Tuesday, December 14, 2010

LMAO Taylor Lautner with N'orlans Saints Cheerleaders

This is funny...Maybe because the cheerleaders seem more excited than Taylor.... which would support the TL is gay theory non? ha ha jk - kinda... awn he is adorable!

[Via TwiFans]

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Anonymous said...

the cheerleaders have been getting themselves plastered all over the internet since Sunday night ...of course they're happy as hell. Taylor in turn is plastered all over the sports blogs. one is running a "caption this" using this photo..the top 3 r: "Hey guys I found the bone Gumbo lost..", "how do you find a werewolf in a haystack of Saintsations..feel around for his needle, it won't be hard to find" and "watch out girls that Woof bites.." (Gumbo is the Saints mascot in a dog suit)