Wednesday, January 11, 2012

People's Choice Awards Results & Opinions

Here are the results and my opinions on them....

LOVED the People's Choice Awards intro with Big Bang Theory... it's an awesome show!

I really love Kayley Cuoco... she is cute, my husband has a major crush on her too!

She had some awesome wardrobe changes too - very cute!!!

Neil Patrick Harris is hilarious... I love him!

The awards itself were pretty good... I - as always - have opinions and so along with sharing the results, I am including my opinions... it is, after all, Mandy's Mind.... Feel free to comment at the end with your own thoughts... Best Actress & Comedic Performance - Emma Stone

I was so thrilled for this! She is my girl crush and she is so amazing and talented. I am especially impressed that she beat out Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon (in WFE no less) and Jennifer Aniston.... way to go girl!

Day Time TV Host - Ellen

I loved that Ellen's clip was with Robert Pattinson. I was even MORE thrilled she won - love love love Ellen hard!

Comedy Actress - Lea Michele

I love Jane Lynch, I don't find Lea Michele funny or entertaining. Kaley Cuoco is HILARIOUS, as is Tina Fey. I have NO IDEA how on Earth Lea won.

TV Drama Actress - Nina Dobrev

Presented by hottie's Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence of the upcoming Hunger Games.... I was rooting for Nina Dobrev (she used to reply to my tweets alot) I didn't like her dress, but I did love that she wasn't even on the ballot but still won.... hard core!

TV Comedy Actor - Neil Patrick Harris

I adore Chris Colfer and Neil Patrick Harris,t hey are funny... I love Cory Monteith but don't find him funny. Jim Parsons is CLEARLY the funniest in my opinion, but Neil Patrick Harris won. Why wasn't Jesse Tyler Ferguson get nominated? He is hilarious!!

Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson presented Demi Lovato

Demi looked good, red hair, slightly too thin, a red dress which I don't like with red hair, but whatever. I really love her... but she seems to be pierced and tattoo'd a lot more than I recall?

She also won an award, pop artist.... Vanessa Hudgens looked like crap behind her during the speech... I've never liked Vanessa though...

Jane Lynch as "seat director" was hilarious: "Gimme Pattinson, Lautner with a Stewart split" (not Jon Stewart, Kristen Stewart) "boom a twilight sandwich" ha ha ha

"Is it a gut instinct?" no.. "I feel it a little lower than that, in my loins" ha ha ha

The cleaning crew for where Jersey shore sat last week... the tent city inside, the Mila Kunis placard in the tent, it was all hilarious

Lady Gaga's pant suit made of uranium, Kim Kardashian next to Ashton Kutcher was funny too... "doomed hollywood marriage"

Comedic Movie Actor - Adam Sandler

I was rooting for Steve Carrell because of the MOVIES that was my favourite... I didn't even see the Adam Sandler Movie, but you can never go wrong with him winning something in comedy. He has some epic speeches in the past, and the voice... ha ha never gets old (for me) His shout out's to teachers was awesome!

Under 25 - Chloe who?

Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Felton, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, or Chloe Grace Mortez (Who I have never heard of) It felt like an easy Harry Potter win... but no.. the Chloe girl won and "lilke, omg, totally" did her speech... I disagree... just saying.. but none of the HP cast were there which makes me wonder... what ARE the rules of these awards?

Fave Band - Maroon 5

So many amazing bands nominated, I am happy with Maroon 5, I'd have rather Adam accept it topless though ;)

Movie Drama - Water for Elephants

Presented by Zachary Levis and Ashley Greene. I was obviously rooting for WFE (or The Help) and thrilled WFE won. I loved Rob's hair... I am not a fan when it gets too long and this clean cut is sexy. I agree, why did HE get to accept the award, it WAS a lot of people... oh wait.. because he is Rob friggin-Pattinson... LOL would people care to see and/or hear Mr Waltz accept? nah!!

Pretty Little Liars ladies present a ton of awards really quickly... book - Harry Potter, Reality Star - Kim Kardashian, Album - Lady Gaga, sci-fi - supernatural, r&b artist - rihanna, movie superhero - green lantern, +++++++++++++++

TV Drama Actor - Nathan Fillion

Jennifer Morrison and Ginnifer Goodwin (Once Upon a Time) Presented. LOVE THEM... the presented nominess like a fairy tale - so cute... Obviously I was rooting for Ian Somerhalder, he is hot, a vamp, his gf Nina already won, but I love David Boreanez from Bones, and Patrick Dempsey from Grey's. I hear Castle is good too, but I haven't seen it yet.. meh.

Comedy Movie - Bridesmaids

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley presented-rawr! I can't pick which I like more, they are both just different - both so hot.... I loved all the nominated movies, so friggin' funny... but I have a hard core crush on Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, so I suppose that would have been my pick... Bridesmaids was indeed the women's version of Hangover and so hilarious, any of the nominee's would have been a good choice!

Loved them singing Wilson Phillips

Faith Hill performed, she is awesome! It sounded like her music and singing was off at the start.. maybe it's the song?

Loved the "Thank-You Mom" section... awesome seeing celebs talk about their mommy.

Also Jimmy Fallon and the plant, deer, robot was funny... stupid funny but made me laugh.

Cable TV Comedy - Hot in Cleaveland

I only watch Nurse Jackie, but Betty White rules so ya

1st ever Movie Icon - Morgan Freeman

Ewan McGregor presented... I saw him at the afi fest screening of Haywire in November in LA, he and some of the actors from the movie did a Q&A after - Channing Tatum wasn't there :( but it was still cool... Robert DeNiro, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman, George Clooney were all nominated. All are pretty epic. But Freeman is oldest I think... *shrugs* not sure what was up with his glove, but I could listen to his voice forever. He looked up definitions, Icon - tiny pictur eona computer screen, an image of someone who is saintly, representative of something... hmmm... He says he hopes he represents a working actor who is humbled to be nominated with the others and grateful for the honor... class act!!!

New tv drama - Person of Interest

Angus T Jones (kid from two and a half men) and the NCIS hottie presented... he is all grown up, I love him! We didn't hear the nominee's, but I do like the show a lot. Then they presented again.. New tv comedy - Two Broke Girls

I started watching this show but stopped... it was funny but I just missed a bunch when I was travelling and my pvr didn't tape it.

network tv comedy - How I met Your Mother

HIMYM, Modern Family, Glee, Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory... all amazing shows... The only one I don't watch regularily (because I want to watch from the start) is HIMYM.

Overall it was a great show... I love awards season! I bought a ton of party supplies for an Oscar Party.... squeeeee!

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