweetbreads with bok choy - judges say it is terrific and delicious.

The winner is: Ryan


1 - Ahi Tuna
2 - Ham
3 - Crab

He can choose which ingredient everyone will cook with. He also doesn't have to cook and is safe from elimination.

He chooses crab.

He then chooses 7 to use fresh crab and 7 with canned crab.


Canned - Becky, Monti, Felix, Stacey, Frank, Joshua
Fresh - Christine, Scott, Tali, Anna, Helene, Mike, David

60 minutes

Judges discuss what they would do with fresh or live crab. Ryan was very strategic in assigning the type of crab each cook got. Blind Christine cuts herself on the love crab but luckily it is a small cut.

Judges circulate to see what each homecook is doing. Reminding them to taste everything.

Time to taste...

Tali - Paprika buttered crab. "Looks like a horror movie" "Where is all the crab?" "We gave you a $60 crab and you did what with it?" They think he was stupid with it.

Joshua - Thai Crab Trio. "bold, spicy good"

Mike - Crab bisque. Fresh crab processed into canned taste.

Tanya - Thai green curry with crab.

Frank - Orecchiette puttanesca. He keeps making the same thing over and over. Too much crab, no balance "like hamburger helper"

Christine - Ceviche cocktail. Visually appealing, delicious, fresh, fragrant. Ramsay invites Ryan to conme try it, he says "it's really awesome" which was nice, because being so cocky I expectes what we have seen in past seasons "meh i could do better" attitude. I hate Ryan a little less, just a little.

Helene - Crab Soup - Joe is not happy, he says it tastes like canned crab.

Monti - Scotch Egg. Judges are impressed it actually tastes good. Ryan is not happy.

Judges debate and are impressed with what they did with canned crab.

Two spectacular dishes:
Josh and the winner.... Christine.

These two are team captains for next challenge.

Bottom four:
Frank, Tali, Mike, Helene

Josh notices 3/4 of the bottom 4 had fresh crab, how ridiculous is that?

Frank and Mike are sent back, leaving Helene and Tali for elimination risk.

Helene is sent home.... when asked who will win... she says "Frankie"

Next episode is team challenge, looks like an early 3am wake up call for breakfast roomservice at a busy hotel. Chaos ensues... of course... Can't Wait!

Love in the Wild

Last week I was too tired to blog the show....

Here is a quick review:

Challenge had couples build a net, get a map, gather items, catch a specific chicken. Hilarious really.

They challenge had couples finish as follows:
7-Jenny/Ben (last place)

In the end:

1 - Ali kept Chase
2 - Tim wants to stay but Summer asks Ryan to join her
3 - Tara keeps Jesse
4 - Cina keeps Jason
5 - Yanina keeps Ken
6 - Shawna picks Ben, but he declines and stays with Jenny
7 - Jenny keeps Ben

Tim and Shawna are sent home but then...........

In walk a group of beautiful new women........ the end.... until tonight....


The women are not impressed. The men get to pick a new girl to join their couples and form a trio, much like the women did the first episode.

1 - Chase chooses Jenna to join him and Ali
2 - Ryan chooses Natalie to join him and Summer
3 - Jesse chooses Melissa to join him and Tara, who makes some snarky comments about blonde vs. brunette. Melissa fires back "every blonde secretly wishes they were a brunette" to which host Jenny McCarthy jokes "every blonde secretly IS a brunette" ha ha!
4 - Jason chooses Vanessa to join Cina and him
5 - Ken chooses Lindsay to join Janina and him. Yanina was hoping he didn't choose Melissa because "there are enough boobs int he tent already"
6 - Ben is left with Michelle, a spokesmodel with huge boobs to join him and Jenny. Jenny is not impressed, clearly. Though she says she is not nervous "no offence" because of their bond.

Six new trio's are formed. One guy, two girls head back to the accommodations.

Jenny tries to mark her territory she is pretty upset about Michelle. Cina shows Vanessa around. Ken makes space for Lindsay in the tent, but Ken makes it clear they are a couple. Jenna seems friendly but Ali is not liking the overly bubbly new girl. Jesse tries to set up a bed on teh floor so the women get the bed.

The Challenge:

Jenny McCarthy announces half the ladies will go home next ceremony. She introduces the challenge. Get the lantern, get the map, find the amber. Oh, one more thing, leg cuffs, the trio is shackled together. Lovely!

Jenny doesn't want to win because she doesn't want to share the big bed with big boobs. When they hit the cave only two can go down and they get to kiss, so Jenny takes that.

Ali frustrates Jenna and whines a lot. Tara is upset she isn't going into the cave with Jesse.

After the cave they run to a beach and dig out the amber then run to the finish line. A lot of people fall behind during this part of the race.

1 - Ben, Jenny, Michelle *also win a sail boat trip*
2 - Ken, Yanina, Lindsay
3 - Ryan, Summer, Natalie
4 - Jason, Cina, Vanessa
5 - Chase, Ali, Jenna
6 - Jesse, Tara, Melissa

The trios head to their new accommodations. The oasis is beautiful, Michelle floats into the pool with her fake eyelashes, boobs, and well boobs. They are indeed polar opposites. Michelle puts on the flirt full time as Jenny goes to shower. Ben recognizes the physical attraction, but doubts it goes beyond that.

The cabins are fun as the original girls hide the towels so the new girls don't know how to dry off. They plan the ways to haze the new girls. Cattiness emerges. Later that night there is some more drama.

Randomly Jesse and Ali are flirting, even though Jesse has two hotties in his trio. Ali is immature and whiney, I haven't like her much since the start. Looks like some drama to come with choices at the end of this episode - can't wait!

On the sailboat Ben takes some time to get to know Michelle, who seems smitten with him. Ben wishes he could put the two girls into one to have the best of both worlds. Jenny keeps saying how hard they have worked to form connection, but I don't know if it should be that hard work.... Ben seems to liek them both an d flip flops all day.

Chase and Summer are flirty and chatty also. They seem to get to know each other better.

Jenna starts to get to know other men after sensing Chase isn't into her. Ryan and her hit it off... maybe a swaparoo?

Jason gets to know Vanessa better, I am wondering what tattoo Jason has that has to be blurred on tv?

Jesse lets Tara know he is interested in Ali and gives her the heads up so she can find someone else. Tara is pissed.


1 - Ben chooses Michelle, poor Jenny.
2 - Ken chooses Yanina of course, Lindsay goes to unmatched area.
3 - Ryan chooses Natalie, he and Summer both feel like they are just friends.
4 - Jason chooses Vanessa, poor Cina, who agrees there is no connection with Jason.
5 - Chase chooses Ali, Jenna heads to unmatched area.
6 - Jesse chooses Tara, as a thanks for choosing him, though they are clearly not into each other anymore. Melissa heads to unmatched area.

Then round 2 begins...

1 - Ben already had his picking.
2 - Ken keeps Yanina after joking about looking around.
3 - Ryan is attracted to Natalie but wants Jenna instead.
4 - Jason stays with Vanessa.
5 - Chase wants to change things up, he wants Summer.
6 - Jesse is happy with this because he is interested in Ali and chooses her.

So there you have it, new couples, old couples, six couples ready to move on to the next adventure and six women heading home.

What do you think? Enough drama for you?

Hells Kitchen - 13 Chefs Compete

We continue from last night's elimination with two chefs at risk....


Danielle is sent home. The girls are in tears. Tiffany, Kimmie and Robyn are happy, the rest are sad.

The men are arguing too - blaming Patrick for their poor service. Royce seems to lead the brigade. HE needs to go!

the next morning Chef Ramsay presents trends in the food business. Models come out to show the food trends....

1950s - crazy colourful dishes - layered jello mold jiggler and tv dinners.

1970s - fondue (I love fondue)

1990s - asian fusion

The men are all excited about the hot models ha!

The challenge:
Fashion Night in Hell's Kitchen. David Meister, Amanda Che, Ian Soltani are the three guest judges, all fashion designers.

Each team produces 1 appetizer and 2 entrees (1 seafood and 1 poultry)

David like spicy, healthy, swordfish, Ian likes colourful, heavily seasoned Amanda likes healthy, not fatty

30 minutes....

During preparation Blue discusses swordfish, mushrooms, lobster medallion while Red is led by Dana the perfectionist.

The usual Hells kitchen drama continues with the bossy chef, the idiot chef, the lazy chef and so on.

Justin - they say it isn't visually appealing the foam looks gross, it doesn't look elegant or sophisticated and is too much food for an appetizer. Taste - the foam is too sweet and the rest is a bit bland.

Dana - mango broth with crab meat. Soup isn't elegant, can be messy, it does have some flavour.

Red Wins

The judges are super specific and picky - uh oh!


Patrick - describes the dish as "thins the mucus" ew! They don't like the blob of sauce, they say it tastes interesting but there is no kick in it. They like it, they don't love it.

Tiffany - has something "fried" on her dish, which is not healthy. It also looks disgusting and the fashion crowd would clearly hate it. It is delicious they like the salad but the rest is greasy.

Blue wins


Robyn - seabass with seasoning. They like the colour and the grape though it is a bit bland.

Guy - Swordfish with a lot of seasoning. They like the ingredients, plating and flavour. The don't like the sauce.

Blue and Red each get a vote, but the third vote means Blue wins

Kimmie is mad Robyn didn't add spice as instructed. The women are pissed, but the Blue team hasn't had a win yet have they? Of course this worsens the Red Teams arguing.

Blue gets money to shop in Malibu - new outfits, wine tasting, and a relaxing day. They have a personal shopper then go for wine tasting. They drink..... a lot.. their diary room talks later are hilarious.

Red gets to clean and set up a runway - it is not without bickering and argueing but they let loose at the end with some hilarious catwalks and poses. Tiffany and Robyn burp and laugh and snort and fart while the other ladies look over in disgust.

When the Blue team returns, hammered the red team gets upset again.

Both teams go to bed early, but Clemenza wakes up early and is loud trying to wake everyone else up...

Kimmie goes nuts and is using a punching bag outside. She is ready to kill Robyn, who was on "her side" but clearly isn't anymore.

Fashion Night begins....

Ramsay explains how the show will go and emphasizes the timing of food. Kimmie and Royce are chosen to help plate food and Ramsay warns that these customers are not easy to please.

Clemenza starts cooking scallops before the doors even open... I seriously don't even GET how people make such stupid mistakes.

Looks like Clemenza may be sent home right then and there, also looks like the red kitchen drames some of the blue kitchen and sets them up for failure....


Teaser to the Trailer - Breaking Dawn Part 2


and some Gifs:


Daddyward GIF

Monday, June 18, 2012

Reality TV Update - Monday June 18

Lot's on tonight....

Bachelorette - A few surprises, good and meh.... Emily is falling in love in Croatia and with her daughter back home, who knows if her wild side will come out. Read my whole recap here.

Hell's Kitchen - 14 chefs compete, the recap is here.

Master Chef - 16 chef compete. From feeding marines, to making apple pie, this is a great episode that had not just me in tears. See the recap here.


More HK, Masterchef, Love in the Wild.

Bachelorette - Croatia

Emily goes to Croatia and Rocky heads back home with her babysitter. She either feels strongly about the men or no clue - so her goal is to resolve the "no clue" men.

Men are excited to be there, we get some great wide shots of the land and architecture.

Emily arrives at the men's room to say hello. She leaves a date card and slips out....


Travis reads it out:

Travis, let's look for love beyond the walls"

Travis needed this date and he knew it. They head to the old historical part of town and explore the streets. They seem to have fun, but it doesn't feel romantic to me. They go to a balancing stone where IF you can balance on it while removing an article of clothing then you will be lucky in love. Travis can't even get on the stone at first. Emily is bummed he didn't take his shirt off.

At dinner they have some nice conversation. Emily asks what he thinks he did wrong (with his ex) he answered well "I don't know that I did anything wrong, I don't know if she did anything wrong" He admits he hasn't dated since his engagement, two years ago.

They talk more about life and they seem to be getting along, but I just don't feel like they connect as deeply as she has with others. Still it felt like she would keep him.... but she did not. I think it is for the better.

I feel horrible for Travis, he DOES seem like a great guy, and he is legit hurt being sent home... poor fellow - I am sure after the show he will meet someone fantastic!

Back at the house:
The men weigh in on Travis. Some don't see him as romantic, oh course thinks Emily needs a bad boy like him *eye roll*

Date Card arrives:

"Lasting Love requires Bravery"

John, Doug, Sean, Jef, Chris and Arie.

That means Ryan gets the one-on-one. His confidence is sickening and the men are not happy.

Group Date:
They go see the movie "BRAVE" I can't wait to see this movie, I am taking my daughter and my gf and her kids.

After the movie Emily surprises the men with a "competition" Highland Games. The men get dressed in kilts and head to the challenge. They look hot in black sleeveless tops and their kilts and knee high white socks. Hilarious.

First up is Archery:
Emily starts them off with a good shot.
Moat of the men do pretty well, Chris is pretty worried about the task and he does horribly.

Next up is the toss:
No one wants to go first, Chris feeling down from Archery volunteers. Essentially it is a log throw.

He DQs.

Jef's also DQs.

Sean breaks the log.


Lastly the leash:

Two men pull a stick to try and pull opponent past them.

Chris picks Doug.
Doug wins.

Poor Chris is 0-3

Emily gives the bravery cup to Chris even though Sean won everything. She says she appreciated Chris picking Doug over someone smaller and keepi9ng a smile on face despite the losses. Emily is so sweet! She took Chris for some one-on-one time and kisses.

Emily reassures Sean. Arie is still feeling unsure since their last encounter and apologizes again for "london" then makes out with her - of course. Jef offers his coat to Emily and they sit and chat. Arie seems very into her and they don't waste anytime snuggling up. She asks what took him so long to kiss her. He wishes he hadn't. Emily spends some more time with Chris and then goes and gets the rose to give to him. The men are sad, but Emily tells Chris he has been a stand out since day one and that he is the kindest, sweetest, most handsome man she has ever met *gag*

Don't get me wrong, He is all those things I guess, but I just don't see it - I never have - I don't get what she is seeing personally.

Back at the house:
Ryan goes on a rant about how wonderful he is. He clearly rubs the men the wrong way - as per usual. He is so flirty and playful with Emily in front of the men, Emily is clearly hip to this but still keeps him around. He heads out on his date. The men laugh as soon as they close the door - he is so corny and they all know it.

On the date...
"The world is our oyster" was teh date card so they hit the road. Emily is unsure about how she feels about him. She calls him rotten and trouble. He feeds the lines and she picks it up. She loves the playfulness but as a mom I can't see her keepig him much longer - he is NOT a father figure at all!

They hit the boat and slurp some oysters - gross! She can't even swallow it she has to spit it out - I am with her, I can't eat oysters either!

They spend the day in a small waterfront town and he seems to get serious with her saying he is a great man so he can find a great woman and he feels god has done that. He says 'trophy wife' and Emily doesn't like it. 'All men should see their wife as a trophy' Emily says she goes back and forth on Ryan - well Emily - then STOP! Just get rid of him - please!

For dinner they are seemingly tipsy - as the shows mandate is to get couples drunk and silly for ratings.

Ryan is super confident and Emily keeps drilling him. They joke about her gold dress and the 'trophy wife' although it is playful, he is a bit of a jerk and she is giggling instead of challenging him.

Ryan reads his 12 things he wants to find in a woman to Emily....

loyal, logical, encourager, faithful, nurterer, confident, magnetic, people are drawn to, loves to laugh, observant, unselfish, beautiful, loves to catch my eye, etc etc

Emily says she feels like when she is around Ryan she feels like she has to be perfect all the time, and fit into his mold.

"There it is, it's been there" he says pointing to the rose. I am hoping she won't give it to him...

Smiling she points out their history of dates and compliments his looks and kissing - - - BUT the list of things he looks for in his future wife and life doesn't jive. her #1 on the list would be a loving family not seeking perfection and it wasn't on his list and so even though she adores him she isn't sure they want the same things....

She can't give him the rose


"That is very shocking because I would not have seen that coming,t he time spent together today and the potential for possible growth to have something was and is definately there, I am very very surprised...." yadda yadda yadda he goes on and on about sharing the same desire "I can't help but think youa re making the wrong choice because I think that i am just right for you, but you don't get to see that"

He challenges her and won't let her speak and I want him to disappear. He wants to be given the opportunity to show her the man she is.

Commercial Break.... will she change her mind? OMG I hope not - - I can't take this she BETTER not let him stay!!

She sends him packing, he is basically kicking and screaming she made the wrong choice...

Back at the house:
The men still debate if he is staying or going. Chris thinks he is a salesman and she hasn't had enough time to realze he is selling bad goods. They comment on his cockiness, most seem to think she will see through him, some think he will sell himself well. One decides he will tell Emily the truth should Ryan return....

Then, Ryan's bag is taken away.... Ryan says the men must be shocked and he will see them soon because they formed great friendships, then we see the men dancing and cheering and hugging about hwo happy they are Ryan was sent home.

At Emily's room:

Arie pops by to visit and tell Emily she made the right choice in sending Ryan home. He had planned to go see her if he stayed, and if he goes... does it matter that Arie's "Baggage" I keep mentioning is that Arie dates the producer of the show cassie (who is Emily's confident and assistant and by her side the whole time) does it matter than Arie seems coached move by move, line by line? Does it matter that Chris Harrison tweeted Arie before this show like they were friends....

Emily gives him the rose to hide as a secret rose. They then make out on her bed. He is too smooth - I wish I didn't know about his "baggage"

Doug tries to make things better with Emily but comes across awkward and makes it slightly worse it seems. He really opened up to her.

John (finally) opens up to her and talks emotionally about his grandparents. Yet not why he is nicknamed "wolf" yes - I am dwelling on it - I want to know no I NEED to know why he is called "wolf"

Emily admits she isn't sure she is making right decisions but love is a risk....

Rose Ceremony:
-Chris already has a rose
-Ryan and Travis were already sent home


With one rose left, I predict neither John or Doug get it because of previews when Emily said "I can't give out this rose"

As if on cue she walks out emotional with the last rose to talk to Chris Harrison. She admits she doesn't know what to do. She gives Chris the rose and she goes to talk to the men. She tells them she can't give out the final rose so we assume that Doug and John are going home.

Then Chris brings out TWO roses and she keeps them both!

No one goes home - WTF

Top 6 guys....... headed to Prague!

Preview for next week looks like:

john one on one, Arie one on one, Sean one on one, hard to tell there is a lot of kissing. Chris feeling depressed, worried and seriously in tears.

OMG OMG - they actually DO ADDRESS that Arie dates Cassie the producer, and they show her and Em talking - yessssss!!!!!!!!!! good!!!

What a night!

What did you think? Who is your fave? What are you most looking forward to next week?

Hell's Kitchen - 14 chefs compete

Last week somehow I missed an episode of Hells Kitchen and so tonight I learned that both teams lost and nominated two people and Don went home, Roshni movies to Men's Blue Team.



Blue welcomes Roshni and Red Team is still divided.

They have bouncing balls all over the dining room and they grab them - each has food items / ingredients on them. These are the items they can use for the contest - 35 minutes for 5 traditional Mexicain dishes.

They all make a dish then the team picks the top 5 to present to guest judges.

1 - Tacos
Royce - Pork
Kimmie - Shrimp

Red wins

2 - Burritos
Danielle - falling apart, hard to eat
Clemenza - Mexican/Italian flavour the judges like

Blue wins

3 - Soup

Tiffany - crab salsa soup
Justin - pickle shrimp tortilla soup

Red wins

4 - Enchilada

Christina - not sure?
Patrick - lobster

Blue wins

5 - Tostada

Roshni - crab chili grilled tostada
Dana - ahi tuna

Blue and Red each get one vote from the judge so Ramsay is the tie breaker

Red wins

Reward - Gourmet Lunch and big surprise. They eat at Riveriera with one of the guest judges. Then they get salsa dancing lessons and apparently drink more judging by their diary room bits.

Punishment - Blue team has "Mexican Night" preparation. Salsa by hand, prep both kitchens. Their lunch is something disgusting. Men cut and cut and cut ingredients in preparation and tensions are high, particularily between Clemenza and Patrick.

The women returns in a festive mood, which worsens the mens mood.

Later Royce bitches to Danielle about the challenge. Tiffany doesn't like it and sets a "no bitching policy" then after drinking a bottle of booze she goes gossiping to others ina drunken slur. She gets the whole conversation and its participants incorrect.

The next morning Robyn decides to address it and everything is messed up. Tiffany sitys as Kimmie yells at poor Dana and Danielle for something they didnèt say (Royce had said it ... Tiffany was drunk and mixed up who said what when she reported to the team)


The kitchen opens and women are not getting along. They start off with mussles that arenèt done correctly. Blue kitchen has minimal success.

Kimmie and Dana have a fight because Kimmie told her to put fish on same tray as meat. THEN THEY SERVE RAW PORK. Danielleès fault. Ridiculous!

Meanwhile, Blue is doing better, but not by much.

Patrick is tossed out along with Guy.

Next Danielle is kicked out of the kitchen after a second round of raw pork.

Then Clemenza and get kicked out for.... raw pork!

Barbie is then kicked out for needing a thermo for chicken

Tiffany has burned mashed potatoes and is also kicked out bringing our total to 7 people.

Royce makes 8 and Blue now has Brian and Roshni left.

The remaining chefs work hard, but it is just amazing how many were kicked out. Both teams lose and have to choose nominees...

Blue - Guy and Patrick
Red - Barbie and Danielle

They all argue to stay, I could have them all leave and be fine to shorten this season to be honest...

NO one goes home - it is to be continued - luckily it is on tomorrow!

What a show - next episode looks intense too - D-R-A-M-A!!!

Masterchef - Top 16 Compete

at the largest military base the chefs are told that 201 marines will arrive to eat. They are doing a team challenge using portable kitchens, and so the show begins.....


Entree from each team then they line up behind their favourite team's entree

Frank & David are team camptains...

Frank (Blue) - Felix, Scott, Stacey, Tally, Tonya, Mike, Christine.

David (Red)- Becky, Josh, Mike, Helene, Ryan, Anna, Monty.

Interesting men all chosen first, blind gal chosen last. Ah well - it is what it is.

The rules:
-One entree
-Must contain: one protein, one starch, one vegetable
-feed 201 marines
-2 hours

Frank sticks with his Italian roots and wants a pasta - Chambota?!!?

David chooses BBQ porkchops.

Judges fear the cooking during serving time with pork chops may be a problem, while they fear the pasta dish may be too unfamiliar to the marines.

Red struggles to get organized and start, while the Blue team is having a tough time on the grill throwing unseasoned veggies to dry out and burn.

The marines arrive and the red teams pork is undercooked, while the blue team seems ready to roll but is worried they do not have enough.

Red - BBQ porkchops, cheesey potatoes and cole slaw.
Blue - Grilled Chicken with pasta salad.

Christine is serving chicken breasts, which is awkward for her but I feel like the blue team is looking for a sympathy vote having the blind gal serve.

Red runs low on food that is cooked and ready - potatoes gone... so they are serving only cole slaw - uh oh!

Blue then runs low on pasta.

Judges look around and discover a raw pork chop. Red Team is in shit. Ramsay (as we know from Hells Kitchen) does NOT accept raw food! They do some preliminary votes and of course the editing shows us only about even.

Both teams keep pushing hard but Red team is still trying to get meat cooked and Becky and Monty step up to take over and get things happening as David stands unsure what to do. Blue is trying to finish the pasta so they have enough for everyone.

In the end the men are fed and it is time to vote. Ryan jokes the red women need to show their breasts - Monty is pissed.

The lines look fairly even so they do a count....

Red Team wins! By 16 votes!

Blue enters a pressure test, Red Team is safe.

Pressure Test

One gets a pass this round, the team captain chooses Felix to be safe because she had recommended chicken and macaroni. She wants to stay and cook, so he chooses Scott who wants to cook. Frank chooses Stacey and she takes the pass while bawling.

The test: apple pie

They will be judged on the filling, crust and overall technique.

Some are worried, some are confident.

The judges discuss the technique and details that must be paid attention to from pastry to apples to temperatures to flavouring.

Many chefs do not have their pies in with only 30 minutes to go....

-Frank - delicious, flaky crust, melt in your mouth apples
-Tanya - firm apples, odd flavour and texture
-Tali - good
-Felix - visually great,
-Mike - he put cheese on his, a strange move, additionally it was soggy with juices
-Scott - looks bad, but the taste is good. Bad pastry, good filling, so not the worst
-Christine - although she is feeling discouraged, Ramsay compliments her skill and tells her to stop feeling upset for herself and believe in herself more! She has a flaky crust, no soggy no liquid (he scrapes it so she can hear it) she is crying, and he lifts a beautiful wedge of pie that tastes amazing.

Tanya, Scott, Mike are bottom three.

Not surprisingly cheeseman Michael is sent home.

Tomorrow night there is more and some drama too.... can't wait!

Edward Cullen's 111th birthday treat...


SantaMonica, CA, June 18, 2012 – To help fans worldwide celebrate Edward Cullen’s 111th birthday on June 20, 2012, Summit Entertainment, a LIONSGATE® (NYSE: LGF) company, will debut an exciting new teaser trailer for the highly anticipated THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 2.

A 10-second sneak peek of the teaser trailer will be available for download via at 5:30AM PDT/8:30 AM EDT on Tuesday, June 19, 2012.

Followingthe release of the first-look, the full teaser trailer will be made availablefor download on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at 5:30 AM PDT/8:30 AM EDT via

***Can't Wait***

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Authority Always Wins - True Blood

Recap time - what an episode, is it just me or this season already way better than last season?

Tara is a vampire - and she be craycray. Pam orders her to not bite Lafayette or Sookie and stay in the house, but that just seems to drive Tara even more insane, thrashing the house before being subdued and taken down to Eric's underground bed.

Pam doesn't have time to deal with Tara, but wants to get out of her dirty walmart sweat suit and back at the club reflects on her first encounter with Eric. I loved getting some history on Pam, she was a brothel madame and Eric saved her from a man with a knife in an alley. I hope we get more of this in the future episodes. I love Pam!

Back to Tara, she sleeps the day away but Lafayette almost stakes her. I am worried and curious to see how this plays out, because Tara HATES fangers.... and now she is one!

Sookie seeks some protection from vampires and at the store, the sales clerk is HILARE - I can't remember what he said about the silver mist but it was if a vampire rang the door bell what would happen - I need to find this quote.... needless to say, Tara got sprayed by it later before taing off into the night....

Bill and Eric taken to the authority along with "sister" Nora. They are tortured with UV lights and silver infused IV drips. We learn of the first vampire "Lilith" who was created by God, who was also a vampire. There are some vampire fundamentalists who believe this to be a literal translation and they are called Sanguanists or something like that - Sang = blood of course. These folks believe that humans were put on earth for vampires to eat. This doesn't fit with the "co-exsist" goal the authority is currently seeking.

Looks like politics and religion focus this season, along with power struggle (as always) not only in the vamp world but in the wolf world where Alcide refuses to become pack leader and Luna's daughter changes into a cute wolf pup after Luna kicks Sam out for suggesting Luna may want to address that her daughter COULD be wolf and not shifter.

Back to Eric and Bill, they are let go (we assume they will be) to get Russell Edgington who has escaped the cement tomb. The episode ends showing him feeding and slowly recovering. I read in an interview with Denis O'Hare that Russell Edgington will be a changed man when he returns, so i am interested to see how this will play out. Christopher Meloni is amazing too - can't wait to see more of his character development.

Steve is promoting vampires as god's creatures and still in the media. He arrives at Bill's house where Jessica is still having a kegger party - this once scene I had to replay over and over, I love love love this dance....

Where I hated Steve before, he is actually pretty hilarious now... you know, a vampire, gay, christian... I also loved that on the interview he came out as a vampire but pretended he loved a woman - like somehow Vampire acceptance is still easier than being gay?!?!

He offers Jessica money for Jason but she "doesnt sell" her friends, though she sure messes with him a bit Steve gets a "fang boner and a real boner" after she talks about how hard Jason's ass (and other parts) are.... ha ha it's awesome!

Jason tries to make ammends with Hoyt but fails.... Hoyt's momma is pleased with Jason, though acts like she is not until Hoyt can't hear...

Terry and Arlene are fighting because he is having strange dreams and attacking her. She goes to his army buddy Patrick to talk, Terry interupts and tells Patrick he knows one of their marine buddies who is still alive and may be associated with the strange fires that keep occuring. No idea - not interested.


-Christopher Heyerdahl as Dieter Braun - not a huge stretch from Twilight is it ;) I met him in december in Orlando... squee!

-Debbie's car was found, her tooth is under Sookie's fridge, how long until they figure this out?

Some Quotes: **Will add more later**

Mr. Northman, you are taller than I expected - I get that a lot - BAHAHAHA Love it!

Stackhouse, i had sex! - Welcome to the club

No Twilight Remakes in the works.... yet

When rumours arose this week that remakes of Twilight were in the works, I didn't post about it, because it wasn't confirmed. Today, it was confirmed... as being FALSE!

Deadline reports:

Summit Entertainment just phoned me to publicly deny an Internet report that its parent company Lionsgate already is drawing up plans to remake the Twilight Saga by the 5th anniversary of the insanely successful movie and book series which began November 21, 2008. Summit Co-Chairman and now Lionsgate domestic movie czar Rob Friedman tells me: ”We are not remaking Twilight. We will happily support Stephanie Meyer if she decides to proceed in any way. But this will be the last one unless that should change.” What this statement means is simply that the studio will do whatever Twilight Saga author Stephenie Meyer wants. She has said in some interviews that she wouldn’t mind seeing a reboot — so an evantual remake isn’t out of the realm of possibility. But as of now none is on the drawing board. Summit has released four Twilight adaptations, with the fifth and final for now film Breaking Dawn Part 2 arriving in theaters on November 16th.

So it seems it *could* happen in the future, but not right now, which is ok by me... Bring on Breaking Dawn Part 2.


I have been tumblr-ing all night but wanted to share a few things from MMVAs - will update and post throughout the show.

Red Carpet

If you havent' watched MMVAs, you should, Canada is weird. I can say this because I am Canadian. It is in Toronto, it is a giant outdoor red carpet street and it is known for insane, outrageous arrivals. Unique vehicles, strange stunts. I should do a post JUST on those arrivals fromt he past - insanity!

Anyways.... Just started watching.... check back often and will re-post/update as the night goes on.....

Justin with a baby - his brother? BUt posing with local gal Carly Rae Jepsen raised some questions, especially with Selena arriving solo in a super short gold dress.... ha! But then Selena is holding a kid - is this a Bieber too? I am confused - - -

Side note - is that DEAN???

Katy Perry is there looking great, she has a buncha kids dressed as mini Katy Perry (from various music videos) cute, but watching the PR people try to organize all the kids for photo shoots every 2 meters is hilarious.

Chord Overstreet looking a bit hary but still cute:

Cody Simpson:


The Show

You should also know, MMVAs is an outdoor concert with some awards given away on the side. It is unlike most awards shows where there is a stage and speeches and such.... it is mostly live performances and pretty unscripted, live, random - lot's of weird stuff typically goes on and it always feels completely unorganized.

LMFAO do a lil' skit with cameos from Hedley, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry.... then they open the show with "Party Rockin" they end their performance by spraying champagne on the audience, which is mostly 12 year olds I think.... but they are in bright yellow ponchos so somehow it seems ok... maybe? They move into "Sexy and I know it" (I work out) with the "famous" wiggle wiggle - one has an elephant underwear with an extra long trunk omg!

It then moevs stages to Carly Rae Jepsen swinging on a telephone singing "Call me Baby"

I have to say her voice seems a bit strained - as did the LMFAO fro guy - I do appreciate it's all live and sung as such, no lip synching!

After the opening credits we welcome Canadian Shanae Rimes (sp?) who interned at Much Music as a teenager, and is the annoying Annie on 90210. Her dress slits were super high on both sides...

She presented International Video of the Year Artist: Beyonce, Chris Brown ft JB, David Guetta ft Nicky Minaj, Florida, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Pitbull ft Ne-Yo, Rihanna ft Alvin Harris (enough nominations yet? OMG!)

Winner: Katy Perry - Last Friday Night

She comes out in a new dress/pant suit and high pony. "Hello Canada" she thanks everyone.

Lauren Toyota - she is annoying - I have to listen to her in every commercial break of Teen Wolf and PLL... *le sigh* she looked hot though!

LMFAO the co-hosts are back being loud and obnoxious... "Canada is the first place... they hosted an awards show, went #1 and learned they are allergic to maple syrup" I hope they are on drugs, because their behaviour is otherwise unnatural....

They go through last year's lost and found.... and give it away "yea baby" "ya dig?"

a hat, a red solo cup, heels, but Selena Gomex runs out in some giant heels to claim "last year's heels" - since she hosted last year... so LMFAO seeks advice from Selena... "ya dig?"

- host needs wardrobe changes (LMFAO has 48 planned)
- pronounce names right (difficult, they can't even say LMFAO right)
- give audience what they want (right now they want Marianna's Trench)

They perform and crowd surf, one gal is groping his ass ha ha

Lauren Toyota returns and introduces some people. Far East Movement and a victoria duffield girl who is Canadian but I don't know who she is.

They present award for Int'l video of the year for a Canadian

Avril Lavine, Drake ft Rihanna, JB, Nickelback, Simple Plan,

Winner is: Justin Bieber - crowd goes ape shit crazy, he comes out touching girls hands in the front row. "What's up Toronto, What's up Canada, What's up Guys?" he thanks everyone including fans, friends, and tells them to get his album.

Angelie(?) and Dragonette talk about hwo not to be nervous - one says they picture people naked - they point out an actual naked guy in the audience - oh yes....

Reminder to vote for fave artist.

Another commercial break

COdy Simpson comes out - he high fives as many people as possible in ten seconds. Then they present award for int'l video of the year group

Bad meets evil ft bruno mars, cobra starship, cold play, foster the people, gym class heros ft adam lavine, lmfao, maroon 5 ft xtina, one direction, selena gomez, the wanted, yes a lot of nominees

winner: LMFAO

OBVS rigged - there is no way they beat all those others!

Out comes Down with Webster out of breath from partying at the after party that they are still at from last year - oh kay - they introduce Nelly Furtado to perform.

I saw her on the carpet and I have to say she is looking older, fine, but more plastic - her stage outdfit and look was better than the carpet in my opinion

More people, more stuff...

Darren Criss comes out with LMFAO and he criticizes LMFAO for party rocking too loud so he couldn't hear anything LOL LMFAO is "sorry for party rocking" Darren doesn't believe them because they lack emotion - Darren does a broadway version....




Darren then introduces ED SHEERAN - who performs - amazingly!

Some guy I dunno introduces Flo Rida who sings then and Carly Rae joins him for "wild one"

Love lil Rico from Modern family - he is a super star - he comes out as the shuffle bot (LMFAO robot) he pulls it off too! Talented kid!

He introduces Hedley - I love Jacob Hoggard hard - he is so cute and I totally adored him on Canadian Idol... He is a local boy, I have seen him play local gigs, seen him shopping, seen him at fright nights at playland, it isn't a big deal I guess - but on tv I still drool over him LMAO

Chord Overstreet comes out with a rose to look for his biggest fan... he gives it to a fan and gals around her tore it up trying to take it - brutal - reminds me of Breaking Dawn Part 1 Tent City concert with the cut out Bella and Edward.

Carly Rae Jepsen, Down with Webster, Drake, Hedley, Marianas Trench

Winner is: Carly Rae Jepsen who comes out in a new dress similar to Shinae Grimes...

Carly says a name in her speech that I know - from highschool - so i go to his facebook page and sure enough he is dating Carly Rae Jepsen ha ha random - I knew she was local but wow - small world! I also thought she was 17 not almost 30 - ha ha random!

She then introduces Kelly Clarkson who performs - she is very blonde.

Out come Degrassi people with Lights to present an award for face group or artist.

Drake, Hedley, jb, carly rae, marianas trench

winner is: Justin Bieber

Fro-off with Perez Hilton wearing a fro with LMFAO - they introduced Katy perry who performed.

Carly Rae Jepsen wins again!!!