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Stephenie Meyer talks about Victoria Casting

When something changes or gets added to our movies it really upsets us. Bryce taking the role of Victoria sent a serious fear for continuity through the Twilight fandom. It has all worked out in the end for most and we couldn't of asked for a more gracious actress to replace Rachelle Lefevre. Bryce is a fan of the saga and did her best to carry on Rachelle's legacy in a way that would make fans proud. What did Stephenie think of Bryce's performance and was, Bryce Dallas Howard, Stephenie's first choice for the role of Victoria? Stephenie Meyer tells us what she thinks of Bryce Dallas Howard's performance by twifans

What do you think?

Persomnally I had been upset about Rachelle recasting but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bryce - she is amazing.... and Rachelle, well, she is Canadian and was good - but, I really love Bryce!


Stephenie Meyer talks about Jasper's Wig, Eclipse Back Stories and More...


Here is more from

The background stories for the Cullens and the wolfpack help give insightful looks into why these characters are the way they are. They were are favorite parts of Eclipse and we wished they were longer. Damn you 2 hour movie! Stephenie wishes these parts in the Eclipse movie were longer also and says "maybe on the DVD extras!" But out of the 3 flashbacks; which is her fav?

AND p.s. Stephenie loves Jasper's hair Eclipse...listen for yourself: (TST asks) which flashback in Eclipse is Stephenie Meyer's favorite by twifans


Q: Okay, I have a question. It’s a little movie-related. We haven’t seen it yet, but in Eclipse we get a lot of background for Rosalie, Jasper, the Quileutes, which I love, love, love. It’s my favorite part of
reading those books. And getting to know the characters. So, which of the
backgrounds are you most excited, or have you been most excited to see played
out on film?

SM: I’ve known Jasper’s is really exciting. Having read them--When I was writing them. I really liked the Quileutes better.

Q: I love the Quileutes, so for me, I was so excited to see the third wife and all of that, but because of reading Bree, I am now so excited about seeing Jackson’s background (Jackson Rathbone, aka Jasper).

SM: And they’re short in the movie because they have to be. That’s always the heartbreak of them, it’s like—“ah!” The scene after the Biology—It’s so hard to get things--and it kills you. You want to see Robert
and Kristen do that.

Q: You want it to be 5 hours long!

SM: Yeah! And so it’s hard to have a story—Now, I think that Nikki Reed will surprise you in her section. She does so good.

Alison: I’m really excited about that.

Male: Oh, it’s so great!

Q: Oh, I wish it was longer, I wanted to see her where they--

Q: We wanted to see her rip up Royce.

SM: I know, didn’t you kinda want to—but she looked amazing. The period piece was really fun. They did have to shorten that down. And there were some things that I-- Again…hope for the DVD extras, right? But Jackson as
a human…..was…..awesome. And I know the issue is his hair, right? Ok…I hear
you. I love his hair in this one. When he’s human and that hair that he has in
the practice fight stuff? He had a Mohawk for a bit because he just did Airbender.
I always pictured Jasper with a little bit longer hair.

Q: Yeah, like Twilight.

SM: I like it when it’s messy. When they kind of smooth it, then it ruins it for me, but I like this one better than I’d liked him with the longer hair. We were really excited. The first time we saw the wig pictures, we
were like “ohh, we like that.” It’s different, right? But that happens because they’re
all people and, ya know, they’re getting older and… Vampires don’t do that.


Stephenie Meyer talks about down time on set with Twilight Fansites


We have heard from most of the Twilight actors that time in between takes is not their favorite. Stephenie was on hand for many days of filming found some fun ways to entertain herself.

Re-enacting scenes with Producer friend Wyck Godfrey sounds like a blast...I can't even image what is on Stephenie's cell phone in the video section!

Gina the hairdresser" taught Kristen Stewart and Meghan (Stephenie's assistant/BFF) to knit. Stephenie is getting a custom line of scarves made from Meghan! Remember all those pap shots of Kristen knitting and all of us wondering how that fit into Eclipse? Well now we know but don't take our word for it!!! Listen for yourselves: Stephenie Meyer talks about what she does in between takes, Kristen & indoor sets by twifans


Q: Do you see the dailies? Like, on that, did you see the dailies with the original shoot?

SM: Yeah, I came up. When I came up the next time I was up there, I always go through all the dailies & everything that I missed while I was gone, and then it's too late because re-shoots are hideously expensive
and problematical because Rob's doing a movie somewhere else, and Kristen's
doing a movie, and their schedules, it’s really—. We had to do the re-shoots
really close to the release date because Rob was doing Bel Ami, and so it's
difficult to do re-shoots, so you want to get it in the day. And that's when
you have things like Rob not having the time off. You can't really do much
about it.

SM: Also they had dismantled Bella’s house at that point...and that scene that takes place in front of the house, it no longer was there…and that's a problem.

Alison/Twifans: We'd like it there just so a lot of people could visit it all the time. Why they'd take it down?

SM: They took it down so it wouldn't get vandalized in between shoots. They have it all stored away like a puzzle that they can put back together; same with the Cullen house.

TST: And you have to, like, get all these inspections done, ‘cause if you leave a house there, don't you? There's all these technical things that go on.

TS: Well yeah, they can't keep it up if it's not a fully functional house.

??: They wouldn’t get vandalized [the voice goes too high to be able to translate!]

??: People – Remember the L.A., uh…

??: It was horrible!

TF: It was like going to Disneyland.


??: That’s crazy.

??: That’s funny.

??: I want to steal the entire car.

??: Yeah, do it right!

SM: The Cullen house they built all indoors, which was really cool. To walk into that sound stage with the gravel driveway & the forest & the house, & to walk through the whole house,
and it was all just this set. It was really an amazing construction. Bill
Bannerman does that. He's a really fun guy; we were, like, "Bill…well done,
can I have one? Can you build this for me?"

??: And it’s all built, like, an actual driveway, and the path--

SM: Yeah, and the quality-- I think I'm gonna step gingerly, like, maybe this is paper, right?


SM: (as if speaking for Bannerman) Yeah, you can help with this ‘cause you [??] down this driveway.

Meghan: Night shoots

SM: We re-enacted some scenes. You know Wyck the producer? He & Meghan did the tree climb. I was the digital camera man with the cell phone. Good times. *laughter* There is so much time in between takes &
especially when they're resetting. You spend a lot of time sitting there. Most
of the people on the set picked up knitting, including her (Meghan, SM's

Meghan: Kristen taught me how to pearl.

SM: Gina the hair lady taught everybody to knit, she taught Kristen to knit. And they all sit around knitting. It’s really cute.

Alison: Everybody wanted to know what those—what Kristen was doing knitting, and I’m, like, "What is she knitting? Is that in the movie?" when those pictures came out.

SM: It's very calming, right? You can sit there & you can think while your hands work. It's a very popular thing. She (Meghan) makes really good scarves now. She learned it on Eclipse.



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TGIF - I need a weekend NOW

I am so glad to be working but let me tell you - this weekend will be MUCH appreciated!

It's been a REALLY long week and this weekend I plan to relax, go to the drive-in for Last Airbender, Inception (again) and JOnah Hex (maybe - three movies is a late night)

I have posted quite a bit this week on lunch breaks or late at night (though I schedule the posts throughout the day not all at once)

Scroll back to make sure you didn't miss anything.... and enjoy this weekend - I will have plenty up for you Monday morning ;)

Roughed up Rob

Here are MORE photos of Robert Pattinson "roughed up" and bruised for filming Water for Elephants.

See more at RP Life.

Charlie Bewley learns Hillywood Dance at Boston Twilight Convention


More Casting News for Water for Elephants in Tennessee end of July

Water For Elephants will be filming in Chattanooga, Tennessee for 4 days from July 30th-August 2nd.

The casting notice from Christian Filmakers:

Feature Film

Casting Director: Sande Alessi Casting-Kristan Berona
Shoot/Start Date: July 30th through August 2nd, 2010
Location: Chattanooga, TN

age 25-50. In good shape, willing to get a haircut (short on the sides). MUST either live in or close to Chattanooga.

Caucasian girls, age 9-11 years old. Caucasian boys age 7-15 years old. Must be willing to get a haircut. MUST either live in or close to Chattanooga.


Taylor Lautner talks about rivalry on set and kissing Kristen

Stephenie Meyer says NO to Rated R Breaking Dawn

JSYK posted this article on the Rated R Rumours for Breaking Dawn:

Stephenie Meyer is stepping forward in the midst of the Breaking Dawn should-it-or-should-it-not be rated R debate. And guess what she's saying? She'll be there every day to make sure the movie accurately reflects her vision as the movie's latest producer.

"It's really a lot about the room," the Twilight author confides. "And it's going to be a lot of upheaval in my life, but I felt like it was important. And then also, it's the last one. So I kinda feel like, I'm going to commit to this for this year, I'll get it done, and then I won't do that again."

The suits at Summit still claim they can do the book justice without creating an R-rated movie. Producer Wyck Godfrey reveals, "I'm unwavering in my belief that these will be PG-13 movies. And really, I say that not because I know what we're shooting but because I feel that they should be. I feel like the audience of the books and the movies, many of them are under 18...I can't make an R-rated conclusion to the franchise."

Not to mention that Stephenie's Mormon faith counsels against watching R-rated movies. So she'll probably want to keep it PG-13 anyway.

The Team Edward vs. Team Jacob battle may continue on, but it's looking like Team PG-13 has it in the bag

Please Read my Post on this RATED R issue here.

Loosies starring Peter Facinelli filming

Director Michael Corrente is sitting on a director’s chair in a hallway of the old Cranston police station watching a widescreen TV monitor where Peter Facinelli is playing an emotion-charged scene in the movie “Loosies.”

Facinelli, co-star of the highly successful “Twilight” movies and Showtime TV’s “Nurse Jackie,” is in his undershirt at a kitchen table which is part of a movie-set kitchen that’s on the other side of the partition directly behind Corrente.

The set, which is supposed to be in a New York City apartment, is so tiny there’s room to fit only the actors, cinematographer and sound man. But Corrente, who is directing his first film since “Brooklyn Rules” in 2007, says it doesn’t matter that he’s not up front with the actors. With the new digital technology, which allows the camera to hone in blazingly close on Facinelli’s eyelashes, he can direct the movie via TV monitor, with only occasional forays onto the actual set where Facinelli’s character is having a tense moment with his mother, played by Marianne Leone of “The Sopranos.”

Read More Here

Scott Pilgram vs The World Clip - featuring Anna Kendrick

Kellan Lutz talks about paparazzi

Kiowa Gordon owes his entire career to Twilight - duh

Desert News writes:
Kiowa Gordon says the "Twilight" phenomenon has been "very good" to him.

In fact, according to the 20-year-old actor, "I owe my entire career, at least to this point, to 'Twilight,' and I'm very grateful for that."

In the movies, which are based on author Stephenie Meyer's best-selling fantasy romance novels, Gordon plays Embry Call, one of the friends, or "wingmen," of Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner).

Gordon, a newcomer at the time, got the much-coveted part due in part to a lucky break. He is a member of Meyer's LDS Church ward in Arizona, and "when she told me they were casting for the movie, I jumped at the opportunity."

And he said he has enjoyed the chance to play a "strong" Native American character in the film. Gordon is a member of Arizona's Hualapai tribe, which is probably best known for maintaining and operating the Grand Canyon's "Skywalk."

"I love being able to honor my roots and my heritage, especially in movies that are so hugely popular," he said by telephone from Los Angeles.

Gordon said his mother and manager, Camille Nighthorse, has been responsible for his cultural upbringing.

And that will certainly be on Gordon's mind when he appears in Utah this weekend. He is one of the celebrity participants in the Native American Celebration Golf Tournament in Lehi July 23. And on July 24, Pioneer Day, he's appearing at the 16th annual Intertribal Competition Powwow in Liberty Park.

Gordon will be signing autographs in the afternoon and will be joined by other Native American entertainers, including his mother and actor/stuntman Patrick Shining Elk.

Gordon said he is "looking forward to enjoying the traditional music and entertainment."

In fact, he said he is a fan of many different music styles. He describes his band, Touche, as "progressive metal."

He and Touche got to perform at the red-carpet premiere of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" earlier this year.

"It was fun to play our music in front of that many people," he recalled, adding that "my co-stars were even dancing on stage while we played."

Mandy's Mind - DUH!

Robert Pattinson bruised up (on set of Water for Elephants)

Ouchies - I love seeing Rob all beat up and roughed up - because of make-up ONLY of course....


Evolution of Kristen Stewart

[Source: KristenStewart Skyrock Blog Via: TwiFans.Com]

Ashley Greene out and about again

I always say this girl is the most photographed doing nothing LoL - here she is after the gym and then shopping....

Random - I swear she has her own personal paparazzi 24-7... to capture those important moments like pumping gas, walking her dog, shopping... LoL

[Via TwiFans.Com]

Jackson talks about the "Cullen Family Band" Jam Sessions

Kellan leaves the gym

Feels like an Ashley - random nothingness captured on paparazzi film...

Leno Performance - Metric - Eclipse (all yours) Soundtrack

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Water for Elephants moves filming to TN to stand in as NY?

Local casting in TN is for Kids and Roustabouts. #WFE will film some scenes in an undisclosed location in TN which will most likely stand in for 'Upstate NY'. That's all the info I have at the moment... I do not know if Rob will be filming in TN, but it's highly likely that he will, considering the probable scenes that will be filmed there.

Filming is apparently scheduled from July 30th to August 2nd.

Thanks Carmen for the tip - Hope you make it to set girl!!!!

[Via @WFEfilm]

Welcome to the Riley's Official Website up via Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures' Official Website for 'Welcome to the Rileys' is now live!
Not much content up yet, but you can register for email updates.

[Via Twilightish]

Taylor Lautner Greets fans on Abduction Set

Taylor Lautner greets fans who waited on the set of Abduction for a chance to meet him - whatta sweetheart!

Reminds me of the time he came out at the end of Eclipse filming... and I went from major crush on TL to - "OMG he REALLY is young" ha ha it was awesome though because I realized he's a sweet boy and I am not a cougar and moved onto older men - like Xavier ha ha ;)

Robert Pattinson runs like a superstar

Robert Pattinson has revealed he had to train to run like a true action hero for new Twilight movie Eclipse.

The 24-year-old Hollywood heartthrob confessed to Reveal magazine his run in the first two Twilight films as brooding vampire Edward Cullen had been a bit weak, so he hit the treadmill.

Robert laughed: "I had to learn how to run properly. In the last two films, I ran in a limp/skip. I had to run more solidly this time so I spent a lot of time on a giant treadmill. It was like one of those things that mice run around in."

Robert also had to brush up on his fighting skills for a scene with new co-star Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays villain Victoria.

The actor admits he used a body double for the most dramatic parts, but movie bosses were still impressed with his action moves.

Robert revealed: "Weirdly, one of the producers told me: 'Wow, you look so enthusiastic in that fight scene. Much more than in any other one in the series'. It's always hard to do stuff with Bryce because she's the gentlest person and is always laughing. And she's afraid of hurting me!"


Twilight Vampires don't have fangs...

The Runaways Scout Compton tweets personal group photo

Source: @PoutyScouty

Cougar's want Booboo Stewart

Twilight star BooBoo Stewart has revealed that he was once propositioned by a 'Cougar' - an older woman who has a penchant for toyboys.

The actor, 16, was left feeling uncomfortable by the fan request.

‘She was about 40 and she turned to me and asked if I wanted to make out!' BooBoo reveals.

‘I said: "Um, I'm sorry..."'

BooBoo plays werewolf Seth Clearwater in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

how creepy is that? leave your comments below


Mandy's Mind - OK - this is gross - he is a child - yucky.... there is no excuse for that.... *barf*

Side note however, Um, maybe this 16 year old should dress like he is 16 and not pose half naked? I am not saying it is OK or a 40 year old to hit on a 16 year old - it's gross - but besides looking like he is 12 he flashes his abs like he is 25 - it's disgusting he even shows it off in my opinion! I don't want the 12 year olds who DO cursh on him to start thinking those abs are what is cute - because those abs are what ADULT MEN usually have and we do not need 12 year old girls crushing on ADULT men just like we don't need 40 year old women hittingon 16 year old BOYS!!!!!!

Seriously people!

Sorry - maybe I am being unfair since I was all "ooh Taylor Lautner" but this disturbs me! Maybe it's the name "booboo" that makes me think he is 12 but how old was he when he did the half naked photoshoot? I dunno - he's an ADORABLE kid but I think his parents should cover him up a bit..... just me?

I wrote about this before here.

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Happy Tuesday


Just a little hello from me. I have been trying to keep the blog updated as much as possible and adding more of my interests particularily Reality TV Show and Movie updates since Twilight News has been slow.

Please scroll down to make sure you are all caught up.

A few recent posts I am really seeking comments and opinions on from other fans...

-Breaking Dawn can still be Sexy with a PG-13 Rating.

-Breaking Dawn 3D.

-Breaking Dawn filming locations.

-Eclipse IMAX Thoughts .

Feel free to read and comment if you haven't already!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!

****Scroll Down for Today's Updates******

100 Monkey's on Tour with new cd 'Alive and Kickin Part 1'

100 Monkeys announced the release of the first disc of a two-disc live CD titled "Live and Kickin' Part 1." The songs on the CD were recorded during the first-half of the band’s fan-picked 100 city tour. The band also announced the next leg of their 2010 tour which will take them through the far-western States and into BC, Canada, and back. “Live and Kickin’ Part 1” will be available July 19th, 2010, on all major download sources. Physical albums will be available on July 21st, 2010, at select record stores and on the band’s website at the Official 100 Monkeys Merchandise page.

The newly announced summer tour, which kicks off on July 20th, 2010, and runs through to August 6th, 2010, includes (in order) stops in: Hermosa Beach, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Las Vegas, NV; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Vancouver, BC, Canada; Fresno, CA; Reno, NV; Sacramento, CA; and wraps up again in Los Angeles, CA. For more information on these dates check out the News and Shows section of the Official 100 Monkeys website.

100 Monkeys is comprised of Ben Graupner, Lawrence Abrams, Jerad Anderson, Ben Johnson and Jackson Rathbone (who appears in such movies as The Last Airbender, and the Twilight Saga).

The music of 100 Monkeys is impossible to pigeonhole. Their honest and catchy lyrics combined with the fusion of Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, and even borderline Country, creates a truly eclectic sound; one which the band has coined “onomatopoetic, but for the sake of simplicity, we'll call it funky rock-n-roll.”

Just as unique as the band’s sound, are their live performances, which feature their now patented “Monkey Switcheroo,” in which band members exchange instruments, often during a song. Additionally, fans attending live shows look forward to the nightly "Improv Song,” where the band takes title suggestions from the audience and turns it into a lyrical masterpiece.

Recently 100 Monkeys was featured in Rolling Stone as one of "Bamboozle 2010's Five Breakout Bands to Watch."

Check out 100 Monkeys at their Official website.

Mandy's Mind - I can't wait to see them July 30 it has been a while and the last time they were here I was disappointed (for the first time out of seeing them a ton) so I am excited to see them and hopefully go back to loving their live performances again!!!


Anna Kendrick returns to LA from London

Here is Anna Kendrick looking cute at the airport in LA after returning from London.


Do Something Awards - Kellan Lutz wins

And here he is accpeting his award.

Jennifer Love Hewit is Team Edward again after meeting "Jacob" aka Taylor Lautner

Charlie Bewley Twit Pics him, Daniel CUdmore and Alex Meraz at Boston Red Sox Game

Taking a break from the Twilight COnvention in Boston these three attended a baseball game and, as Charlie tweeted, were shown on the big jumbotron screen. Sweet!


Adam Brody's Girlfriend speaks about Kristen Stewart

Lorene Scafaria, Adam Brody’s girlfriend speaks about Kristen in a recent interview with

She was asked the following:
There has been a lot of talk regarding Adam Brody and Kirstin(kristen) Stewart… May you please clarify that for us? “Ah, Red Band Trailer. I think Diablo’s question was the only real mention of K-Stew. Is that really her nickname? I’ve been around the guy enough to know he’s never said a bad word about his co-stars, especially the ladies… not even to make a certain gf feel better about making out with such a beautiful girl when she was 14. Plus we watch Adventureland like every other week. She’s rad. He’s a sweetheart. The end.”

Adam’s original ‘statement’ was apparently taken out of context,

LA Times posted excerpts of Diablo Cody’s interview with guest Adam Brody on her internet talk show. One of the questions Diablo asked Adam was:
Do you enjoy being famous, or do you wish that you could just be an actor apart from all that, a la Kristen Stewart?
His response was:
“It’s only gotten worse, I’m sure, being a celebrity. At the same time, I don’t have a lot of patience for people who moan about it too much. Because there are many things you could do,”“It’s like, quit … you don’t need to be an actor, so it’s like if it’s that much of a problem … there’s the door.”

Mandy's Mind - Gee, doesn't this sound familiar ?? I said this the other day - it was so OBVIOUSLY taken out of context to create a stir and generate hits on the interview.... lame!

See interview and my original post here.


InStyle Scan - Xavier Samuel


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Breaking Dawn will not, I repeat, WILL NOT, be Rated R

I am not sure how or why this rumour keeps popping up, the bottom line is it will NEVER happen. Breaking Dawn will NOT BE RATED R!!!

There are numerous reasons, one being the author is mormon, (and they can't watch rated - R films, as IF she will make something she can't even watch) and two being it is catered to teens and young readers (though not exclusively hello Twi Moms).

Yet, fans are still creating petitions and riots over the rating of PG-13... why?

There is the honeymoon - we all want a sexy honeymoon.... YES!

Let me ask you, does the book give you all the juicy sex details you crave or leave you hanging, imagining the dirty details?

Why would you expect any different from the movie?

Feathers? yes - there better be feathers... the implied romp is a must, but we aren't going to catch Bella's breasts or Edwards bare ass... it just won't happen... as for romance and love - it can and certainly better happen!

I have paid close attention to some of my most favourite intimate scenes in movies recently (purely research y'all ha ha) and there is PLENTY of erotic, sensual, intimate love scenes that aren't in an R rating...

Here are some:
-Ghost (1990) PG-13
- Have you seen the love scene with the clay pot - totally hot!

-The Notebook (2004) PG-13
- Totally amazing in the old house together - rawr! *Check out the 6 minute mark*

-Titanic (1997) PG-13
- He paints her naked for pete's sake - lot's of sensuality in the car too steamy hand print anyone? *CHeck out about the 1:50 mark*

-Dirty Dancing (1987) - PG-13
- Some of the sexiest dancing ever - hello? Here's a deleted scene but you get the idea...

-Armageddon (1998) PG-13
- Sensual

-Meet Joe Black (1998) PG-13-CHeck the 2:15 mark though it's just stills I couldn't find full video on youtube, but if you have seen the movie YOU KNOW!

-Blue Lagoon (1980) PG_13
-Romantic and sensual it's about skin and angles in my opinion

- Top Gun (1986) PG

-Take my Breath away

-Pearl Harbor (2001) PG-13

-Shadows and sheets and angles

One more - REMEMBER ME (2010) PG-13
-Here is a taste of Rob in a sex scene - rawr!

See - it is all about skin, close up body parts that you aren't quite sure of where they are... angles, breathing, music, all in combination... HOT!

I could go on but I am actually at work and should be *ahem* WORKING!!!

Feel free to list other hot sex scenes that are PG-13 in the comments - then we can all youtube them and get excited about Breaking Dawn despite it's PG-13 rating!

PG-13- Parents Strongly Cautioned
Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13

We can get intimacy from PG_13 as seen above, but if you are seeking R rated love you just aren't going to get it...

LA Times writes:

If you're familiar with the "Twilight" book series, you know that the "Breaking Dawn" films are gearing up for some gratuitous action. Bella and Edward will be engaging in their first sex scene, followed by a particularly disturbing birth. Finally, all this chaste kissing is building up to something.

This leaves screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg in a bit of a pickle. How will she capture the intimacy and gore of these scenes in a way that doesn't ratchet the film rating to R? In the interview below, Rosenberg seems dedicated to sparing no gritty details, while producer Wyck Godfrey told Fearnet that the film would still be PG-13.

"I'm unwavering in my belief that these will be PG-13 movies," he says in the interview. "And really, I say that not because I know what we're shooting but because I feel that they should be. I feel like the audience of the books and the movies, many of them are under 18; my ten-year-old son goes to these movies, I can't make an R-rated conclusion to the franchise."

SO - it will not be R rated.... there is no way so just accept it, deal with it and continue to create your own erotic rated r sex scenes in your head like you had to when you read the book - and if you are still left craving more try True Blood or Black Dagger Broherhood where you can read all the R-rated (and even X rated) dirty rough vampire sex you can handle!

Side note - - -

Breaking Dawn will be PG-13. End of story.... so what does this mean?

MPAA Rating Systems explains:

PG-13:"Parents Strongly Cautioned. Some Material May Be Inappropriate For Children Under 13."
PG-13 is thus a sterner warning to parents to determine for themselves the attendance in particular of their younger children as they might consider some material not suited for them. Parents, by the rating, are alerted to be very careful about the attendance of their under-teenage children. A PG-13 film is one which, in the view of the Rating Board, leaps beyond the boundaries of the PG rating in theme, violence, nudity, sensuality, language, or other contents, but does not quite fit within the restricted R category. Any drug use content will initially require at least a PG-13 rating. In effect, the PG-13 cautions parents with more stringency than usual to give special attention to this film before they allow their 12-year olds and younger to attend. If nudity is sexually oriented, the film will generally not be found in the PG-13 category. If violence is too rough or persistent, the film goes into the R (restricted) rating. A film's single use of one of the harsher sexually-derived words, though only as an expletive, shall initially require the Rating Board to issue that film at least a PG-13 rating. More than one such expletive must lead the Rating Board to issue a film an R rating, as must even one of these words used in a sexual context. These films can be rated less severely, however, if by a special vote, the Rating Board feels that a lesser rating would more responsibly reflect the opinion of American parents. PG-13 places larger responsibilities on parents for their children's moviegoing. The voluntary rating system is not a surrogate parent, nor should it be. It cannot, and should not, insert itself in family decisions that only parents can, and should, make. Its purpose is to give prescreening advance informational warnings, so that parents can form their own judgments. PG-13 is designed to make these parental decisions easier for films between PG and R.

True Beauty

I didn't watch first season but I have followed religiously this season. I did like Amy a lot but she went home last week and I guess I know why - she was insecure and whiney. But Craig stayed and he is so cocky and annoying... the only thing redeeming about him is that he is Canadian... and he gives us Candians a bad name at that!

Taylor has that rough sexy look - me likey!

SO tonight the final three were Craig, Taylor and Erika the "Ménage à trois" ha ha!

OF course these hotties all thought the show was "The Face of Vegas" and that they were competing to be the hottest, most social best representative of "Vegas" when in reality they are being secretly judged on their inner beauty.

They've all passed and failed various contests that tested their inner beauty.

Tonight after a night of partying they had to wokemn up early to shoot a commercial for Vegas.

It was the finale and after looking back at all of their past test results the winner was announced.

Taylor won!!!!

Last Comic Standing


THis year is so different.

This show has had the most eff'd up past.

It was aired then gone for a few years then back.

Now, it is on again but they aren't even going into a house or competing in lil challenges or voting "I know I am funier than..."

Instead, it's just live performances and voting from the viewers... meh!

I still like it and I still wach but I prefered when they did silly tasks in the house.


Bachelorette Drama

Frank dropped the bomb he is still in love with his ex girlfriend - yea yea I have known for a while because a friend spoiled it for me - had she not Frank likely would have been a fave right up until tonight!

Luckily I knew and wrote him off weeks ago so his bomb tonight wasn't surprising instead a welcomed release.

Roberto and Chris are both amazing. I think they are both incredibly sexy and sweet...

If it were me, I would choose Chris... just more my type.

For that same reason I kind of want to see Ali choose Roberto and have Chris the next Bachelor. I would hate to see Chris' heart broken but I don't see Ali's relationship lasting so in that sense I would rather see him heart broken a little now rather than a lot later and if it's now he could be the next Bachelor and maybe find real love-but at the very least, we get to see more of him on tv ;)

What do you think?

FOr Ali - I don't care who

For me - CHris

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at SALT Premiere

THese two are so hot! Brad is looking especially great with his clean shaven look - rawr!

See more at Just Jared.

Robert Pattinson and Tom Sturridge in an old Chevy July 17

I have seen first hand that Rob is a horrible driver... not only has he admited iton Ellen but watching him drive while filming was hilarious... anyways - here's to safe driving in that gem of a vehicle

Tom & Rob are so close, like gay lovers... of course Rob's not gay, he's with Kristen but IF he were....

See more at RP Life.

Twilight vs True Blood

Extra posted some differences between True Blood and Twilight... from sparkly skin to burning in sunlight, PG rating to 18A with nudity, I know a zillion differences between the two - let's see what they have to say....

Did you know the vampires of "True Blood" can't come out during the day, but the Cullen clan of "Twilight" simply sparkles in the sunlight? The battle continues between the movie franchise and HBO's sexy vampire show -- now "Extra" has 53 facts on "Twilight" vs. "True Blood"!

Read more Here.

Billy Burke`s new role - Drive Angry 3D

There have been a number of supporting players in "The Twilight Saga" who have been able to use their newfound notoriety into bigger roles but none who have deserved the chance more than Billy Burke. Better known as Bella's dad Charlie Swan, Burke has been working in Hollywood for almost 20 years with small roles in films such as "Fracture," "Ladder 49," "Along Came A Spider" and TV series roles on TV series such as "Gilmore Girls," "My Boys" and "24." Now, he's getting his most significant break yet as a conniving and evil cult leader in the supernatural action thriller "Drive Angry 3D."

Visiting the set of "Angry" in Shreveport, Louisiana a few months ago, Burke was the center of a massive action scene between his character and a vengeful father from hell played by none other than Nicolas Cage. Burke took some time off from his shooting schedule to sit down and talk to the assembled press on a very warm May night. He was as candid and classy as you'd expect for a longtime Hollywood veteran.

Read more at Hit Fix.

Jackson in MExico - Photoshoot


More Summer Movies

It's been a while since I updates my summer movie list. Now that we are hald way through July I thought I'd do an update on movies I hope to see before Fall.

Already Out:

These movies are out but I haven't had a chance to see yet.

Last AirBender

Despicable Me

Sorcerer's Apprentice

Coming SOon:

Dinner for Schmucks



Charlie St CLoud

August Releases

Step UP 3D

The Other Guys

Eat, Pray, Love

Scott Pilgram vs the World

The Expendables


September Releases

The Town

Adjustment Bearuea

There are many more in |September but I will post a more detailed list in August.

Also in the Fall:

Paranormal Activity 2
Due Date
Harry POtter

Ashley Greene on LOL Set in Detroit

See more at TwiFans.

TomStu Deets from E Online

There’s practically nothing we don’t already know about Robert Pattinson. Well, the dude still has a secret or two, trust. But what about the man behind the man? His BFF, Tom Sturridge?

The British actor has been spotted out on the town with pal R.Pattz (and K.Stew, too!) a number of times, but except for the occasional paparazzi swarm or shirt-swapping shenanigans, has been able to escape the Twilight-adjacent limelight.

Have no fear there, ’cause we dug up some deets on the dude! Read on for some fun juice on the besties better known as TomStu:

He’s big in England. While TomStu might not have his puss plastered on pillow cases like his famous fanged pals, he’s a pretty well-known actor in the U.K. The dude has appeared in a slew of films with big-time Brit stars and nabbed the Best Newcomer award from the Manchester Evening News Theatre Awards for his stage debut, Punk Rock. Hell, he even has his own U.K. celebrity iTunes playlist. Does it get more prestigious than that?

K.Stew ain’t the only gal pal to Tom and Rob. Tommy helped send the Robsten-addicts into a tizzy after he was spotted slipping out of a club with Kristen Stewart recently, as if a guy can’t be friends with his buddy’s GF (please). But K.Stew isn’t the first babe the two have been spotted out on the town with, how very interesting. The two share an amiga in Camilla Belle, who in the past, both guys have been linked up with, romantically speaking, though neither coupling ever admitted to dating.

He was fired for Hayden Christensen. Tom could have made his State-side debut (and crossed paths with Kristen) years ago, had the execs of the action flick Jumper not decided the mostly unknown actor couldn’t carry a $100 million dollar movie. Two weeks before shooting began, the dude was dumped for Hayden. That’s Hollywood for you—but Tom got a second chance at costarring with Rachel Bilson in their new film, Waiting for Forever, which is currently making the idie circuits. And really, who’s getting talked about more these days, Tom or Hayden?

He got his latest part thanks to Rob. Speaking of Waiting for Forever, Tom can thank Rob for helping him land the role. See, the director of the film originally wanted R.Pattz himself to play the hopeless romantic lead—who wouldn’t?—but when Tom found the script while crashing at Rob’s place, he decided he could play the part better. And eventually the studio agreed.

He has no plans to work with Rob. While Tom may snatch scripts from Rob, he has no plans to team up with his friend in a film anytime soon. When asked on a German radio station whether he would work with Robert, Tom said, "I spend so much time with Rob already, I can’t work with him, too!" Funny thing is the two (kind of) already did work together. See, Tom was in Vanity Fair with Reese Witherspoon, which Rob also filmed scenes for (though his were later cut).

But now Rob’s working with Reese on Water for Elephants. Small world for these two, huh?


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Topless Taylor Lautner on Abduction Set - Photos

Hello abs.... How we have missed thee....

This movie is looking better already!


Taylor Lautner on Abduction set riding motorcycle- video


I went into INception expecting to be led through a twisted journey that was complicated to follow and understand, one that stretched my thinking and left me wondering what just happened.

Instead, I enjoyed a movie where realities were altered with explanations given in order to ensure I could take the journey with them.

Inception was a great movie that explored the subconcious using dreams as a way to access information within a person's brain. The characters are highly trained in extracting ideas from dreams as well as training people to protect their subconcious from outsiders (like themselves) trying to extract information.

Leonardo DiCaprio's character has a troubled past which unravels throughout the film often interrupting or sabatoging his job. When he is offered a chance to erase part of his past to give him his old life back he takes it, although the task is believed impossible, he knows it is impossible though very difficult.

This job is "Inception" not extracting memories or information from one's subconcious but planting an idea in one's subconcious.

He assembles a team and the task begins taking them into a multi-levelled dream within a dream within a dream with high risks. Bringing in a newbie "dream architect" who is inexperienced but highly talented (played by Ellen Page) the team works to survive this highly unusual job.

If you pay attention it is not difficult to follow, in fact, I expected it to be far more difficult to work out in my head but it was fairly straight forward thanks alot to Ellen Page's character who was new and had to be "taught" all about the way it works.

I kept thinking the end would be one major twist leaving you thinking WTF and although it didn't deliver in the way I predicted, it did leave the movie open to further thought and hopefully a sequel.

If you haven't seen it, go check it out, I would in theatre simply because the architecture of the dreams is so visually stunning that the large screen is best for full enjoyment of the complexities created in their dream worlds.

If you have seen it please comment below with your thoughts.

Karate Kid Re-Make

WHen I first heard about this movie being made it was called King Fu Kid and I was not impressed. I love 80s flicks and re-makes are simply too risky. I also thought casting Will Smith's kid was lame and I had no interest inseeing the movie.

I went to the drive-in to see Inception and Karakte Kid was on first so we watched it and I am pleased to say I was wrong about the movie. It was actually really amazing.

Jaden Smith as so good... he captured the emotional and attitude of scenes, he got ripped for his role, and he was not at all annoying.

The plot, though similar to the original in that boy moves to new place, gets bullied, gets trained, wins competition, has it's own story as well and it is really good.

Essentially "wax on, wax off" is replaced with putting his jacket on and off and hanging it up - which was kind of cheesey but it worked with the story.

We also get more history about Mr. Han, played by Jackie Chan, and why he has a car in his living room that he spends all his time fixing up. There is more of an emotional connection to the story and the two learn valuable lessons from each other.

Another fantastic change is that they don't just move to a new city, they move to CHINA which would make any child feel displaced, especially with the language barrier. The mother/son relationship is explored more deeply and is quite realistic.

There was more character development in this film than the original. I felt more of an attatchment to the characters and the story. It was simply more believable. THe bullies in this movie didn't seem as scary at first but after a chase scene and some wall jumping they were easily far more threatening than the punks in the original.

Overall this movie was cute and enjoyable and I completely misjudged it in assuming it would be a crappy remake.

Cam Gigandet in Preist

Here's the first photo of Cam Gigandet in the movie Preist:

[Via TwiFans.Com]

Adam Brody's message to Kristen Stewart - Video

See original post on this here.