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PREVIEW - 15 seconds of trailor

OMG *excited* they must be showing more at MVT Awards no? I watched this going "we were over there during this shoot" and "that's shot there" then watched it visualizing where it was shot, then re-watched it visualizing it compared to the first movie, then re-watched it to take it all in again.... omg - will this be how it will be with the actual movie?!?!? yes!!!!

New Moon Reunion, MTV Awards, More Pics

What happens when you put all the pics together to make it LOOK like a movie? You get an idea of the reunion scene of Edward and Bella *sigh*

Mmmmm He is so much more Edward with those contacts

And They wrap tomorrow?!?!? OMG - so much closer to being real :)

When they were here I wasn't as excited for the movie, because seriously, having them HERE was so much more exciting really.... now they are in Italy and I am so excited to see it all coming together and am FINALLY completely FREAKING OUT for the movie to come..... ahhhhh!

I am so sad I didn't meet Dakota when she was in VanCity :(

Can we even wait for the MTV Awards Sunday? um NO!!!

Remember to keep voting for TWILIGHT CLICK HERE

I am so psyched Andy Samberg is hosting, he is hilarious!!!

Lastly, Remember to register for this - I am hoping to come up with an extra $200 so that I can attend :)

Summer School in Forks: A Twilight Symposium

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The TRUE Twilight Twitters

I posted this before....... so did Twilight Lexicon.... when will people understand.... most of the twitters ARE FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's true:

Here are a listing of the real Twitters
relating to the Twilight Saga

Peter Facinelli

Michael Sheen

Jamie Campbell Bower

Justin Chon

Charlie Bewley

The Twitters supposedly run by Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed are all fakes. Ways to tell: mislabeling of photos stating where & when the pics were taken, Tweeting while clearly performing , all created around the same date, claiming they are posting personal photos when in reality are actually recycled paparazzi shots, official sites of actors don’t list a Twitter, etc.


100 Monkeys The Band Jackson Rathbone plays with

Bobby Long Writer of Let Me Sign along with Marcus Foster, performed by Rob Pattinson on the Twilight soundtrack

Sam Bradley Writer of Never Think, performed by Rob Pattinson on the Twilight soundtrack

Marcus Foster Writer ofof Let Me Sign along with Bobby Long, performed by Rob Pattinson on the Twilight soundtrack


Some Comments on Lexicon's Post that are worth noting include:


Thanks for posting! I might also add that since we know Kristen’s is fake, it’s also safe to assume that Michael Angarano’s (who appears to be tweeting back and forth to his “beloved Kris) is also fake. Just yesterday “he” tweeted that he is in Italy with “Kris” when we know he was in LA. Busted.



Further evidence, up until recently there was a Kellan Lutz and Ashely Greene (both now deleted though another fake Ashley Greene has popped up) that were Tweeting with those accounts. Kellan gave an interview where he categorically denied having a twitter. Next thing you know the Ashley and Kellan accounts disappear.

I also knew the Ashley one was a fake because it had her tweeting while she was at a event in NYC. I was there, she wasn’t any place near a blackberry to tweet and all her posts were via twitterberry


I find it amusing that people want SOOO badly to believe these are their fave stars that they argue and make excuses for them - THEY ARE NOT REAL - Get over it!! please!!!!

Italy Pix - Topless Edward, Bella/Edward Reunite

Yes - They are posted EVERYWHERE but I just can't get enough....

The passionate kiss mmmm

No they aren't moles, I am fairly sure they are CGI dots to add the sparkle mmmmm

And the facial expression on Kristen makes me laugh... the whole "determined to save the love of her life" look

And looky loo it's Dakota Fanning as Jane - - - not close enough to tell, I think she can do scarier....

Is that an underwear line?

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Don't have time to read Twilight Saga? Short Comic Summary LOL

I found this via TwiFans.Com

...but it originated from livejournal - click to see FULL SIZE here

First, for those of us who don't have time to actually read 4 very long books ;)

Too Funny... also the way Twilight Sucks us all into actually reading all 4 very long books ;)

Jennie Garth Interview - Heart Condition, daughters rheumatoid arthritis

I have loved Jennie Garth for a very long time. I remember in the original 90210 she was always my fave and people said I looked like her (yea yea I don't at all now, but back in my skinny, blonde, teenage years, there was a SLIGHT resemblance)

Anyways - I was shocked to see this video of her speaking about her and Peter Facinelli's daughter's juvnille rheumatoid arthritis. Doctors suspected I had rheimatoid arthritis last year so I learned a lot about the disease.

See the video and read more about Jennie Garth HERE

Jennie also opens up about her own heart condition:

“I’ve been affected by heart disease practically my whole life,” she recently told Access’ Tony Potts at an American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women BetterU Program event. “My father has struggled with heart disease since he was 50 and I lost him a year ago.”

“I have a leaky valve,” she explained. “And it’s a common thing. A lot of people have it, They don’t know they have it… [it] leaks blood.”

PS - They are all wearing crocs in this photo taken a while back LMAO

Summer School in Forks Convention

More Goodies from Twilight Lexicon

SSIF is geared towards an adult audience, and parents should be advised that some programming may contain mature themes and language.
It is held at the REAL Forks High School June 25-28, 2009. It is the only literary symposium, anywhere, dedicated to Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga.

For full details go to the Summer School in Forks Webpage

The Summer School in Forks Convention has announced the discussion panels. The ones that the Lexicon staff is participating in/leading are BOLDED. These Ladies are AMAZING and will surely provide so much insight and intrigue in the panels they are involved in.

List of Presentations

Vampires, Werewolves, and Humans…Oh My!!”
Defanged? Exploring Misogynistic Undertones in Twilight
Revamping the Genre or Sacrilege? Twilight’s Twists on Vampire Lore & the Anti-Twilight Backlash
Tall, Dark, & Handsome: A Teacher’s Guide to the book Twilight
The Father Figures of Twilight.
If You Can’t Beat ‘em, Join ‘em: Using Popular Literature in the Classroom
Big Heart in the Air*…”Why Doesn’t My Husband Understand?”
Living in the wake of Twilight
What if I’m Not the Superhero…What if I’m the Bad Guy?
Bracelet Make –n- take
Craft make n take: Forks Clear Rock Pins
Creating a Twilight Fan site/Webmaster Gurus
The Physiology of Twilight: Could Renesmee Really Happen?
Film Drips – Vamps in Film
Short Bites – Vamps in Lit
Bloodsucking Snacks Workshop
What’s with this Fan Fiction Stuff?
The Appeal of the Twilight Saga Across Generations
Bella Swan: Nobody’s Wilting Parrot Tulip
lyana Kadushin: The Voice of The Twilight Audio books
Twilight: the Series, the Fandom, the Movie Workshop
Twilight Saga Book roundtable
Inscribed Narratives of a Circumscribed Life: How Life Imitates Fiction in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight
Bella Swan at Hogwarts: The Important Influence of the Potter Novels and Potter Mania on Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga
Why We Love Twilight: The Artistry and Meaning of the Bella Swan Novels
Oh my, I’m in Love With a Vampire: What makes Twilight Vamps Hot and Other Vamps Not
Team Bella: Desire, Collectivity, Identity and the Sociology of What Makes the Story So Compelling for Its Fans
Twilight Saga Archetypes: Chiseling away at the Marble Façade
So Many Species, So Little Me! The Men of Stephenie Meyer’s Books
Twilight Saga Literary Influences: Brit Lit Was Never This Much Fun
Twilight Puppet Presentation and Make-n-Take
Innocence Preserved: Holden Caulfield’s Parallels with a Modern-Day Vampire
There Are No Small Characters, Only Fewer Lines: Discussion of the Importance of the Cullen Family
Minor Characters, but Major to Us: Discussion of the Quileutes and Humans
Consuming Desires: Capitalizing on Romance in Twilight
Beautiful or Strong? A Consideration of Female Roles in the Twilight Series

Yellow Porsche Clip in Italy

Thanks to TwiCrackAddict who took a break from working ;) to find these great clips on youtube. She has more posted here

Twitarded Camps with Edward

"ML groaned audibly when I whipped Edward out of my bag. It seems that he's still thinks that maybe, just maybe, one of these days I'll leave the damn doll at home. Wishful thinker, that one."

LoL - I *NEED* a plastic Edward!!!!

Twilight Set Tours in Vancouver

It's true, there are a few people who have started companies to give set tours. I know of two people from twitter who have started the tours, this one is run by VanCityAllie and looks to be the first one up and running successfully, although I know newsflic girl's is set to be ready soon also.

The website is ready and it is a rad site with everyone you may want or need to see sets/

So many fans have asked me to give them tours and show them around as it is a timely and difficult task.... With the number of people who come to town simply to see sets and possibly meet the cast, this opportunity gives them professional tour guides with experience and increases their chances of achieving their goals.

To check it out Go To the Website

Twilight Widower's Motivational Posters

Twilight Widower Always makes me laugh!

See the rest of them HERE

Twilight Lexicon's Interview with Charley Bewley aka Demitri

See full interview At Twilight Lexicon Website

I have been anxiously awaiting to see/read their interviews.

I knew when they were here they had an on-set visit and interview with someone the day after I hung out with them.... it was all top-secret, so I am guessing this is the interview.... YAY!!

First I think Charley Bewley is absolutely intriguing... he is very attractive and I am excited to see how he takes on Demitri.

Q:Did you approach Demetri’s character with a specific agenda in mind, as in to make him scary, yet appealing or simply frightening?

CB:Demetri is a lethal killer with a pretense of charm. Actually, pretense is a little harsh - he genuinely is a Casanova of life, and this might be his biggest weapon.

Felix and Demetri both carry huge threats in our individual powers: Felix is the enforcer; Demetri is the cat to the mouse… thrill of the chase, yada. But it’s when you know you are the best, unrivaled for so long… complacent, almost arrogantly threatening becomes you; so couple that with centuries of acquired knowledge and experience… that’s a whole other level of danger.

Q: Which member of the Volturi do you think the audience will find the most frightening?

CB:Dakota. Jane. Both, in fact, are a little unnerving.

Another Interview with him can be read HERE

@SoupAirCool my buddy saw Charley at The Sutton while she stayed there a couple weeks ago. She didn't have her camera on her but she texted me frantically to let me know - - - I was uuber jealous and I still can't believe she didn't have her camera on her!! Silly Girl!!!

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Fan Photos in Italy

Fan Photos in Italy -

See whole story CLICK HERE

New Moon Filming underway in Italy

Oh what I wouldn't give to be in Italy for a week, not jsut because of New Moon Filming, it is *ITALY* !!!

I now know how people around the world felt reading my blogs and my experiences.... I can't be there - but I want to hear alllll about it....

Here are some photos from various sites on the web -

Director Chris Weitz

See video of Chris Weitz CLICK HERE

The Yellow Porsches

More Set


Who RPattz Bangs is Rpattz Biz... but...

I am posting the story as Lainey types it because for once I like it alot - She is realizing that another paparazzi stoy is fabricated and poitning out the reasons why it isn't true - kinda like I do with a majority of tabloid stories, and from time to time, hers!!!

First here is the story from Life and Style

Kristen Stewart may be the one Robert Pattinson wants, but while she was filming thousands of miles away, Robert, her New Moon co-star, hooked up with a gorgeous blonde in Cannes! Los Angeles resident Erika Dutra and Robert were spotted canoodling at the post-party for amfAR Cinema Against AIDS in Cannes.

"Erika was introduced to Robert by a mutual friend at the beginning of the night and he was smitten with her from that point on," an eyewitness tells Life & Style. "He took pictures of her, sat with her all night, and the two of them were even seen kissing! There was serious chemistry between them, and they looked like they were having an amazing time."

And it seems the night didn't end there for the two: "Erika and Robert even left the party together!" the eyewitness reveals.

Now, I never believe this stuff, if he was kissing her where are the photos of that - why post pics of them chatting together and not kissing? I have met enough papz and read enough tabloids to realize that if they have the kissing happening, there are photos, otherwise they post this kinda posing shit and then tell a story as if it was more......

Anyways...... Lainey Clears it up....

You can go read her story HERE

or just continue reading it here to avoid giving her the clicks LOL your choice - I try to minimize my visits there.... but sometimes it's the only place to get the goods first...

anyhow here is what she says:

Robert Pattinson gets sold out

Reference materials for this post:

A Life & Style report – click here - claiming that at the amfAR gala the other night in Cannes, Robert Pattinson was all over some girl called Erika , kissing her, and leaving with her. The magazine has published a photo of the two together “at the event”. Another photo of the two is at Pop Sugar.

Relax ladies. The whole story is suspect. The pictures are suspect, the details are suspect.

Happy Twi-hards?

First - the amfAR event was loaded with journalists. Many, many journalists. It would however seem that the only witness to Pattinson’s supposed hookup with this blonde was Life & Style’s source. Because everyone else – and trust me, EVERYONE was watching him that night, including several with a vested interest and much to gain from a Robert Pattinson romance story – observed that he was actually really low key that night, spoke with Emile Hirsch and a few other celebrities, was not drinking heavily, and certainly did not spend most of the night, if any part of the night, in the exclusive company of “Erika”.

Speaking of Emile Hirsch though – you can blame him for Pattinson getting sold out. Because it’s his friend who did it.

Remember Laura, Mio, and I were on the du Cap terrace on Wednesday night? Click here and here if you have not yet read those posts.

We’d been boozing on the terrace when Pattinson arrived with his management. Emile Hirsch, his girlfriend, and some other girls came later.

Eventually Emile and his girlfriend joined Pattinson’s table. Was funny because Hirsch pulled up two chairs and didn’t bother pulling up a third for the attractive blonde who was with them and clearly wanted to sit down. Laura said her face was kinda pouty.

And who was she?

Yes, she was Erika. The same Erika with Pattinson in these pictures.

But they were not taken at amFAR on Thursday.

They were taken at the Hotel du Cap terrace.


We saw her in this outfit Wednesday night, shaking Pattinson’s hand when she was introduced to him by Emile Hirsch and his girlfriend.

Anyone who has ever been to the du Cap terrace, and we go there every year, have done so for 4 years, can tell you it’s the du Cap terrace.

Laura is now yelling at me for not staying longer that night. If you recall, we bailed because Emile Hirsch is f-cking annoying. Laura left reluctantly with me. So whoever put these photos out there, whoever made them available for sale (they are being brokered by a photo agency), clearly misrepresented them.

In other words: a friend of Emile Hirsch misrepresented herself. A friend of Emile Hirsch sold out Robert Pattinson. These photos are being sold in high quality. Which means you can’t blame Facebook because the only way they can be sold in HQ is if they’re the originals. Oh wait, let me guess, her camera was stolen.

Is Erika an aspiring actress? Or hard up for cash?

As for whether or not she left with Pattinson after amfAR, we’re not sure she was even AT amfAR. And again, he was being watched all night. No one else seems to be able to corroborate Life & Style’s account.

Pattinson left very early for Rome on Friday morning. He was at the airport just before us. Laura was grateful. Because we’d pulled an allnighter on our final evening and looked like sh-t.

So what are the conclusions that can be drawn from this, other than the fact that Life & Style, once again, um, got it wrong?

Three possibilities:

1. Erika did not f-ck Pattinson the night at the du Cap because if they did go to bed, in selling these pictures, she’s effectively killed any other chance of going to bed with him again.
2. He turned her down, this is why she’s selling the photos, figuring she may as well profit from his rejection (Laura believes this is the most plausible explanation)
3. She did f-ck him, doesn’t care to f-ck him again, and figures she should profit from their night together

Whatever the explanation, she’s not showing up in the best light.


4. Emile Hirsch is a douche.
5. Emile Hirsch has douchey friends

Robert Pattinson fans vs Emile Hirsch fans…a new war has erupted! GO!

And finally, am attaching a legitimate photo from amfAR of Pattinson with Hirsch and also Peaches Geldof. Pattinson should date Peaches Geldof. Love her. Also, Peaches Geldof is Laura’s celebrity doppelganger. Aside from hair colour, the similarity is uncanny. Laura is lucky her celebrity doppelganger is cool. Mine is not cool. Mine is nasty ass skank trash. Massage parlour Asian twat Tila Tequila. One night at a party last year, some loser asked me if I was the MTV girl who gets down with boys and girls. F-cker.

This report brought to you exclusively by Laura's eagle eye.

Love it - I mean it's fairly obvious, but getting someone's account of what they saw and facts makes it all the more better....

I swear I get off on proving people wrong... I don't know why - I am just a weirdo!!! Like the faker @KristenStewart9 along with other fakers on twitter who are clueless "beautiful italian alps" with a twitpic of some random mountains..... as if you can twitpic from an airplane and as if KStew was even in Italy two days ago?!?!? sheesh - i swear I could be a "faker" with better success than these knobs!!! Then I get twitter people asking me "is this person true? is this person? how do you know?" well - i know because I have common sense and basic research skills..... or I don't know for sure I am just not niave and figure as busy as these movie stars are TWITTERING their every move is jst not a priority for them....

See my previous post on Who Twitters"

Seattle Casting Call

Casting Calls

SAFETY FIRST MUSIC VIDEO (New Moon Inspired video)- 6/7/09 Saint Marcus Festival goers. Any age is acceptable. Must be able to travel to North Seattle, WA area. Must be able to wear as much red clothing as possible. Also acceptable is black clothing, cloaks, and fangs. We will also have a supply of plastic fangs for those who don’t already own them. We need everyone to look like they are celebrating the festival with their friends and family. This is the celebration of when Saint Marcus drove all of the vampires out of Volterra, Italy.

LET IT GO MUSIC VIDEO (Eclipse Inspired video) 6/6/09 Forks High School attender. Must be able to pass as a high school student. Must be able to travel to Federal Way, WA. Must be dressed for school with either a backpack or binder and books.

Each extra must sign a model release form. All roles are non-paying. If you would like to RSVP as an extra, please visit: and email your contact information to be put on the list. Please list which video you are available for in the subject line. Model release form, call times, and location information will be forwarded via email.

DISCLAIMER: These videos are fan films. We are not affiliated with Stephenie Meyer, her publishers, Summit Entertainment, or any of their affiliated companies.

[via Twilight Lexicon]

Twitter Whore - Lisa Nova

OMG Twitters DOWN WTF j slash k

Lisa Nova's Twitter Whore VideosSorry I find her absolutely HILARIOUS!!!!

And Part 2


@SoupAirCool introduced me to the wonderful world of Lisa Nova - starting with her Twilight Parody..... Here it is - You will love it... my favourite part is "This is what a monster looks like" (splash sparkles) BAHAHAHHAHAHAHA - Enjoy!

New Moon Filming in Italy

Reports came in that Rob left Cannes and now they are saying filming has begun in Italy.

But first- Lainey Gossip says:

I had my back turned to him the entire time more focused on my vodka martini than anything else. Needless to say, Laura certainly had the minute by minute view. Per your request, her description is below. If you don't care for Pattinson or Twilight in general, you may want to skip this

Here is her friend Laura's account:

I look up to see him walking in, in his fitted tux, no tie, a couple of buttons on his shirt undone, looking absolutely delicious. He’s walking like he’s on a runway, a far cry from his usual “please don’t look at me” gait with slumped shoulders and a ducked head. Methinks that every once in a while, Mr. Pattinson enjoys kicking the wardrobe up a notch - and I’m not complaining.

I should probably explain that I’m a fan. A very enthusiastic RPattz fan. While Lainey swears that outwardly I remained cool, I felt my heart rate triple at that moment. And suddenly I was wide awake. He took a seat at a table opposite us, giving me a close and unrestricted view of him and, to quote Lainey, sending my loins into quiveration mode.

So did I shamelessly ogle him for the next two hours? You bet your sweet ass I did!


Filming in Italy

After fake twitter Kstew and RPattz said they arrived in Italy, I knew it *MUST* be true ;) hahahahah sorry - I am so tired of the fakers and then everyone else DMing me to ask whose real and whose not - see my previous blog on twitter-ers mmmk?


My girl TwiCrackAddict posted today that the extras in Red Coats and Capes were seen on set - - - EXCITINGGGG!!!

She got an email with the following deets:Each one of them was clad in red. Hoods, robes, t-shirt, caps...everything was red! They couldn't really say anything because the producers have told them that if they were caught they would be expelled from the set and nobody wants to lose the chance to be in the movie

It's said that this afternoon there was a little commotion and they think Robert Pattinson was there, but nobody would say that plainly. There are no pictures of him at the airport because he went out through a side exit allowed to the airport staff only.

Today the Porsche crew finished working and, from what we understood, tomorrow Robert Pattinson himself will shoot some scene, maybe something related to Edward's desperation before the Volturi's verdict. It won't be Kristen Stewart to jump in the fountain but hers stunt double, an italian girl.

Right now, Alan Cappelli, the stunt double for Robert Pattinson is waiting in his car to be called to set. We don't know though what scene they'll shoot.


I mean It is sad they aren't here in Van, but knowing they are filming in Italy just means they are that much closer to wrapping and that much closer to editing and that much closer to releasing the film so I CAN SEE ITTTTT!!! AHHHHH!!!!


sorry - a TAD excited

And as if you didn't get enough of Cannes RPattz - - -


Also Summit's begun updating their website for New Moon - - Check it out Here!!!

Prison Break Series Finale - wtf?

I can't believe it's over, moreover, I can't believe it lasted so long....

I loved the show, but after they broke out of Fox River, I didn't know what more could be done, then the Panama "Sona" then the escape, then the company then Scylla... byt the end I have to admit I was getting tired of the constant running... I wanted the happy ending for everyone... well.. not T-Bag, but we will get to that ;)

did it really start in 2005? When I saw the grave stone at the end of the finale I was thinking - wtf?

But yes, it all supposedly happened right after another, despite it's several years on air.... so it makes sense.... or does it...

It said "4 years later"

Let's Break it down:

Season 1 - Burrows is put in prison for a crime he was framed for by "the company" for which Burrows and Schofield's parents were heavily involved, his brother gets put in jail only to break him out - they meet a bunch of characters and escape as the Fox River 8

Prison Break Pictures, Images and Photos

Season 2 - They are on the run. The Fox River 8 are trying to not get caught and eventually many get caught along with special agent Mahone and put into the Panama Prison which makes them wish they were back at Fox River for sure.

Season 3 - This season continues inside Sona while Burrows is out thanks to Kellerman exnerating him. Sona is nuts since a riot the year before and is run by the prisoners. We meet Gretchen who wants Whistler broken out of Sona and the kidnapping, threats and rush to get him out begins. Sara is beheaded (allegedly, we learn later she wasn't - of course) and it is game on for revenge.

Season 4 - We learn Whistler worked with Mahone trying to bring down "the company" Some of them get out, the others get out after Sona burns down. We meet homeland security op Don Self and we are all back in the USA. Scylla becomes the focus of the show - getting it - selling it - saving it - getting it back.... we learn the Company's stretch, we learn about Burrows and Schofield aren't true brothers, we learn Cristina, their mother is alive and dangerous. After much back and forth we also learn Sara is pregnant, Michael has to choose to save his brother and give his mother Scylla, or save Sara and his unborn child and give Scyalla to The Company. The brothers are framed for another murder and it is a crazy pinnacle of drama until the very end when some old friends come help and Kellerman returns to give them all freedom in return for Scylla which will go to the UN. After some uncertainty, they trust him and that is how it ends... minus T-Bag who they throw under the bus, with just-cause... and Krantz, the company leader who is given teh electric chair

Fast Forward 4 years...
everyone reunites, we see lil Michael Jr. in what is likely Mexico to remember Schofield who is shown by a gravestone....

So, if the show began in 2005 and the gravestone scene was shot 4 years later, why was his death 2005? did he die right after all of the excitment? did he see his son being born? seriously? what happened? I wanna know more!!!

I have to say the most under-appreciated character was Sucre.... he was just funny, sexy, awesome non?

It seems crazy that they fit so much into that 4th season, it was like, ok, we are going to end it but we need to have everything make sense and wrap up so- - what should we do?

I was sad it was over, sad he died, but glad to see everyone else doing well... overall a good series that perhaps went on a little too long....

Also, for fans or non-fans - who is hotter? Wentworth Miller or Cominic Purcell... I gotta tell you, they are both eye-candy, but while Wentworth is cute, Purcell has that rough, raw hottness non?

American Idol - Kris Allen Wins?!?

I haven't mentioned it til now but I really have mixed feelings about Adam Lambert not winning. I mean he was the OBVIOUS choice and I feel somehoe like something went - not wrong - but - wonky....

Adam Lambert will be a star with or without American Idol, and Kris Allen, well, maybe not as much.... so in Kris Allen WINNING, both Kris and Adam are set for life, (or for Kris.... at least the year)

I liked Kris from the start, he was cute and his voice is kind of John Mayery to me.... in a good way..... his wife and him seem so darn young, but they are cute and it works.

Adam.... is he or isn't he gay? well, it's fairly obvious, I mean not since Clay Aiken has American Idol been so convinced ;)

Interestingly enough - Clay AIken had some harsh words about AI and AL... he posted it in a blog that was later taken down but the screen cap can be seen, as well as the entire blogs text HERE AT GAKER.COM

Some highlights:

I couldn't be happier about the way AI ended this year. I only turn the show on once a season, and only to see what the set looks like each year. This year, I happened to turn it during the minute that Adam Lambert was singing "Ring of Fire" and, at that moment, thought my ears would bleed. Contrived, awful, and slightly frightening!

there was an obvious bias. Not even having watched the show, I can tell you that I was WELL aware of the bias from the judges as to who should win. In my opinion, that is awfully unattractive. I don't think I am alone

In my opinion, it all often comes down to that last night of voting. Until the finale, folks are voting for the contestant that they want to see continue. But, I believe that on that last night, the dynamic changes. No longer forced to choose one person that they want to see win, the audience can effectively vote AGAINST the person that they don't want to see win.

I think many voters got sick of being "told who to vote for". I think many were turned off by the blatant favoritism shown towards one contestant. Therefore, on that last night, they used their votes against a contestant that they were tired of hearing about and for the contestant who had been written off. And, at the same time, I think they voted AGAINST an American Idol that has, for four years now, been more about the slick productions and polished contestants than it has been about finding the raw talent that it did in its first three seasons.


Gawker added this:
That's some hardcore bitchiness right there! However, we can't help but wonder if it's derived from the fact that Idol producers recently did everything they could to crush Aiken's dream of doing a duet with Lambert. [*click here*]

Suntimes Entertainment Reports: That was just one reason for the backstage tension on the ''Idol'' set in Hollywood last week, when Aiken showed up unannounced but expecting the VIP treatment. ''I don't know why Clay felt that way,'' said a show staffer who has been on board since the reality talent show was launched. ''Everyone knows -- and certainly Clay knows -- he's persona non grata around here.''

OOoooh The Drama!!!

But back to Adam Lambert, and the is he or isn't he gay thing....

Check out these pics [*CLICK HERE*] - I am sorry - I LOVE LOVE Adam Lambert just a lil more everyday he looks fantastic in drag - despite what the website says.... and he is indeed kissing a boy, so.... you do the math ;)


I respect his America, sadly, sexuality DOES play a major role on being likable - at least for some people who don't know any better....

However, his sexuality is NOT imo, why he didn't win....

I think, and I am pretty certain, that his overwhelming talent will get him far no matter what and that is why he didn't win... if he won he'd be under contract with American Idol (or however the heck it works) and bynot winning he can go be, oh, I dunno, the lead singer for Queen...

Check out this article

Queen and Paul Rodgers are going separate ways, Adam Lambert just sang Queen's hit song on AI, then Queen comes to AI Finale and AL sings.... on The radio this morning there was an audio clip of AL being asked if he'd sing for Queen and AL replied that they'd "showed some interest" - - I guess we will see.

He will be busy and famous and rich and awesome for many years to come - of course with such greatness comes great responsibility - how will he handle the fame? Hopefully he won't drown in it and choose the rockstar dangerous paths that so many have....

I wish him luck and can't WAIT to see what the future holds for Adam Lambert.....

and Kris Allen.... I hope he has a great few records and him and his wifey make some adorable lil babies!

$40k in kisses - May 21, 2009

2 lucky ladies (at $20k each) will get a kiss from RPattz..... He looks so sweet, sexy and if I had the dough I'd defo have bid.... it's for a fantastic cause....Can I just add that erin suggested this weeks ago in Vancouver LOL

So Much Yumminess - May 20, 2009

I just can't get enough, I just can't get enough....

On Thursday, July 23, Summit Entertainment will hold a panel for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON at Comi-Con International in San Diego, California. Come see our stars and exclusive new footage for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON -- there may be even be a surprise or two in store!

Tickets to Comic-con are selling out fast, so we recommend you get your Thursday tickets soon so you can have access to our panel. Unfortunately, the 4-day passes are already sold out, but the Thursday single-day passes are available, albeit in a limited quantity. Tickets can be purchased on the official Comic-Con website.


How amazing would THAT BE?!?!?!


Ok - this one sounds freaking amazing - Twilight Fan Trip Vampire Baseball Excursion...
Highlights of the Vampire Baseball™ Adventure trip include:

  • Vampire Baseball Premium Package More details are available here
  • Vampire Baseball™ played by cast and crew of the Twilight movies
  • July 4th evening of Portland Beavers’ professional baseball and fireworks
  • Quileute Tribal Nation resort and themed activities
  • Private tours of Forks, LaPush, Hoh Rainforest, and Port Angeles, WA
  • Access to privately owned film locations
  • Exclusive discussions with film industry representatives
  • Private tours of Columbia River Gorge
  • Private tours of St Helens, Oregon and other film locations

    Sounds great - - till the PRICE PART!?!??!?!

    $1599 per person Quad Occupancy - Airfare not included
    $1699 per person Double Occupancy - Airfare not included


    Maybe I am just cheap but holy guacamole that is pricey!!!



    Rob's still working it at Cannes - as seen by the zillion of hottie pics everywhere online

    Also in Italy they are all set to film

    Oooh I wanna drive it!!!!