Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bronson Pelletier talks about the "fight"

Bronson Pelletier was reportedly attacked at the “Eternal Twilight 4″ fan convention in England.
Five allegedly drunk men, who were at a wedding in the same Birmingham Hilton hotel where the event was held, confronted Pelletier in a men’s room and tried to jump the actor, who’s currently filming Breaking Dawn.
Pelletier tells RadarOnline, “These five drunken hooligans followed me into a restroom… They did it because they wanted to jump somebody who was in Twilight.”
“Two of the guys tried to choke me,” Bronson tells RadarOnline, adding he “pushed back and threw them off me.”
Fortunately, the actor did not sustain any serious injuries.

Mandys Mind - Having met Bronson on numerous occasions and spending quite a bit of time with him while in Portland this October, I can guess that these guys were cocky and mouthy to Bronson who was likely talking smack back in his own defense which led to the incident. Not saying it is his fault, but he is not the kind of guy to take shit from anyone LoL

I am glad no one was seriously hurt, but I think Bronson should have had a Convention Staff with him or near by - I am not saying escorting him to go pee, but obviously if a few drunk guys follow a movie star into the restroom, security should investigate or check-in no?

This was not one of Creation's Official Twilight Conventions. Those ones always have adequate security or staff near the talent in my experiences with them.

[Source: Gossip Cop]

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