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Everything Eclipse

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-Full Sneak Peak of Eclipse from New Moon dvd.
-Eclipse Trailer in FULL.
-Eclipse Trailer Thoughts.
Spoilers - My look at the leaked script vs. the book vs. filming observations.

**Vancouver People & Visitors - Get tickets for our Eclipse Pre-Party Here!!.

Filming / Vancouver
**Please note the links under "FILMING" contain photos, videos, synopsis and may contain SPOILERS!!!

-Behind the Scenes Eclipse.
-Cast Dinner.
-Filming Starts.
-Day 1 Filming.
-Day 2 filming - Quileute History.
-Day 3 Filming Photos & Videos.
-Day 4 Filming - Evening Shoot under the bridge.
-Riley & Victoria Filming.
-Revisiting a set - Riley & Victoria.
-Filming Day 5.
-Newborns in Seattle.
-Revisiting a set - Newborns in Seattle.
-David Slade out on the town.
-End Of August - Weekly Filming Update.
-The Humans in Vancouver.
-First Eclipse Photo of Edward Cullen.
-Setting up Forks Highschool.
-Weekend Break Down - End of August.
-Rosalie Back Story.
-Graduation Filming
-Closer Photos.
-Studio & Florida Sets.
-Labour Day Weekend.
-Exterior Forks Highschool.
-Tent Scene.
-Fan Girl - I met Stephenie Meyer.
-Fight Training Filming.
-Photos from Set this week - Newborns Emerge from water. Also Details Here.
-Overnight shoots.
-Gil Birmingham arrives in Vancouver.
-The Clearwater's arrive in Vancouver.
-September 19, 2009 - Rob Arrives on Set.
-Clearing Out Jacob Black's Garage.
-Filming at Police Station.
-More Forks Police Station.
-Wolf-Pack on the prowl in Vancouver.
-Mini-Cast Party - Night I met tons of Eclipse Cast!
-Cast Party
- Half Way through filming.
-Fans Flock to Vancouver.
-Last week of September.
-Weekend Filming.
-End of September / Early October - Weekly Set Report.
-Rob & Kristen out for dinner.
-Weekly Set Report Overview - October 5-9, 2009.
-Monday October 5, 2009 Set Report.
-Tuesday October 6 Set Report - New Borns.
-October 7, 2009 - Bella's House Changes.
-A closer look at Thursday October 8, 2009 set - Blood Alley.
-October 10, 2009 Set Wraps.
-Nikki Reed shooting Rosalie Back Story.
-Monday October 12 - 14 Set Report.
-Bloody Xavier Samuel.
-Monday October 19, 2009 Set Report.
-Kellan & Peter Return to Vancouver for filming.
-Wednesday October 21, 2009 Set Report.
-Anna Kendrick in town to shoot final scenes.
-Good Bye Bella's House.
-Last Week of filming.
-Eclipse Wrap-Party Invitation.
-Eclipse Wrap Party at the Vancouver Aquarium.
-Ashley Greene & Taylor Lautner leave Vancouver.
-Anna Kendrick & Christian Serratos leave Vancouver.
-Eclipse Wraps, Rob & Kristen leave Vancouver.

Re-Shoots / Pick-Up Shots

Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart returned to Vancouver for three days of reshoots/pickup shots for Eclipse.

There was a lot of gossip surrounding the reshoots but overall it was just 3 days of filming to improve our movie.


-Cameron Bright Interview - March 2010.
-Wyck Godfrey Interview.
-Hillywood & Clevver TV look at Trailer.
-Kristen's response to Eclipse Trailer.
-Kellan talks Eclipse Action.
-Kristen talks about Bella loving Jacob in Eclipse.
-Julia Jones - Boston Globe.
-Peter Facinelli emotional about Eclipse.
-Kristen Prout discusses audition for Eclipse.
-Bryce Dallas Howard discusses replacing Rachelle LeFevre.
-Ashley Greene reveals Eclipse secrets.
-Jamie Campbell Bower interview with EW.
-Melissa Rosenberg Interview with Fearnet.
-Ashley Greene and MTV.

June Press

**Will Update throughout the month**

-International Promotion.

-More interviews
-Foreign Press Junket.


Oprah did an Eclipse Special where lucky audience members got to attend an Eclipse Screening, see Rob, Taylor, Kristen & Dakota on the show and get Bella's Ring!!!!

-Dakota on Oprah
-Oprah with the Holy Trinity.


Some Videos will be found in Interview Section.

-Different Seattle Shot in trailer.
-Rosalie & Bella TV SPOT.
-He Moves, You Move, TV SPOT.
-Jacob and Edward Argue over Bella.
-It's Starting - TV SPOT.

Premiere Information
The Premiere will take place in LA and those who purchased LAFF tickets will have an opportunity to see the movie first.

-Eclipse Premiere Information.

News / Promotion

-Promotional Stills.
-Eclipse Movie Companion.
-New Eclipse Book Covers.
-The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.
-Movie Companion & SOundtrack Release Dates.
-New Editor for Eclipse!
-David Slade Tweets Eclipse News - February, and in January, and December.
-Extra's Sneak Peak.
-International Release.
-Synopsis released.
-Nikki Reed on Ellen.
-More Casting Listed.


-Deluxe Edition - Soundtrack.
-Muse's Neutron Star Collision is first single on soundtrack.
-Complete Song List for Eclipse Soundtrack Here.
-Listening Parties.
-Vampire Weekend.


-Promotional Stills of Cast.
-Volturi Still.
-Edward & Bella.
-Bree Stills.
-Bella & Edward in bed Still.
-A closer look at Eclipse Stills.
-New Stills - March 2010
-TV SPOT Screencaps.
-Eclipse Shots.
-Volturi Edward?.
-Trailer Screencaps.
-Why some fan sites don't post leaked stills.
-Leaked Eclipse Stills.
-February - Stills.
-First Eclipse Still.
-First Eclipse Still not enough..
-Eclipse Title Photo.
-Eclipse Casting News - Summer 2009.

Merchandise & Shopping
Please feel free to purchase through Amazon using links on my page. Sales give me credits so I can purchase items also :)

-Nordstroms Merchandise.
-Eclipse Board Game.
-Trading Cards.
-More Eclipse trading Cards.
-Puzzle Ball.
-Eclipse Cereal Boxes?!
-Popcorn, Soda and theatre Eclipse Themes.
-Eclipse Mastercards - to buy all your new merchandise with ha ha!


-Evolution of the TWILIGHT Posters.
-Spoof Trailer.
-Boys of Eclipse Photoshoot - Behind the Scenes Video.
-Giant posters hit theatres.
-Set Photos or Set Replica Contest Photos
-Jack Huston InStyle Magazine.
-Director's Cut Rumours.
-Eclipse Composer also composes Olympic Theme Song.
-Rumoured "screening".
-Twilight Lexicon weighs in on alleged "screening".
-Eclipse Ending Rumours.
-IMAX Rumours.
-IMAX Poster (those rumours were true!! Lucky us!)
-5 facts for Eclipse Movie.
-Leah Clearwater Tattoo Error.
-There will be blood news article.
-Peter Murphy Cameo in Eclipse.
-The Month of June.
-David Slade Tweets Eclipse Photos.

Eclipse Posters

-NewBorns Poster.
-IMAX Poster
-Bella Poster.
-Cullen Poster.
-Wolf-Pack Poster.
-Jacob Poster - Unofficial?

Can't wait for June 20, 2010!!!!!!!

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Anna Kendrick Photos from Japan

Anna Kendrick in Japan... I am not a fan of yellow but she always looks cute!


Peter Facinelli at New Moon DVD Release Party in NYC

Peter was actually a clerk ringing in the sales ha

March 20, 2010: Peter Facinelli hosts the Midnight DVD release of the 'Twilight Saga: New Moon' at the Best Buy store located in the Union Square area of New York City.


Eclipse Trailer Spoof - Bella's Love Interest

New Moon DVD - Extended Scenes

Remember Me makes Summit's Top 10

and also does well in the boxoffice...

Give it time... it will rise I believe...

New Moon DVD Extra's - Screen Caps

The best of all Screencapers RPL posted a ton tonight.

Here are some from the New Moon DVD Extras....

Rob's Birthday on set


Want More?

You addict!

More at source.

New Moon Cast Shout out to Fans at Midnight Release Parties

Twilight Saga New Moon DVD - Eclipse Preview

Isn't this Twilight Saga New Moon DVD - Eclipse Preview supposed to be 7 minutes or something???

Friday, March 19, 2010

Peter Facinelli on Lopez

New Moon Viewing Party Tips

Twifans who will be at one of the many 'New Moon' DVD midnight launch parties tonight will no doubt spend the weekend neglecting their partners, their children, their school work and their general state of being. Instead of enjoying the outdoors or visiting their grandmothers, they'll be glued to the flat screen, watching the trials and tribulations of Edward, Bella and Jacob. And, of course, hosting a fangtabulous 'New Moon' viewing party.

Here are 5 ideas for your shindig:

1. Everyone must be dressed appropriately, of course. Have all your guests arrive as their favorite 'New Moon' character. If you have guys coming, and they have hot abs, encourage them to come as the Wolf Pack. If they don't have hot abs, encourage them to come as the Volturi (many layers of clothing).

2. Create some interesting photo-ops for you and your guests. Pick up Bella's bedding set at the same place Charlie did: Target. "You like purple, right?" Then bring your Jacob and Edward cardboard cutouts out from their special hiding place, and take turns posing with them on the purple bed. No one will think this is weird. Really.

3. Make sure you have food fit for a Twi-Hard. Pick up some red wine from Montepulciano (the real Italian town where 'New Moon's' Volterra scenes were filmed), and make some giant muffins -- like the ones Emily made for Embry and Jared. For dessert, nothing beats some 'New Moon' chocolate.

4. Gotta have party games. You can make up your own trivia game (just Google 'new moon trivia' and you'll have plenty of trivia lists), or pick up the 'New Moon' Board Game. Make sure you've got some good 'New Moon' booty to give the winners!

5. Have everyone bring their 'New Moon' figurines and re-enact some of the scenes from the movie. You may have to borrow some Barbie dolls for the characters who weren't lucky enough to get a figurine. Isn't this more fun than playing by yourself?

Mandy's Mind - Too funny... I think I wanna have a Girls PJ Party with New Moon DVD and New Moon Games... Wonder if my hub will lemme?!?! heheheh

[Moviefone via Twilightish]

Tyler's Wallet and ID from Remember Me

Very cool - these are the kinds of props they shoudl autction for charity non?


Twilight Cast Screen Cap

A new cast screen cap - perhaps from the dvd? Not sure but I've never seen it before.... Cool!


Inside New Moon DVD

Fearnet posted this:

The Twilight Saga: New Moon comes to DVD and Blu-ray this weekend, which means you're this close to hitting replay on those shirtless Jacob scenes and Edward's Volturi showdown until your DVD player wears out. And though midnight shoppers and discerning Twi-hards have plenty of retailer exclusive special editions to choose from (we recommend the Wal-mart exclusive for a sneak peek at Eclipse and the Target version for deleted scenes), I've highlighted the ten juiciest tidbits you'll get on the two-disc Special Edition DVD and single-disc Blu-ray. Check them out after the jump.

[Note: Both the 2-disc Special Edition DVD or the single-disc Blu-ray contain the following special features: an audio commentary with director Chris Weitz and editor Peter Lambert; a six-part documentary with plenty of behind-the-scenes looks and cast & crew interviews; music videos from soundtrack artists Anya Marina, Mutemath, and more; and rehearsal footage with Stephenie Meyer favorites Muse.]

1. Rob on Robmania

In part one of the extensive six-part documentary (titled "Life After Twilight"), New Moon's cast talk about the craziness that ensued after the first film debuted and how the fervent fandom changed their lives. Between shots from the Twilight premiere and the infamously raucous Comic-Con panel, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Justin Chon, and more of their co-stars reminisce from the New Moon set on how Twilight changed everything. Best of all, Rob addresses his fans, who have come to worship Edward Cullen so much that they now, as he says, "defend my honor in reality."

2. The cast roasts Chris Weitz

Part 2 of the documentary focuses on New Moon director Chris Weitz, which is really just an opportunity for his actors to gently tease him about everything from his hairiness to the distinguished way he carries himself on set. We get plenty of behind-the-scenes peeks at Weitz's directing style, and it's clear that he's endeared himself to his cast: Lautner calls him a "goofball," Jamie Campbell-Bower accuses Weitz of secretly wanting to be British, and Michael Sheen describes his unshaven-yet-elegant look as "a cross between a wolf and a vampire."

3. Bella runs full-speed into Edward's arms

The doc offers a wealth of footage of nearly every set and big scene in New Moon, but our favorite is the behind-the-scenes footage of Bella's run through the Volterra square that bookends the film. In the movie we only see it in slow-motion, but here you can see what it looks like at full speed: Kristen Stewart pushes her way frantically through the crowd, speeds through the fountain, and nearly knocks Robert Pattinson over as she jumps breathlessly into his open arms.

4. Jacob's parkour scene, sans special effects

Taylor Lautner may have been wired for safety when he leapt and twisted his way into Bella's second story window, but Weitz says it was all Taylor doing the stunt. We get to see Lautner perform the trick in one fluid, impressive motion. (Another fun fact from New Moon's costume designer: Lautner's t-shirts were all taken in and made smaller to show off his muscles.) Elsewhere there's a great look at the fight choreography and filming of Edward's fight with Felix that shows Pattinson and Daniel Cudmore going at it with wires and break-away props.

5. KStew celebrates her birthday on-set

I'm not so fanatical as to remember Kristen Stewart's birthday (okay, it's April 9) but the cast and crew didn't forget during production on New Moon - and a camera was there to capture the celebration. Watch as Stewart is surprised in the Forks High School parking lot by a birthday cake celebration while filming Bella's birthday morning scene with Pattinson and New Moon's human teens. (Later, Pattinson gets a birthday celebration of his own while filming in the Volturi chamber.)

6. See the "break-up scene" play out in alternate takes

Ah, the break-up scene. It's the source of Bella's heartbreak and one of the most emotional scenes to watch ? and hilariously, the actors had to battle swarms of mosquitoes to deliver just the right dramatic pitch while filming in a thicket of trees. Later, we get to watch the scene through playback monitors as Pattinson tries out different tones and line deliveries, breaking up with Bella over and over again in various ways.

7. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson ad-lib "I love you"

I dare you to hear this story and not squee deep down inside: in the scene before Edward dumps Bella, she tells him she loves him, a line Weitz explains came from the actors themselves. His take is that it gives the scene to come more emotional weight because it's a sad sort of "I love you," which makes their break-up all the more tragic.

8. Vampire sparkling explained!

We can all agree that Edward's sparkling skin in New Moon was a giant leap forward from the effects in Twilight, and here we learn the thinking behind his new look; think sparkling marble instead of diamonds, which is what Weitz and his effects team came up with. To achieve the look, Pattinson's face and body were scanned to create a full-body 3D model (to answer your next question, the feature sadly doesn't show said body scan).

9. Chris Weitz and Peter Lambert's commentary track

Unfortunately, none of the cast are included in the audio commentary; instead, director Weitz is joined remotely by editor Peter Lambert for a lively, if mostly technical, discussion of New Moon's production. Weitz seems aware that viewers may not be familiar with filmmaking terms, and takes time to explain things like framing or camera tricks for the uninitiated. The pair also explains certain elements that eagle-eyed fans may have noticed, such as why Edward's car is black and not silver (it's on purpose!) and how his framing of the early parking lot scenes with Bella, Edward and Jacob foreshadow the character dynamics to come. Basically, the commentary covers all the little details you ever wanted to ask Weitz, including where the idea for Face Punch came from, although many of his comments are repeated in the six-part documentary.

10. Somewhere in the world there's a 3-hour cut of New Moon!

Okay, that somewhere is most likely only on editor Peter Lambert's computer. But fans can dream, can't they? Lambert and Weitz discuss how their first cut ran an uber-long three hours before they whittled it down to cut out the "breathy beats." (Come on, we love the breathy beats!) Weitz and Lambert reveal that there were originally more funny lines from actress Anna Kendrick, a "karate death chop" pose by Michael Sheen's Aro, and a dream sequence with Edward and a live wolf.


Everything New Moon DVD

Today is the day - Midnight Release of Twilight Saga New Moon!!!
One spot for everything you need in preparation for the New Moon DVD Release.

#1 - First - Which DVD to buy?

This lays out each option, inclusions, perks, extras, and cost.
** Canadian Comparison**
#2 - Next, Where to go for midnight party?

There are a ton of Release Parties check this link for  Cast Appearances near you.
#3 - Lastly, Where to see dvd extras NOW?

Here are some of the extra's, as more become available I will update this list so you don't have to wait. Also, if you get one version and want to see extra's from another dvd version, check back here as I hope to update it all in one place.

- 3 Clips from New Moon DVD
Bella's bedroom, Stunts with Jacob Black & First Day Filming.

TV Spots

More Cool Stuff

Now that you have your DVD:

Here are some NEW MOON PARTY viewing tips

Bookmark and visit again soon!

Kellan Surprises Ellen Audience

New Moon Dvd - Deleted Scene - Victoria

New Moon DVD Eve - Where is Taylor going?

Hotness - Loving the shades...

See more At TwiFans.

Breaking Dawn starts in November according to Kristen Stewart

Breaking Dawn starts in November according to Kristen Stewart in this red carpet interview from this week.

More SXSW Pics of Dakota and Kristen on the red carpet

More sexy pics of Dakota & Kristen at SXSW Party for The Runaways.

[Via Twilightish]

New Moon Dvd - Deleted Scene - Bella & Charlie Talk

New Moon DvD Parties will be happening

I find Kaleb extremely annoying and condescending... but entertaining from time to time... LoL

Anyways - Here's his "I have a New Moon dvd" video ....

Canadian New Moon DVD Options

If you read my blog you likely know how I am a proud Canadian but often disappointed that USA gets everything and Canada... [at least our men's hockey team took gold eh?]

I compiled a Everything you need to know for New Moon DVD Shopping Guide, but noticed Canadian outlets were mostly neglected on other fansites.

So I decided to do some research....

Anyways, I took the time to call a number of Canadian distributors/stores and find out which special edition dvds they were offering.... Sadly, many of them were pretty cluel;ess to the fact that there were a number of different versions and only wanted to tell me abut the "Free stuff"... free stuff is cool but the actual dvd contents was what I was searching for....

Here is what I found out:

HMV - 2 disc edition - Standard Special Edition Bonus Features. If you pre-ordered you also get a film cell.

Zellers - 2 disc edition - Standard Special Edition Bonus Features Plus trading cards

Best Buy - Waiting for call-back on specific dvd extras (he is crawling thru boxes for me ha ha) but they have the Metal tin (limited) and special gifts for first 250 customers at midnight release (*not all locations call your local store to check) My store, for example has rings or hats, pocket edward etc.

Future Shop - Waiting for a call - back. Assuming standard.

Walmart - 2 disc with poster. If I call back around 9pm tonight they can answer my questions about if they have the Eclipse Preview like their USA counter-parts. The advertissement art is the same as USA so I am hoping it will have the same bonus footage previewing Eclipse

Blockbuster - Standar Edition... though for $9.99 you can also purchase "Life in Forks Documentary" *sigh*

As I suspected, Canadians are pretty much getting "whatever" version at "whatever" location.... Though most stores have "perks" and "add-on's" if you aren't as interested in the "tangibles" (key chains, hats, rings etc) then you can pretty much buy from anywhere and get the Standard Edition and be thankful that all the "exclusive extras" (Eclipse Preview, Deleted Scenes etc) will be online.

It was funny to have store staff say dumbfounded "there's more than one version?" and "let me call you back after i ripped through some of these boxes to grab a copy of the dvd"

Looks like I am going to Seattle soon to get what I need!

Nikki Reed & Christian Serratos at Yotam Solomon Fall-Winter Collection

Nikki Reed and Christian Serratos attended the Yotam Solomon Fall-Winter Collection presentation Thursday, March 18th in Los Angeles, California.


More pics of PFach at Rx Games in NYC

More Here.