Friday, October 22, 2010

Photos from Louisiana

I will post them with stories but for now most are uploaded on facebook.

Search Mandy S Mind and add me if you haven't ;)

IF not you will have to wait until (hopefully tomorrow) when I post them here


- Seeing Twifriends
- Being on Bourbon Street again
- Visiting my old town and my ex's grave
- Meeting new Twifriends in Baton Rouge
- Hanging at the hotel Rob was at (but sadly not seeing him... there is a story to that though!)
- Ryan Kwantlen (True Blood) was also at the hotel
- Walking and Shopping in the community the Breaking Dawn Cast is staying in (Again, not seeing them, most arrived the next day ha!)
- Drinks and lot's of em
- Shopping

Then there was Vegas for my 30th birthday wooooo!

Anyhow, lot's to share but for now pics are on facebook and more here soon

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