Monday, January 9, 2012

bachelor - 2nd episode

More Bachelor tonight. 18 women go to Sonoma to see Ben.
 Some airport shots and they arrive in baby blue convertible's sipping wine.

Jennifer has a nice look with deep red hair and pretty eyes.
Emily is still pretty awesome.
Still don't like Courtney.
More opinions as we go.........

Kacie B getting the first one-on-one is not surprising he seems to like her a lot, but there is something about her I don't love. She just seemed kind of plain to me in the premiere. They had a sweet first date, but I feel like it was more the date and Sonoma and the memories of childhood than them... I don't know, how can those things NOT seem tender and special?

Group Date = 11 girls preparing a play written by children. Ha Ha Ha!

The kids made them act ridiculous during auditions then assigned them roles. Blakeley's outfit was pretty risque for kids, but how was she to know ahead of time that children would be there and judging her? LOL

THEN they performed in front of an AUDIENCE! with Ben's friends and the public!
Jenna was a wizard with a beard.
Jaclyn was a princess and got to kiss Ben at the end, but there were plenty of kisses, mostly pg given it was a family show...
Jennifer was a weasle who got to kiss Ben (as a lamb) along with Samantha the pig and Nicki the donkey
the "hooker-gingerbread man" was Blakeley ha ha ok just a gingerbread man
Emily was a hippy and Rachel a valley girl, they were supposed to kiss his cheek but he left stage too soon - later they pulled him aside to get their cheek kisses
Monica was a dragon and was hilarious and "blew Ben's clothes off"

It was cute and fun. After they had the rest of their date and of course that is where things got interesting... booze and sexy dresses.

I thought Blakeley's "its my rose" was funny, but the girls took it so hard and like she was being catty, I found it funny... Jaclyn called her a cougar ha ha she is 34!!! I don't think either will last, so let's have a brawl between the two ha ha apparently Samantha had issues with Blakely too as she was in the restroom pissed off ha ha - dramaz

In the pool the girls were all playful and fun, a bit of making out with Jennifer, Blakeley, then Blakeley got the rose... Jennifer should have!

By the couch the blondes were all gossiping and hating on Blakeley, I do think Ben prefers brunettes... when she showed up they all walked away ha ha

Courtney's rant to Lyndzi about the 1st impression rose was hilarious, she is just as I predicted, model-snotty girl... I wasn't happy she got the one-on-one date but hoped it would lead to her going home... except I was pretty sure she was shown in upcoming previews so I bet she will around for a while - sadly!

Her response - smug "how'd that taste coming out of your mouth" ha ha ha whatta bitch!!!

Ben brings his dog for his one on one date with Courtney "the model" I don't find her that attractive, though her personality has a lot to do with that. I hate how her eyes bug out when she talks and that she always has her mouth open all the time.

They had a good date, Ben likes her, but I think she's a bitch.

The cocktail party was good, Ben gave time to the girls he didn't have dates with first, which was sweet! Lindzi the first impression rose and horse riding girl was told she made a good impression which is why he didn't need the date. They had a great conversation and I started to hate her a lot less.

Samantha and Ben chatted since she was kind of drama on their last encounter during the group date. Blakeley came and interupted them, which is STUPID since she has a rose and is staying already! I have always hated this about rose holders at cocktail parties... she then proceeded to take him away AGAIN... wtf?

Blakeley talked about how it felt getting the rose on the group date. It got a bit catty. SURPRISE!

Jenna rambles like an emotional idiot - SURPRISE!

Ben starts to sense tension and emotions and seeks out crying Blakeley to chat... she is hiding behind the luggage... *eye roll* then there is Jenna crying in bed... Ben visits her too... the clock said 2am.. these parties really do go all night!

Rose Ceremony starts...

My thoughts:
Jaclyn - I don't think she is pretty or very nice.
Blakeley - I do like her, I mean she is aggressive but she is hot and entertaining on the show like Michelle Money was
Brittney - sweet girl but a bit quiet
Courtney - hate her
Samantha - pretty, I do like her despite her pageant gear last week
Jennifer - I do like alot
Monica - saw less of her this episode
Elyse, Erika - not memorable yet
Emily - I still really like
Lyndzi - I hate less
Nicki - when will she reveal she is a divorcee?
Jenna - still a crazy nbitch
Rachel - I like her more this episode than the first
Jamie - I still really like


Kassie B, Blakeley, Courtney already have roses.... Ben also chooses:

-Casey S

 Sent home:
-Jenna whos said she was mortified.. LOL she has every reason to be mortified, she behaved like a psycho!
-two-toned hair girl (not jenna the other two toned hair girl)

Next week is San Fran Ben's home town. Lyndzi appears to have a one-on-one date.

Brittney does something crazy.

Some girl shows up - she calls and says "hi Chris I am on my way to San Fransisco" is it a past contestent? an ex girlfriend?

Then one girl faints

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