Saturday, November 13, 2010

Zac Posen is NOT designing Bella Swan's dress

Funny when speaking with tabloids he didn't confirm or deny but alluded to the possibility with a “You know I do love a wedding.”

Ah well, I don't care who does the dress, as long as they follow the books description accurately.

Twilight Lexicon ha sketches here.

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Skinny Dipping at Isle of Esme? Robert Pattinson shirtless and Kristen Stewart in a bikini


I love this one:

More photos - rawr:

BlogTwiBrasil writes:

We're told exclusively that the photographer who took those pictures camped out for two days in a wooded area. He reportedly avoided search dogs and 60 armed soldiers. According to the president of the Rio Film Commission, Breaking Dawn filming in Brazil wrapped today. Back to Baton Rouge and then Vancouver!

This is pretty funny...

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Breaking Dawn Honeymoon on the beach - Photos of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart filming

I love that ROb's legs are almost as white as his shorts - make-up department win! I hope it is either made into night time, over cast, or he sparkles - woooooo!

On Friday, 12, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart filmed the scenes of the honeymoon between Edward and Bella in the new movie Breaking Dawn. The scene took place in the beach bag Mamanguá in Paraty, Costa Green River, opposite the house where the production was to run the scenes of the couple's honeymoon. Prior to film in Paraty, where he also recorded a waterfall in the region of Taquari, Kristen and Robert have romantic scenes in Lapa, Rio Centro The mansion where the case has a lot of shooting, as well as private beach, six suites and 700 m2 decks and balconies with panoramic views and exclusive access by boat or helicopter, which facilitates the privacy of the team. The price of room rent ranges from £ 8000 for three days, and $ 15,000 for ten days.

Here are some doubles and the real actors also:

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hillywood Eclipse Parody

Finally, The Hillywood Show has put up their Eclipse Parody. If you haven't seen their New Moon and Twilight ones, you must!

The two sisters, Hannah and Hilly, are extremely talented and have put together some amazing things. They, along with the three boys who play Edward, Jasper and Jacob (Jacob, Drew and Kyle) host Creation's Official Twilight Conventions and if you have been to one, you will have met them.

So fantastic... here is their newest parody for Twilight Saga Eclipse:

See more at their website The Hillywood Show.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fans meet Robert Pattinson

Veja reports:

Approaching the vampires of Twilight, always surrounded by bodyguards, is virtually impossible. Unless, of course, that the vampires want to visit. This was exactly the sort of three teenagers who
managed to get close, talk and even make personalized autographs heartthrob Robert Pattinson on the afternoon of Tuesday, the district Taquari in Paraty.

Gabriela Rebelo, 14, had help from the press, Patricia, 28 years, to approach the idol. Once we knew the area would be used for the filming and that only residents have access to the site during the recording,
Patricia, who lives on site, alerted the couple. “When we heard the
rumor, I spoke immediately to Gabriela, because I know she is a fan of
the movie. The producers asked me permission to pass through the
property of my husband, “she explained.

Gabriela, who lives in Paraty and was allowed to stay in the restricted area, to be hosted at the home of relatives, had a day dream. “I was thrilled when I heard. But I knew that would get get an
autograph from him, he would get so close to him. I was in shock,
“celebrated with a piece of paper in hand.

Bruno Nascimento Waleska and Toledo, both 17 and residents of Jundiai, in São Paulo, also had a little help. First, to go with the father of Waleska, we rented a summer house for the production of the
film. Then, in order to miss the Enem, Saturday and Sunday. “Even though
the test was aborted,” celebrated Waleska.

Pattinson was housed in a trailer in front of the house of a teenager, used to store equipment and as a support area for the technicians. But not only that the actor, according
to Waleska, came into the house at a time. “Just thinking about where
he sat, where he, if he played in my bed … I’m desperate, “the young
woman was thrilled.

The contact with the idol was made thanks to Bruno, one of the group who speaks English. Seeing the actor who plays vampire Edward Cullen passing in front of the house, Bruno called it. The security guards
tried to close an enclosure to protect the star but he, nice, got rid of
the bodyguards and went to meet girls. They said Pattinson chatted
briefly and wanted to know the names of three fans to make personalized dedications.

Bruna and Waleska were ready: they took their copies of the fourth book in the saga, Breaking Dawn, and came out with the first page with a signature of ‘vampire’.

If Pattinson paraded sympathy, the same can not be said of the actress Kristen Stewart. Surrounded by bodyguards, she would look away from those who crossed his path and had the help of a bodyguard to avoid
eye contact, protecting his face with an umbrella. “I think her
mistake. But I will not judge. I had read that she does not like being
harassed. It is a more reserved person. He was mega-friendly “,
celebrated the young.

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Nikki Reed attends 7 For All Mankind 10th Anniversary Celebration


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Breaking Dawn filming at Isle of Esme - PHOTOS

This is almost too much to handle...
ROb & Kristen arrive to set....

Twifans gathered several reports from various sources to post:

We are hearing that the stunt doubles will jump into the water and swim. Robert and Kristen will be doing some kissing in the water. (via FoForks & @FePattz)

Today, even though film reps are trying to keep things on the down low by lying to reporters and fans, word is out! Waterfall filming in the middle of Paraty is happening with Kristen and Robert. News crews are being told it's a shoot for a commercial but thank goodness Brazilian fans are persistent to get info. We are being told that the waterfall shoot is very's okay to *sigh*, it;s normal.

From Caricho:
The climate of Paraty is this: At every corner you look, you quietly find a group or someone with strong security badge in English. And every time we think "OMG! Does Stephanie Meyer will come now? "

Unfortunately we have not had such luck, but even yesterday, in our restaurant ,a team that missed extras wake up early filming today, yes, the waterfall.

The information we had was that there would saved some outdoor scenes with stuntmen Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Since we spend the day in Robsten "Isle Esme" filming the expected - and romantic! - Scenes from the honeymoon couple Kristen and Robert.

When I arrived on site, we already saw several cars, generators and a strong security scheme. Soon we were approached by a badge with the Rio Movies that told us that the waterfall was too crowded and we not be allowed near it for today. "And what filming is this here?" I asked. "We're filming a commercial."

I can speak first hand about the "lying"

In Vancouver New Moon signs were "USM" (Untitled Sports Movie) While Eclipse started with TSBD and then used various random signs (such as 181) and finally no signs at all.

Apparently this waterfall MAY be the one used in filming the frolicking newlyweds *squeee*

The lovely cottage we saw photos of before here has been transformed and now looks ready for filming...

Notice how they covered up all the grass with sand to make it more tropical.

Upon closer eamination there are small details that tell a lot...

Here are the most recent photos of the love shack de Cullen. Plants and flowers are being added. Sand smoothed out. Production is moving furniture and all hands on the set are moving around like busy bees. Capricho journalist Aline (self proclaimed "crazy Twilight journalist") says that it took her a short 25 minute boat ride to find the house and that they were kept 200 feet away but not barred from taking photographs.

What do you think about all this?

I don't even know what to think, the only thing I am certain of - is I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!

[Source1, & Source2 & Source3]]

Rob & Kristen leave Breaking Dawn waterfall set

Waterfalls are so beautiful... I am so excited to see what kinds of frolicking and *ahem* other stuff goes on in that water - rawr!

After 7 hours of filming at the Taquari waterfall for Breaking Dawn, the Twilight stars boarded a boat back to mansion Mamangua. According to a source heard by the IG, the couple will film Tuesday at the beach mansion and sleep on site. The recordings in the house will only start on Wednesday. The site is surrounded by bodyguards and has the support of the Port Authority.

I love that #1 (Dean) is sitting on the back of the boat, like some crqzed fan is going to speed swim up and molest Rob tee hee

More pics and deets including original source over at Twifans.

Brazil Body Doubles

I am happy to see the wrist cuff on Edward ;)

Notice how sunburnt the doubles are after a day of waterfall jumping in the sun. Also notice Edward's double with the 2 wrist cuffs. I wonder if the cuff we were missing in Lapa, makes a return once Eddie gets to Isle Esme!?

Capricho met up with Edward & Bella's doubles and they had this to say:
Paraty is super small city, you know, right? Just now, we went out to dinner and met so coincidentally, the Rafael and Robert, Robert and
Kristen's stunts!

They are super cute and nice! They talked with, took pictures with fans
and impressed the people who were passing by on the street.

Raphael and Roberta woke up at 5 am today to shoot the scenes at the waterfall and were looking for a place to eat.

They told that the Breaking dawn actors are super friendly, polite and
they thought they looked alike.. "I thought Kristen very nice person,"
said Roberta.

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More Photos on the boat to 'Isle of Esme' - Rob & Kristen

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Breaking Dawn between takes - video

More Breaking Dawn Set Photos from yesterday

So many photos from Brazil - here are more from the neigbour shoot yesterday, but from a different angle, up above!