Friday, August 27, 2010

Growing Pain. Leonardo DiCaprio is in town - I saw with my two eyes!

My exciting evening last night...

Remember Growing Pain? Leonardo DiCaprio was the cutie I had a crush on and little did I know, would continue to crush on for several years...

It's been a while since I looked at Leo and swooned, let's face it, cute boys don't always grow up into sexy men, but Leo still has a lil something that gets my heart racing...

Anyways, yesterday I went by the set of Riding hood (director Catherine Hardwicke, starring Amanda Seyfreid and Shiloh Fernandez, the 2nd choice for Edward in Twilight... Billy Burke is also in it... Lukas Haas is also in it and he is friends with Leonardo DiCaprio who is also producer of the movie and they are friends with Tobey Maguire who just happens to be in town also, maybe for no other fact than to chill with friends?!?! His co-star from Spiderman, James Franco is also in town filming Apes Prequel and Tobey's friends with Leo and Lukas)


I went by the set, it was late, after working 12 hours, I was alone, I waited, I watched, I saw Leo walk by, I almost died.

I have a very dark, blurry, crappy video... I didn't shout out, I didn't talk to him, I basically froze up.... I saw him between the trailers and he was talking to someone else who I couldn't see (a guy, could be crew, security, Tobey? though the voice was deeper than Tobey's usually is, no I couldn't hear what they were saying but i could hear the tone of voice and it seemed deeper than Tobey's but what do I know) he ran his hand through his hair, it's on my crappy, blurry, dark video, then he glanced my way and kept walking til I couldn't see him because of another vehicle in the way...

that's my story... not as exciting as I hoped but I saw him with my own eyes and for me - that is something worth remembering ....

now if the opportunity to talk to him arises... well, that would be BETTER but if it doesn't I am content with what I got... *le sigh*

still got the long hair...

If you want photos you can go to as Punkd_Images got some sweet shots, oh to have a nice expensive fancy camera to capture moments with *le sigh*

I will post my video sometime over the weekend, it is disappointing to be honest, but whatever...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Rob Outtakes

I feel like these are't new but everyone is posting them as new and I am hardly a Robward expert, so - here are "new" photos.... (new or not they are hot!)

There are tons more at source (below)



GQ Italia Magazine Photoshoot with Kellan Lutz



AshGree on LOL Set with fans

@Aidinslevel was pondering a nickname for Ashley Greene, I thought AshGee or AshG but I think i Like AshGree thoughts?

Anyhow, here she is on the set of LOL with some fans...


Peter Facinelli is a good hubby..

I have to harp on my husband to take the garbage out.... seriously!!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Get to know SYTYCD Canda Top 20

I blog at PURE SYTYCD and did a new post that showcases all the SYTYCD Canada Dancers... there is a name, photo and video of each contestent - - - Read on for more....

ALSO YOU CAN VOTE ON YOUR FAVOURITE based on what you see in the videos OR if you watch regularily what you know of them so far. I have no included Hani or Shelaina since they were sent home yesterday... but I will include their photo and video at the end....


Since some people can’t get SYTYCD Canada I thought I would share the dancers promo shot and video clip for everyone. I have included a poll at the end so you can use what you’ve seen here and on the show (if you are able to watch it) and choose your favourite from the Top 20 (10 females and 10 males)


Denys Drozdyuk, 25, Toronto

Edgar Gilbert-Reyes, 22, Calgary

Jeff Mortensen, 22, Edmonton

Jera Wolfe, 19, Inverness, N.S.

Jesse Weafer, 26, Aurora, Ont.

Jonathan Arsenault, 26, Kitchener, Ont.

Mackenzie Green, 20, Regina

I can't find his audition on youtube but here is a clip from the first performance show including his intro and his actual performance.

Sebastian Mersch, 21, Toronto

Shavar Blackwood, 25, Toronto

Yonni Fournier, 27, Montreal

NOw you can vote for your favourite Male:


Since some people can't get SYTYCD Canada I thought I would share the dancers promo shot and video clip for everyone. I have included a poll at the end so you can use what you've seen here and on the show (if you are able to watch it) and choose your favourite from the Top 20 (10 females and I will do a 10 males post also)

Amanda Cleghorn, 19, Mississauga, Ont.

Bree Wasylenko, 22, Toronto

I can't find her audition from this year, but this is her last year...

Charlene Hart, 22, Abbotsford, B.C.

Claudia Primeau, 26, Montreal

Danielle Gardner, 21, Surrey, B.C.

Janick Arseneau, 20, Bathurst, N.B.

I can't find Janick's audition either, but I did find this cute video montage of her as a kid and now dancing, dancing, dancing...

Julia Harnett, 27, Calgary

Kirsten Wicklun, 20, Vancouver

Kloé Schultz, 20, North Bay, Ont.

Again this is last year's audition.

Nathalie Heath, 23, Surrey, B.C.

Now you can vote for your favourite.

Two that went home

Hani Abaza, 26, Ottawa

Shelaina Anderson, 19, Edmonton