Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Secret Circle S1E2 Bound #TSC

Episode two of The Secret Circle aired tonight and it was more fun and witchery as well as more familiar sets around my city.

First, thanks to Emily who commented in my last post on the Secret Circle. She recognizes the house from heritage home tours and said when Cassie pulls up to the house she passes by Queen's Park in New West and the house is apparently 321 Fourth Avenue, New Westminster BC

"Please, do you own a shirt" ha ha (Cassie)

"Rule #1 do not breathe in the vapours" ha ha (Science Teacher)

"It's like I'm living in a Harry Potter Movie" "he has a wand" ha ha (Adam & Cassie)

"We are friends now" "right, bound for eternity" ha ha (Cassie and Adam again)

I love the comedy in the show, amongst the drama and fun... In the beginning, Cassie tries to light a candle by asking for light and instead gets sunlight. She tries to close the curtains but instead her neighbours window slams shut. Cassie realizes now she has powers but is completely uncertain how to use them

Later Adam tries to help Cassie use and control her magic, but the chemistry between them seems to make it difficult to... stay in control. I laughed out loud, literally, when the light bulb they lit blew up, I couldn't help but think of it as a metaphor for other things tee hee.

Faye's grandpa Henry is in town and investigating something, we can assume his hunch that witch craft is happening again. He talks to a few of the parents and starts to worry about the kids practicing. When he confronts Faye's mom, his daughter-in-law she seems shocked. Of course this is b.s. because she helped get Cassie in town and she immediately goes to Gale Harold angry Henry is on to them. She also takes away his crystal... whatever that means... it shows she is running the show.

At "seafair" Cassie tries to 'escape' the circle and be normal, but the other's won't let her. She does start to learn more about her mother by talking to the locals.

After some powerful individual magic causes harm to a friend, faye's mom uses the magic crystal to heal her so that she doesn't die leaving Faye with guilt. Henry sees this and after threatening to go to the elders to report the magic and demanding to have the crystal, Faye's mom kills him. OOh she is bad ass.

After all the craziness, Cassie agrees to bind the circle. This means that their individual powers will weaken, but as a circle they will be more powerful. Of course when their parents last did this, meany lives were lost, so we can only imagine what is to come if they are to bind the circle.

Adam reassures his gf that she has nothing to worry about with Cassie, kisses her then drives by and picks up Cassie, his friend. Another light bulb explodes - ha ha

At the beach, by a bon fire the witches unite to prepare for binding.

I should add the music was pretty awesome in tonight's episode.

Now for some familiar local sets... and some unfamiliar ones too...P> Pull up to the resturant again, which I believe is Sockeye City Grill again

More Chance Harbor School aka Kitsilano Highschool

(At least extyerior, the interior looked different, and I heard they used two different schools from pilot to regular season. Not entirely sure)

The Magic House:

i am determined to find out where this old house is, could be studio, but I will keep trying to find out. Sea Fair This festival was set up on the piers in Steveston BC. I found the name "Sea Fair" interesting, since there is an annual seafair in Seattle every year in August, which is around when this was filmed.

Bon Fire This beach is likely in Steveston BC as well, but it was dark and I couldn't recognize any landmarks to be sure. From what I saw (trees, mountains, stones) I would say it looks more like North Vancouver to me, but I shall try and find out for sure.


Stand Together, or Die Alone. Now the witches can't use magic unless someone else in the circle is with them. And someone is after them... ooooh!

Thoughts on tonight's episode? Sets you recognize? Episode One Review and Set Guide

Bruno Mars' 'It Wil Rain' first single off Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack

So the Bruno Mars on Breaking Dawn Soundtrack Rumours were true, though the song was not...

We’re happy to announce exclusively on that Bruno’s new song “It Will Rain” will be featured onThe Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

“It Will Rain” will be available worldwide* exclusively on iTunes this Tuesday, September 27th.

*UK single will be available October 31st.

The soundtrack album will be available everywhere November 8th.

Come back to this Tuesday (9/27) to hear ‘It Will Rain’!

Via @twilight

I have to say this makes me more hopefuly Adele and other current talents may be included on the soundtrack.... *fingers crossed*

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn life size display for theatre lobby's

Can't wait to pose in front of this at the local theatres.... the things I will do to them mwahahahahahhaha

@Twilight tweeted this as the larger than life display coming to theatre lobby's

Taylor Lautner on Letterman - video


Revenge was so great! I absolutely loved it.

The previews looked really good and I had been looking forward to the show for a few weeks. I love Emily VanCamp from Everwood and Brothers & Sisters.

Basically a young girl returns to the Hamptons to seek revenge on the rich elite who ruined her dad's life.

We get bits and pieces of what may or may not have happened but I am sure the plot will thicken as the season goes on.

The show opened with the present day engagement party of Daniel and Emily (who is actualy Amanda, back to seek revenge) while Daniel is lying dead on the beach. A few characters are revealed and a few relationships shared, but we get very little before flashing back 5 months prior when young Emily arrives to the Hamptons to rent a beach house.

By the end of the hour we see Emily interfere in the rich elite's lives and manipulate them to seek revenge. We also learn that she (as Amanda) had been in juvenile detention and not spoken to her dad in years, only to be released and learn that her father died, but left her an infinity box with all the truths she needed to learn... and a request to forgive...

That promise she will not make as we retun back to almost-modern time (minus the 5 months) and continue to see how she becomes involcved with the residents of the Hamptons.

Her main memories from the Hamptons as a little girl are of her father, her dog, a childhood friend Jack, the infinity times infinity symbol, and a few bits and pieces before her dad was taken away by the FBI.

Through research and her dad's diaries she has pieced together the truth, though we do not know it all yet, and she is planning to get revenge on the rich elite's who ruined her dad's life.... REVENGE!

Tonight's revenge involved her posing as a roomservice lady at a hotel where Victoria's husband was having an affair with Lydia, Victoria's recently divorced best friend. Emily/Amanda poisons his food leading to him being taken away in an ambulace while she asks Lydia is her husband is ok. Later at a party, after Victoria has discovered her husband indeed was having some kind of affair after picking him up in the hospital and seeing his hotel bath robe, Amanda/Emily asks Lydia if her husband is feeling better.... in front of Victoria.... BUSTED!

Victoria casts Lydia off publicly at the yaht party fundraiser and Amanda/Emily draws a red "X" over Lydia's face on a group photos of her father with these rich elite's who ruined him.

victoria seems to be "on to " emily and will be looking into her further.

Amanda/Emily's childhood friend, Jack has a boat named Amanda and her old dog from when she was a kid. Awnnnn... adorable!

Also, her father's young friend who picked her up on her release out of jail, recognizes her but promises to keep her secret safe. She does, afterall, own half of his company which has apparently made him very rich as he is trying to buy Jack's boat, and since Jack's dad needs the money it seems he is going to sell it. We shall see.

Does any of this even make sense? Just watch the show it is awesome!!

More Fall TV Premieres

Taylor Lautner outside Letterman Today

I know a few friends who were there and said Taytay was sweet and cute and great.

here is one person's video

Taylor Lautner NYC Press Photos I love him to bis but I do not know how or why he has the lil fuzzy face ha ha

Bruno Mars to be on Breaking Dawn?

No idea, but this song is cute either way.... Read TwiCrackAddict for story on rumours of this song's involvement in Breaking Dawn after @933FLZ mentioned it

Tippett Studio's discusses Breaking Dawn Special Effects including "the birth"

Collider talked to Tippet Studio's about the special effects in Breaking Dawn. This is the studio that brought us realistic wolves in New Moon and continues to bring the goods with the birth scene everyone is anxious to see....

While Tippett talked about working with director Bill Condon and how the film has over a thousand visual effects, Rosengrant talked about the Bella birth sequence and how they combined makeup effects on Kristen Stewart with CGI to make her look extra thin. Also, they’re using a “little bit of puppets and some hybrid effects. Hopefully we bring a realism to that sequence.”

New Abduction Give Away - SWAG BAGS

Congrats again to last Abduction Prize winners Barb and @DangrDafne who won the full size Abduction Poster with sexy Taylor Lautner on it ;)

Today's Abduction contest is timed because the movie comes out this weekend and after attending the VIP Screening last week in Seattle i got some cool swag and several extra's to give away. I got more t-shrits than complete swag bags and I had a few friends who claimed stuff so here is what is left for the draw....

#1 gets a full swag bag:
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I have 2 prizes to give away so I will pick one winner on TWITTER and one from my BLOG. You can enter both, but only win once - deal?

I will ship internationally!


***Draw Date [MOVED to] THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 29 4PM pst

My apologies for the inability to comment on this post the past few days, I have extended the draw date because of that....

Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day! I have been busy with real life as well as September TV SHOWS... Trying to blog at least a bit on all the new shows so scroll down to see... more fall tv here Also there will be a new contest posted later today - - - stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Ron Artest a.k.a. Metta World Peace and his partner Peta Murgatroyd were eliminated tonight after the first vote of the season left them in the bottom.

I am not shocked, he was really horrible! He also scored lowest last night.

I won't do a complete recap because my cable was in and out all night which meant to watch DWTS i had 5 clips on my PVR (DVR) for the show... so annoyed, but that's a different story!

I am impressed with Chyna, David, Chaz, JR while Carson was entertaining and fun. Kristin and Ricki did well also. Nancy did not. Rob surprised me.

Last Nights scores were as follows:

-Chynna Phillips and Tony Dovolani earned 22 points

-JR Martinez and Karina Smirnoff also scored 22 points

-Ricki Lake and Derek Hough scored 20 points

-Kristin Cavallari and Mark Ballas took 19 points

-Nancy Grace and Trisatn MacManus earned 16

-Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke also scored 16 points

-Elisabetta Canalis and Val Chmerkovski took away 15 points

-Ron Artest and Peta Murgatroyd came in last with just 14 points

I have a feeling I may skip Monday shows and just watch Tuesday's results, recaps etc. because there is far too much great tv on to waste two hours every Monday ;)



Unforgettable stars Poppy Montgomery (Without a Trace) and Dylan Walsh (Nip/Tuck) and is about a woman who can not forget anything she ever sees. She has baggage of course, it seems her sister was killed whent hey were children and she can not remember anything from that, of course. But everything else sticks, which makes her super useful when solving crimes right? Witness testemony, crime scenes, you name it she remembers it. Seems she used to be a cop... and dated a cop... and they are reunited after someone in her building is killed and she helps solve the crime. Another side plot whic is very ironic is her mother seems to have alzheimer's... strange for a woman who cannot forget anything while her mother can't remember anything, including her daughter. Anyways, this show was good, Poppy;s accent slipped out a few times, but it was endearing. I really loved her in Without a Trace and think this is a similar style television show that will suit her well. More Fall TV

New Girl

First I love Zooey Deschanel hard. She is adorkable (reminds me of Katy Perry a bit non?) and hilarious. Her character in New Girl has just been cheated on and moves in with three bachelors. Nick, who is the recently heartbroken, the other seems to be the tough one (Coach - Damon wayans Jr) and then there is the "douchey one" (ok the unsuccessful player) Schmidt. I like her quirky, soially inept persona and found myself relating to so many of her dorky moments it is embarrassing to admit ;) Overall I really enjoyed this half hour show and can not wait to see more! More Fall TV

Kristen Stewart Interview at Mulberry

No Robert Pattinson on Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

Sources for the US Weekly say that Pattinson, who’s has previously recorded two songs featured on the original Twilight soundtrack, “has been kicking a few original songs around for a long time, but his schedule didn’t allow it.”

Adds one of the sources, “Now he’s got some weeks to get everything in line before going back to promoting Breaking Dawn.” But when asked if the actor and talented musician is currently planning on recording an album, an impeccable Pattinson insider tells Gossip Cop, “He is not.”

We’re reaching out to more sources to see if there is a timetable for an upcoming Pattinson record, and we’ll update as more information comes in.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Hell's Kitchen Finale

Hell's Kitchen came to and end and I have to say, out of the final two, I thought Will would win, but I am not disappointed with Paul. Both were talented and theonly complaint I had about the finale was that Elise was in it! Really? Top 3? She was not even top 10 in my book! Tommy's gf and mom came to visit and the young girl was really attractive, much to everyone's surprise. Paul's brother came, Elise's son and husband and Will's wife and mother I think.... Paul won the first challenge in replicating a dish Chef Ramsay made. He and his brother got to go to a dodger's game where Ramsay threw the first pitch! In the cooking challenge it was close, but Will came out on top allowing him first pick of team mate int he final dinner service. The final challenge of course had them create their own menu items and past cooks returned, they picked teams and did the final Hell's Kitchen Dinner Service. Overall this wa a good season, I ahted that they kept "drama Elise" for ratings, to be honest, she made me not want to watch the show, she wasn't even the "fun" kind of drama. Ah Well. I hope they do another season soon, I would love to attend Hell's Kitchen to eat once.... More Fall TV

Glee Returns

I can't wait for the new season of Glee tomorrow night. This seasons looks to have more guest stars including Anne Hathaway!

See all Fall TV I am looking forward to here

Ryan Murphy told MTV about it, but since MTV hates Canada, I can't watch this:

Get More: Music News

Also 5 songs were released on itunes from the season opener which airs tomorrow:

- Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do

- Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

- It’s Not Unusual

- We Got the Beat

- You Can’t Stop the Beat

Lastly, if you missed some of the Glee cast at the Emmy's they were there and looking hot! Here are some after-party pics:

See red carpet photos from emmy's here

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Emmy After Party - True Blood Lovers

aren't they adorabz? Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer the newlyweds at Emmy after party I am going to die waiting for True Blood's return, but there are a lot od tv shows coming up this week... maee my list of must watch fall tv here

September TV Time - Fall Premieres

Well, I went to set my PVR (DVR) tonight for the week and I just about died at how many shows conflict!

What did we do before DVRs? I know I used to have a vcr tape in one room and another in the other if two shows were on at the same time. Now, I have EST c hannels and PST so if more than 2 shows are on at 8pm I can record two at 8pm EST (5pm here) then the other(s) at 8pm PST.

My DVR can only record two at once. There is one I could get that does three at once, but my husband says that is "pushing it" ha ha

Anyways, this week brings back some favourite shows as well as some new shows.

What I hate about new shows is that few last. I will record and get really into them only to have them cancelled. My new "technique" is to let several episodes build up before watching. Though I did that with Combat Hospital and I still haven't seen a single episode. Off the Map was similar I finally watched half the season a week ago! The Event... same thing!

Anyways, here is what my PVR looks like this week, don't judge!


DWTS - New season starts, I actually care less about this show each week. I really want to but it is a lot of time to watch and after a summer of non-stop SYTYCD (The obviously better dance show) I am not sure how much I can committ. I will likely start watching Tuesday only with the highlights and results. We will see. Plus, I do not see any "stars" this season - I mean really?

Hells Kitchen - Finale. I am pulling for Will at this point.

Two and a Half Men - Ashton takes over for Charlie Sheen - this will be interesting. My husband claims he won't watch now that Charlie is gone, yet asked to make sure all my "crap" didn't interupt taping it ha ha. FUNNY PHOTO.

The Sing-Off - More singing shows. I always at least give it a chance.

Hawaii Five-O - I gave up on this a while ago because I was just too busy, but I want to watch.

2 Broke Girls - This looks hilare and is short and sweet.

Playboy Club - Looks good!

Roast of Charlie Sheen - Can't wait to watch this ha ha oh Charlie Sheen you are fucking cray-cray!

Starting soon also Gossip Girl which I LOVE!

Other shows I don't follow but you may be interested in:

HIMYM (I love it but haven't caught it consistently



DWTS - Already said my bit - may actually watch tuesdays First results here

90210 - Was disappointed with the opening last week but I am loyal since the 90s so I will stick it out.

NCIS - A Show much husband and I both enjoy, often he more than me.

RINGER - SMG returns, excited about this new show.

Unforgettable - Love Poppy and this look really really good.

Body of Proof - I missed a ton last season and the series record is still up so we will see.

Glee - obviously a must-watch every week!

Camelot - Really loving this mini-series despite some criticism.

New Girl - This looks so awesome I love Zooey so hard!


the Kennedys - I want to watch, but I keep missing it.

Survivor - Looks like a good season with Ozzy and Coach returning as well as some interesting new characters.

X Factor - Simon and Paula are BACK YESSS!

Criminal Minds - Prentis sure didn't "die" for long eh?

CSI - Ted Danson joins the cast? Yes Please!

Reven8e - This looks super awesome, i know so little about it except a girl got screwed over and returns to the town to seek revenge - bad ass!

First episode review and summary here

H8R - Same guy who does Bachelor brings "celebs" to face their haters and try to make them lovers, or less haters.

ANTM - All Stars - as in past failures... See details from 1st episode here.

Modern Family - I love this show but have never watched it regularily I need to catch up


Big Bang Theory - love love love

Vampire Diaries - evil Steffan rawr

The Secret Circle - new, locally filmed, momma likes! See Pilot review and set locations here

Grey's Anatomy - old faithful

Charlie's Angel - new, giving it a go

Person of Interest - looks really great, perfect casting

X Factor - as above

Starting Soon: Private Practice - Miss this show

Not for me but yuou may want to know: The Office, The Mentalist.


Nikita - filmed in TO. love love everything about it

A gifted Man - Looks strange, but worth checking out at least.
Also: Fringe, Supernatural, CSI NY, Blue Bloods (All awesome, but I am not caught up on and don't watch on tv but dvd complete seasons or waiting for them)


Amazing Race 19 - I always try to watch this but can never stick with it lately (past few seasons)

Animation - I watch this with my husband, Simpsons, Family guy etc. he is more into it than i am but I blog as it is on in the background usually... good laughs.

Desperate Housewives - I haven't watched the most recent series but seeing as this is the last one I want to watch, but feel like I need to catch up or something.

Pan Am - This looks awesome! Christina Ricci for the win

Boardwalk Empire - returnssss such an epic show

Mythbusters - husbands show but i enjoy it too

What Shows are you watching?

Emmys 2011 - List of Winners

The winners… Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie: Guy Pearce – Mildred Pierce Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie: Maggie Smith – Downton Abbey Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: Peter Dinklage – Game of Thrones Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series: Margo Martindale – Justified Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series: Julie Bowen – Modern Family Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: Ty Burrell – Modern Family Outstanding Title Change: Mark Henry – World Heavyweight Championship (whoops, wrong show) Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie: Barry Pepper – The Kennedys Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie: Kate Winslet – Mildred Pierce Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series: Kyle Chandler – Friday Night Lights Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series: Julianna Margulies – The Good Wife Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series: Jim Parsons – The Big Bang Theory Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series: Melissa McCarthy – Mike & Molly Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series: Jason Katims – Friday Night Lights Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series: Steve Levitan & Jeffrey Richman – Modern Family Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Outstanding Reality-Competition Program: The Amazing Race Outstanding Miniseries or Movie: Downton Abbey Outstanding Drama Series: Mad Men Outstanding Comedy Series: Modern Family

Odd Two and a Half Man Old meets New Photo

Ashton Kutcher and Charlie Sheen pose for a photo op backstage at the Emmy's New two and a Half Men airs tomorrow and I can't wait

Emmy Red Carpet Photos

Just a collection of "stuff" from tonight's Red Carpet Love Cat Deely

Jane Lynch will be hosting

Alot of red: ,img src=" width=400>

Jennifer Carpenter from Dexter

Joel McHale

Gwyneth Paltrow

Claire Danes

Julia Stiles

Nina Dobrev ,img src="" width=400>

Jayma Mays

Lonely Island - OMG

Kayley Cuoco

Mmmm Ian Somerhalder

So much Glee to support Jane?!