Sunday, March 6, 2011

100 Monkey's Charlie Sheen Song - Forum, Vancouver, BC

**Warning - language**

This was the 2nd show by 100 Monkey's in Vancouver March 4, 2011. The first show was at Venue and Jackson was still filming Breaking Dawn in Squamish so he was late. The 4 guys put on a great show, but also did this 2nd show with Jackson later the same night.

ANYWAYS - The word for this second show was "Charlie Sheen" and it is effin' EPIC

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Anonymous said...

Mandy, It was great to meet you. I loved the show at the Venue, but I definately loved the second show at the Forum more. Yes Jackson was there but THIS BAND ROCKED. Hope to see you again at the next show if I can make it out again some time! Anita