Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mirror Mirror Trailer

So much for confusion and competition between SWATH and this eh? Completely different movies - and I may even go see this one, it looks funny... but I am holding out for SWATH as the Snow White winner ;)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Women in Black Trailer

Daniel Radcliffe - Hello!

Kristen's Breaking Dawn Fashion

I am pretty lucky, I got to see her in the flesh wearing three of these beautiful dresses!

Kristen kicked off her tour in a cute nude Marios Schwab mini with black patent leather detailing at the Twilight star's hand- and footprint ceremony in Hollywood. The starlet arrived in black Brian Atwood velvet pumps but switched into checkered Vans for the cementing part. Who else could pull that off?

Later that night, she rocked a hot strapless Monique Lhuillier mini with black peep-toe heels and long and loose waves during an appearance on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno in L.A.

Switching it up at the London premiere, Bella Swan's alter ego looked stunning in a sparkly black Roberto Cavalli gown, black peep-toes, a smoky eye and glammed-up ponytail over one shoulder. This Goth girl's definitely grown up!

Kristen also wore a glittering gown to the Los Angeles premiere—a sheer purple belted J.Mendel stunner with a sexy, thigh-high slit, another smoky eye and her trusty black peep-toes. She worked the hell out of that leg all night!

Lastly, the actress looked cute but edgy in a fun little white and black leather fringe Barbara Bui skirt paired with a 3.1 Phillip Lim top and Brian Atwood pumps as she and her costars appeared on Ellen. She kept her locks straight and casual.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wedding Bella & Edward Dolls


Rob & Kristen out in London

Looks to me like a few too many cocktails.... that's what I like to see! Letting lose and enjoying life!

These were apparently after the couple enjoyed seeing friend Marcus Foster perform...

Kristen is still filming SWATH in London but is scheduled to wrap soon.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breaking Dawn Wedding Guest shares story...

Vancouver Sun printed a story on being an EXTRA at the Breaking Dawn wedding... it is well writtena nd pretty funny!.... More...
As guests at the biggest vampire wedding in film history, we were bussed from West Vancouver to Squamish and offloaded at the base camp, or “circus,” which snaked down an easement in the forest. After wardrobe, hair and makeup, we passed through “checkpoint charlie” metal detectors, then rode in vans to the extras “holding” tents where we sat for hours eating junk food.

On a couple of nights, one of the producers came to warn us about their security team, including frogmen on the river, to prevent anyone from photographing the set. We must not inform anyone of the set’s location and must report any coercion, he said. And no speaking to the actors, no matter what. We were among the “fortunate few” to be chosen, he reminded us, but our participation depends on our compliance with security. Have a nice evening.

You won’t see me in that night’s scene, where the happy couple exit the reception, since I was practically standing in the forest. Nor was I visible in the next day’s wedding ceremony, when I was placed so far from the aisle as to need binoculars.

we sat in the wedding set for two days, on logs that seemed to grow into benches under a canopy of wisteria. A quick shot to rise and turn toward to the bride, then more waiting and shivering. And was that thunder or an avalanche in the distance?

The next morning, I saw a frogman on the opposite river bank. Security was on high alert, a crew member told me. That morning, paparazzi in wet suits had tried to swim past. An extra with a camera had been ejected the day before. All of them seeking a $100,000 photo of the bride.

Before the ceremony, Robert Pattinson stood around being handsome and smoking at every chance. Kristen Stewart looked amazing in her modest gown, but appeared freaked out about something. They cuddled and he seemed to console her. It was a real-life drama playing out before us and all we extras could do was gawk. Aw, how sweet, they really love each other.

Then, a helicopter began to circle and production stopped. Walkie-talkies spouted angry instructions, security people scurried, and giant black umbrellas were opened over the actors to block views from the air. The battle against the paparazzi was on and we sat freezing for two hours waiting for a truce.

The next night’s scene was the wedding reception, on a set done up like a hobbit banquet. The Assistant Director looked us over and pointed to me and another woman. “You and you, the principle and the math teacher.” We were put into a shot where we had to mime congratulations and walk away, which made me feel more like the “fortunate few” and less of a production prisoner.

As the other gal and I worked out who was the principle and who the math teacher, we laughed about the set, the story and the now pouring rain. By the time we were face to face with Pattinson and Stewart we were suppressing snorts. I was dying to tell Stewart how much I loved Runaways, but we were bound by celebrity gag order, which made for the most awkward party moments ever.

After one rehearsal, shooting began. I mimed my congratulations, but then, as if time had slowed, I paused, like I had more words to mime. Then, came my ultimate humiliation.

I looked down and saw Kristen Stewart lifting her tiny hand and baby waving me away. Mortified, I could not have turned away faster without spilling my fake champagne. By the time Principle Sarah and I had joined a circle of guests, I was hyperventilating and sweating. I couldn’t believe I’d dragged a two-second shot into three seconds! But, like all movies, they shot more takes, so I was able to redeem myself, although it meant more uncomfortable moments shunning the actors.

Seven months later, I watched the film only to find my big moment had been cut and replaced by banter with the werewolf family. I wasn’t crushed since being edited out is what I’ve come to expect no matter how much I hope for inclusion. After all, being a background extra means you are always a guest and never a bridesmaid.

[Vancouver Sun]

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Great Gatsby Set Photos

P2P writes:

Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, and Tobey Maguire were snapped on the set of The Great Gatsby in Australia, by E! Online! How awesome do they look? It’s amazing that just from this photo, you can see Leo embodying the character of Gatsby. Just think of how different he looks from his role in J.Edgar! Also, Carey Mulligan is looking adorable, wearing a purple flapper dress in our first snap of her as Daisy Buchanan. Some were thinking she didn’t fit the role, and she certainly isn’t the obvious choice, but I’m convinced we’ll be blown away by her performance. The 1920′s costumes look fantastic, and I’m eagerly anticipating the first official stills and clips. This epic Great Gatsby adaptation is directed by Baz Luhrmann, and has a budget of $150 million.

I can NOT WAIT!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Home Sweet Zzzzz...

I got home late Sunday evening and although it is now Monday evening, I am by no means settled...

I worked today, though it was a workshop so pretty relaxed.

I have literally thousands of photos from my almost 3 weeks travelling... I have blogged some, facebook uploaded others but still have a ton to upload and process for sharing... bare with me.

I am only home a few days and then down to see family in Seattle for USA Thanksgiving....

Hopefully by the end of next week I am back on track and can be posting everything regularily again