Sunday, January 16, 2011

Golden Globes Red Carpet

I am blogging as I see them on television. Will add photos soon.


I know very little about Fashion, however, I am strongly opinionated and state what I think... PLEASE feel free to comment, agree, disagree, etc


Natalie Portman looked fabulous in her dress and baby bump. She always looks great. She is also so eloquently spoken. I am a huge fan.

Olivia Wilde's sparkly ball gown reminded me of a princess. #girlcrush

Mark Wahlberg nominated for The Fighter looked nice in his tux and shades. Many of the celebs had sunglasses on due to the weather, I am shocke dhow warm it has been for January even in L.A.

All the men in tuxedo's as usual, I prefer men who snazz it up a bit different.

Like Kevin Hale from Glee for instance...

or even the host RIcky G, though it's a little bit more subtle...

Ryan Kwantlen had a nice velvety bow tie with his tux.

Matthew MOrrison always looks nice in a tux, he is also nominated for Best Actor and called Golden GLobes "Prom for adults" and he is dateless ha ha ;) He was working the velvet shoes!

Though some men just always look great....

Ryan Gosling - rawr!

Nicole Kidman had a tough time holding her face with the sun I think. Her dress was Prada and a bit too pale for her complextion in my opinion. Keith Urban looked a lil plumper, then again standing next to his wife who wouldn't eh?

Helena Bonham Carter looked a lil wild. I loved the hair and funky dress. "Wicked-Fairy-Witch" look she called it ha ha. It will surely make the worst dressed list ha ha

Sandra Bullock had a draped piece of fabric over one shoulder but it was beautiful. She looked really great, fairy-like.

Eva Longario had a simple black dress but it ha an amazing train-like bottom and open back.

Julie Bowen's dress is adorable, I really love it.

Julianne Moore, nominated for The Kids Are Alright, had an interesting red dress. So many one shoulder dresses tonight.

Jake Gyllenhaal was nominated along with Anne Hathaway for Love & Other Drugs. He always looks hotttttt.... and she is always fabulous. Sparkley and stunning. I love her she is a new #girlcrush

Christina Aguilera and Carson Daley interview was TRL Reunion. I guess Xtina isn't/wasn't pregnant as predicted, but had just put on some weight, She seems to have lost a bit of it and looked really nice at a healthy weight.

Justin Bieber in his Purple lenseless glasses was strange, but it was to promote his 3D movie. His hair was messy but not so long and side-swiped. He was hanging with John Chu who is directing his "Never say Never" 3D movie ha ha At least he got a hair cut

Angelina Jolie had a full long sleeved green dress. I didn't like the style much but the colour looked really great on her.

Lea Michelle had a pretty dress also. As I said, a lot of one shoulder dresses!

I don't like the colour much but she wears the style well. Kyra Sedgwick

Julianne Hough had a nice neckline

January Jones had a beautiful red dress that was fringey and almost like strings wrapped around her top and dangling down the bottom. It was very nice.

Amy Adams had a beautiful dress also, I thought it was stunning.

JLH had a very interesting dress

Jennifer Lawrence, I don't dig it

Diggin' Julia Stiles' look

Piper Perabo, who is a total #girlcrush of mine, look ok, I don't think this dress did her figure any justice.

I rarely like her style...

Seems simple but she look sooo tiny..

Catherine Zeta Jones look stunning in this forest green dress with such detail in the fabric... pretty!

Mila looks very pretty, I presonally son't love it but it is nice

Sofia Vergera is so hilarious, she has a curvy hot bod and bubbly personality...

Leighton Meester's dress is great, but I don't like the sleeves, perhaps others will love them *shrugs*

Emma Stone, what the heck... I love love love you but this is not what I like... is the hair for a role? maybe but the dress? gah!

Michelle Williams had a very short 'do and looked really sweet her dress was simple but pretty. Her straps were interesting, I really loved the look.

Scarlett Johanssen is a hottie #girlcrush but this dress seems too pale - maybe it's a personal taste but I don't like the pale dresses as much

Halle Berry is always gorge!

No.... that is all

More pics from the red carpet:

Probably High and I love it
James Franco

THE Johnny Depp

Michael C Hall... with hair... and more weight.. healthy... happy.. yes!

Oh J Lo this is a J No!

Megan Fox didn't do it for me either

Hello, I love you...

I don't know what happened to this kid but he got... old ha ha

Um - ok (Natalie POrtman des pregnant better imo)

*Show has started, will update photos and stars I missed asap*

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