Wednesday, January 11, 2012

People's Choice Awards Results & Opinions

Here are the results and my opinions on them....

LOVED the People's Choice Awards intro with Big Bang Theory... it's an awesome show!

I really love Kayley Cuoco... she is cute, my husband has a major crush on her too!

She had some awesome wardrobe changes too - very cute!!!

Neil Patrick Harris is hilarious... I love him!

The awards itself were pretty good... I - as always - have opinions and so along with sharing the results, I am including my opinions... it is, after all, Mandy's Mind.... Feel free to comment at the end with your own thoughts... Best Actress & Comedic Performance - Emma Stone

I was so thrilled for this! She is my girl crush and she is so amazing and talented. I am especially impressed that she beat out Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon (in WFE no less) and Jennifer Aniston.... way to go girl!

Day Time TV Host - Ellen

I loved that Ellen's clip was with Robert Pattinson. I was even MORE thrilled she won - love love love Ellen hard!

Comedy Actress - Lea Michele

I love Jane Lynch, I don't find Lea Michele funny or entertaining. Kaley Cuoco is HILARIOUS, as is Tina Fey. I have NO IDEA how on Earth Lea won.

TV Drama Actress - Nina Dobrev

Presented by hottie's Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence of the upcoming Hunger Games.... I was rooting for Nina Dobrev (she used to reply to my tweets alot) I didn't like her dress, but I did love that she wasn't even on the ballot but still won.... hard core!

TV Comedy Actor - Neil Patrick Harris

I adore Chris Colfer and Neil Patrick Harris,t hey are funny... I love Cory Monteith but don't find him funny. Jim Parsons is CLEARLY the funniest in my opinion, but Neil Patrick Harris won. Why wasn't Jesse Tyler Ferguson get nominated? He is hilarious!!

Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson presented Demi Lovato

Demi looked good, red hair, slightly too thin, a red dress which I don't like with red hair, but whatever. I really love her... but she seems to be pierced and tattoo'd a lot more than I recall?

She also won an award, pop artist.... Vanessa Hudgens looked like crap behind her during the speech... I've never liked Vanessa though...

Jane Lynch as "seat director" was hilarious: "Gimme Pattinson, Lautner with a Stewart split" (not Jon Stewart, Kristen Stewart) "boom a twilight sandwich" ha ha ha

"Is it a gut instinct?" no.. "I feel it a little lower than that, in my loins" ha ha ha

The cleaning crew for where Jersey shore sat last week... the tent city inside, the Mila Kunis placard in the tent, it was all hilarious

Lady Gaga's pant suit made of uranium, Kim Kardashian next to Ashton Kutcher was funny too... "doomed hollywood marriage"

Comedic Movie Actor - Adam Sandler

I was rooting for Steve Carrell because of the MOVIES that was my favourite... I didn't even see the Adam Sandler Movie, but you can never go wrong with him winning something in comedy. He has some epic speeches in the past, and the voice... ha ha never gets old (for me) His shout out's to teachers was awesome!

Under 25 - Chloe who?

Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Felton, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, or Chloe Grace Mortez (Who I have never heard of) It felt like an easy Harry Potter win... but no.. the Chloe girl won and "lilke, omg, totally" did her speech... I disagree... just saying.. but none of the HP cast were there which makes me wonder... what ARE the rules of these awards?

Fave Band - Maroon 5

So many amazing bands nominated, I am happy with Maroon 5, I'd have rather Adam accept it topless though ;)

Movie Drama - Water for Elephants

Presented by Zachary Levis and Ashley Greene. I was obviously rooting for WFE (or The Help) and thrilled WFE won. I loved Rob's hair... I am not a fan when it gets too long and this clean cut is sexy. I agree, why did HE get to accept the award, it WAS a lot of people... oh wait.. because he is Rob friggin-Pattinson... LOL would people care to see and/or hear Mr Waltz accept? nah!!

Pretty Little Liars ladies present a ton of awards really quickly... book - Harry Potter, Reality Star - Kim Kardashian, Album - Lady Gaga, sci-fi - supernatural, r&b artist - rihanna, movie superhero - green lantern, +++++++++++++++

TV Drama Actor - Nathan Fillion

Jennifer Morrison and Ginnifer Goodwin (Once Upon a Time) Presented. LOVE THEM... the presented nominess like a fairy tale - so cute... Obviously I was rooting for Ian Somerhalder, he is hot, a vamp, his gf Nina already won, but I love David Boreanez from Bones, and Patrick Dempsey from Grey's. I hear Castle is good too, but I haven't seen it yet.. meh.

Comedy Movie - Bridesmaids

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley presented-rawr! I can't pick which I like more, they are both just different - both so hot.... I loved all the nominated movies, so friggin' funny... but I have a hard core crush on Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, so I suppose that would have been my pick... Bridesmaids was indeed the women's version of Hangover and so hilarious, any of the nominee's would have been a good choice!

Loved them singing Wilson Phillips

Faith Hill performed, she is awesome! It sounded like her music and singing was off at the start.. maybe it's the song?

Loved the "Thank-You Mom" section... awesome seeing celebs talk about their mommy.

Also Jimmy Fallon and the plant, deer, robot was funny... stupid funny but made me laugh.

Cable TV Comedy - Hot in Cleaveland

I only watch Nurse Jackie, but Betty White rules so ya

1st ever Movie Icon - Morgan Freeman

Ewan McGregor presented... I saw him at the afi fest screening of Haywire in November in LA, he and some of the actors from the movie did a Q&A after - Channing Tatum wasn't there :( but it was still cool... Robert DeNiro, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman, George Clooney were all nominated. All are pretty epic. But Freeman is oldest I think... *shrugs* not sure what was up with his glove, but I could listen to his voice forever. He looked up definitions, Icon - tiny pictur eona computer screen, an image of someone who is saintly, representative of something... hmmm... He says he hopes he represents a working actor who is humbled to be nominated with the others and grateful for the honor... class act!!!

New tv drama - Person of Interest

Angus T Jones (kid from two and a half men) and the NCIS hottie presented... he is all grown up, I love him! We didn't hear the nominee's, but I do like the show a lot. Then they presented again.. New tv comedy - Two Broke Girls

I started watching this show but stopped... it was funny but I just missed a bunch when I was travelling and my pvr didn't tape it.

network tv comedy - How I met Your Mother

HIMYM, Modern Family, Glee, Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory... all amazing shows... The only one I don't watch regularily (because I want to watch from the start) is HIMYM.

Overall it was a great show... I love awards season! I bought a ton of party supplies for an Oscar Party.... squeeeee!

Monday, January 9, 2012

bachelor - 2nd episode

More Bachelor tonight. 18 women go to Sonoma to see Ben.
 Some airport shots and they arrive in baby blue convertible's sipping wine.

Jennifer has a nice look with deep red hair and pretty eyes.
Emily is still pretty awesome.
Still don't like Courtney.
More opinions as we go.........

Kacie B getting the first one-on-one is not surprising he seems to like her a lot, but there is something about her I don't love. She just seemed kind of plain to me in the premiere. They had a sweet first date, but I feel like it was more the date and Sonoma and the memories of childhood than them... I don't know, how can those things NOT seem tender and special?

Group Date = 11 girls preparing a play written by children. Ha Ha Ha!

The kids made them act ridiculous during auditions then assigned them roles. Blakeley's outfit was pretty risque for kids, but how was she to know ahead of time that children would be there and judging her? LOL

THEN they performed in front of an AUDIENCE! with Ben's friends and the public!
Jenna was a wizard with a beard.
Jaclyn was a princess and got to kiss Ben at the end, but there were plenty of kisses, mostly pg given it was a family show...
Jennifer was a weasle who got to kiss Ben (as a lamb) along with Samantha the pig and Nicki the donkey
the "hooker-gingerbread man" was Blakeley ha ha ok just a gingerbread man
Emily was a hippy and Rachel a valley girl, they were supposed to kiss his cheek but he left stage too soon - later they pulled him aside to get their cheek kisses
Monica was a dragon and was hilarious and "blew Ben's clothes off"

It was cute and fun. After they had the rest of their date and of course that is where things got interesting... booze and sexy dresses.

I thought Blakeley's "its my rose" was funny, but the girls took it so hard and like she was being catty, I found it funny... Jaclyn called her a cougar ha ha she is 34!!! I don't think either will last, so let's have a brawl between the two ha ha apparently Samantha had issues with Blakely too as she was in the restroom pissed off ha ha - dramaz

In the pool the girls were all playful and fun, a bit of making out with Jennifer, Blakeley, then Blakeley got the rose... Jennifer should have!

By the couch the blondes were all gossiping and hating on Blakeley, I do think Ben prefers brunettes... when she showed up they all walked away ha ha

Courtney's rant to Lyndzi about the 1st impression rose was hilarious, she is just as I predicted, model-snotty girl... I wasn't happy she got the one-on-one date but hoped it would lead to her going home... except I was pretty sure she was shown in upcoming previews so I bet she will around for a while - sadly!

Her response - smug "how'd that taste coming out of your mouth" ha ha ha whatta bitch!!!

Ben brings his dog for his one on one date with Courtney "the model" I don't find her that attractive, though her personality has a lot to do with that. I hate how her eyes bug out when she talks and that she always has her mouth open all the time.

They had a good date, Ben likes her, but I think she's a bitch.

The cocktail party was good, Ben gave time to the girls he didn't have dates with first, which was sweet! Lindzi the first impression rose and horse riding girl was told she made a good impression which is why he didn't need the date. They had a great conversation and I started to hate her a lot less.

Samantha and Ben chatted since she was kind of drama on their last encounter during the group date. Blakeley came and interupted them, which is STUPID since she has a rose and is staying already! I have always hated this about rose holders at cocktail parties... she then proceeded to take him away AGAIN... wtf?

Blakeley talked about how it felt getting the rose on the group date. It got a bit catty. SURPRISE!

Jenna rambles like an emotional idiot - SURPRISE!

Ben starts to sense tension and emotions and seeks out crying Blakeley to chat... she is hiding behind the luggage... *eye roll* then there is Jenna crying in bed... Ben visits her too... the clock said 2am.. these parties really do go all night!

Rose Ceremony starts...

My thoughts:
Jaclyn - I don't think she is pretty or very nice.
Blakeley - I do like her, I mean she is aggressive but she is hot and entertaining on the show like Michelle Money was
Brittney - sweet girl but a bit quiet
Courtney - hate her
Samantha - pretty, I do like her despite her pageant gear last week
Jennifer - I do like alot
Monica - saw less of her this episode
Elyse, Erika - not memorable yet
Emily - I still really like
Lyndzi - I hate less
Nicki - when will she reveal she is a divorcee?
Jenna - still a crazy nbitch
Rachel - I like her more this episode than the first
Jamie - I still really like


Kassie B, Blakeley, Courtney already have roses.... Ben also chooses:

-Casey S

 Sent home:
-Jenna whos said she was mortified.. LOL she has every reason to be mortified, she behaved like a psycho!
-two-toned hair girl (not jenna the other two toned hair girl)

Next week is San Fran Ben's home town. Lyndzi appears to have a one-on-one date.

Brittney does something crazy.

Some girl shows up - she calls and says "hi Chris I am on my way to San Fransisco" is it a past contestent? an ex girlfriend?

Then one girl faints

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Once Upon a Time is awesome...

Who watches? I love how they intertwine classical fairy tales with modern times.

I hate that they killed off Graham, but I think somehow, he should return.

About to watch tonight's all new episode... squeeee....

Bachelor Premiere

Yes I am late to the party but I finally watched the Premiere of Ben as the Bachelor... Here are my thoughts on the women, the happenings and so on...

More... Lindzi - Seattle (Bellevue) Wa. 27

Horse rider, she spells her name with a 'z', she is 27 and was dumped via lame text "Welcome to Dumpsville, population YOU" by her ex

Amber T Nebraska 29

Gun toting, outdoorsy tomboy. She is hot and I think my husband would die for her LOL The cow balls thing made me gag, I felt like her red neck schtick was over done.

Kacie Tn. 24

Seems sweet, her grandparents love story was cute

Courtney Santa Monica CA 28

A Model, soft spoken but we will see. Model girls always lead to drama "they are intimidated by me" Her whole ring talk was over the top and inidicitive of her materialistic tendencies. Jamie NY 25

Nurse in maternity ward, seems sweet, I like her smile. She has no daddy and raised her siblings because her mom had a tough time. I can relate to parts of what she was saying being the oldest of 4 kids.

Lyndsie J Scottsdale AZ 29

From London, has lived all over the world and the fact that she chooses to now live in Scottsdale makes me LOL

Jenna NYC 27

"over analyst" blogger who claims she is a relationship writer. Her intro shows the craycray inside and previews tend to show what will come from her... scary! She seems obsessed reminds me of someone we have met before ;)Bet she will stay after producers ask Ben to keep her for drama and ratings

Shawn Phoenix AZ 28

Career focused, a mom to an adorable lil boy Gavin

Nicki TX 26

Talked about her marriage to her teenaged sweetie and how it is being divorced.

Out of the limo's Rachel NY 27

Red Dress, first out, pretty girl kinda boring

Erika IL 23

Law student, fairly risque dress and very lame "guilty of being sexy" pick up line

Amber B - Port Coquitlam BC

(um, where I live!!! like down the street) 23

Little lame "bacon" joke but she is from here and therefore I am forced to support her, the last local was Jillian and she was a great Bachelorette...

She was funny "darn it next time I need to bring a SASH (pageant girl), HAT (KY girl) Gramma (Colorado girl) LOL

Elyse IL 24

not too memorable introduction but pretty

Jenna came out and made a fool of herself but again the editing is likely part of the awkwardness because we already know she is insane... not that they fake awkwardness, but they def can cut out akward with girls and they totally let it stand with her ha ha ha

Next limo pulls up and we see model Courtney who is confident and admits her crush on Ben and touches his hair before admiting she is a model LOL

Emily NC 27

seems friendly but is doing her PHD and gave him hand sanitizer and sprayed his mouth then gave him the 1st kiss of the night ha ha I kind of like her though...

Samantha LA CA 26

Came out in her pageant gear, lame

Casey KS 26

Intereseting dress, seemed a little quiet but confident

Amber T came out in a yellow odd dress and walked in a circle back to him and joked if he didn't believe in love at first sight, here is your second chance LOL

Holly KY 34

Huge hat that did not go with her sexy dress, she was a little ditzy

Jamie the nurse came out and she was a bit nervous but sweet and cute. I like her

Shira LA CA no age given... which was weird

She is an actress and claims to know everything about wine... "ask me anything" then she admits she knows nothing... but he can teach her... lame

Blakeley NC 34

Southern, cute, but not much of an impression left except being hot... she has some interesting moments later with Monica though ;)

Older lady with crutches gets out ha ha Sheryl CO 72

She introduces her Grandaughter Brittney 26

Cute memorable way to meet, emphasis on the closeness to family... awnnn...

ten more to go.....

Nicki from TX wears yellow and comes across a bit annoying in my opinion

Dianna CA 30

Comes out awkward and nervous, poses and then forgets what she is supposed to say, Ben is kind with her, he has been there afterall LOL

Jennifer OK 28

An Accountant gives him some numbers... 1190 miles to travel, 0 arrested, 54 dresses tried on, 1 time in love and hopefully Ben will make 2.... cute!

Lyndsie from Scottsdale AZ (well from all over) reads a goofy poem to Ben, which was cute except pointing out her "bum chin dimple" uh.... LOL she is a bit annoying

Anna MI 25

Kinda strange, quiet, wtf? She walked right past him... uh.... Ben shouts "bold move.... that's a first" ha ha I hope he sends her home lmao

Monica UT 33

Pretty purple dress. Misses her dog... seems cool

Jaclyn MA 27

Short and sweet intros

Shawn from AZ comes out in a odd shade of green dress and asks if she will get time inside or if she has to ride around on a unicycle now to get his attention ha ha cute, true, but then she gives him the "buddy slap" on the shoulder...

Kacie B from TN comes out and calls him Benjamin, she is again cute but not totally memorable to me... she promises not to sugar coat, trying to flash back to Ben's comment to Ashley last season

One more.....

She arrives on horse back's Lindzi of course... I feel like I should like her because she is from Seattle, but she is actually from Bellvue and for that I kinda don't like her... ha ha

They seem to hit it off, we will see... the girls are all jealous

It is interesting that they were all told who the Bachelor was first, in their introductions they all talked about him, it was creepy, but I guess less creepy than talking about a stranger... not that he is NOT a stranger, but most saw him last season when bitch Ashley broke his heart... don't get me wrong, I loved JP til the end when he came on really stalkerish... but that is so last season....


Ben enters and the craziness begins...

Moments worth mentioning:

-Nicki from TX seemed to hit it off with Ben

-Lindzi is a bit overwhelming from horse to in your face conversations and seems to turn the conversation to her her her all the time time time

-I don't care what the catty girls say, I loved Brittney's Gramma & Brittney seems sweet, I like her.

-Ben in a hat, a sash, playing soccer with girl in heels, girl explaining her tattoo, Ben doing pushups, dancing, it was just non-stop craziness.

-blindfolding and tasting candy

-rapping from Emily

-Lesbian lovers Blakeley and Monica

-Sobbing crazy Jenna

I read on Chris Harrison's twitter once that these cocktail parties sometimes go all night... of course we just get clips ha ha

I wish we were given their blood alcohol level ha ha ha

I am glad the booze runs freely at these parties though....

Favourites: (so far, it is too early I think to really KNOW)

-Emily is sweet and rapped a mean gangsta rap

-Monica for making fun of drunk crazy Jenna & for hitting on Blakeley



Gotta Go:

-Model Courtney

-Jenna crazy chick, "Ben are you calm because no one can dismiss you?" ha ha shuddup drunk drama queen! "everything goes black..." um it's because you are drunk and acting nuts!

-Rachel for getting involved with Jenna's craziness

I disagree with his "First Impression Rose" to Lyndsi from Seattle, but I am ok keepingher around, west coast represent... ha ha

Rose Ceremony:

Jenna is acting craycray and crying and missing and everyone is waiting for her....

Finally she shows up and Chris starts the ceremony...

Lyndzi is safe (first impression rose)

17 more roses to give out, 7 are going home tonight.

-Jamie (good choice)

-Rachel (liked her til she got involved in the drama with Jenna)

-Blakeley (she is hot but we know very little about her so far, except Monica loves her ha ha)

-Emily (yay! I like her a lot) -Brittney (another good pick) -Erika (no opinion yet) -Shawn (the mom) -Nicki (the divorcee) -Jennifer -Elyse -Samantha (pageant girl not a fan) -Courtney (boo! I am not a fan!)

-Jaclyn -Monica (yay! I want to see if her and Blakeley run away together ha ha)>

-Jenna (of course, they need the stupid drama)

Not surprised that some went home, (scottsdale girl (Lyndsie J), walk past at intro girl (Anna), but wish local gal (Amber B)stayed as well as red neck girl (Amber T) but ah well! Dianna and Shira also gone, I still don'tknow why Shira's age was not shown. Previews for this season seem to show: Travelling the world as usual, lot's of kissing and of course, drama, drama, jealousy.....

Who is in the red dress and comes back to see Ben?? Is it Ashley? no... who is it?? I am going to google this and find out... I don't like Courtney based on the previews and tonight's episode, I did like seeing naked Ben running into the ocean ha ha

Lot's of tears and sobbing, hugging, bad mouthing, Looks like Erika has a passout and it seems Ben finds love in the end... though the preview attempts to make it look like the girl in the black feathered dress turns him down, who knows - let's see.

Thoughts? Favourites?

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