Friday, May 6, 2011


Once again real life has me caught up and away from the computer. I swear I barely check facebook or anything lately... but this weekend I will devote some time to catch up on blogs and hopefully next week things slow down so I can post regularily.

This is Mandy's Mind - and lately my mind has been overfilled with the stresses of real life.

Personal Rant:
-working lot's of OT
-Sister's having a baby
-friends having a baby
-another friends having a baby and getting married
-ok like 6 people I know are pregnant ha ha
-getting a new car
-kiddo's extra curriculars (field hockey, theatre, etc.)
-overspent on some recent trips
-need a maid / house cleaner
-bff's bday was last weekend
-mother's day this weekend along with a baby shower and another friends bday

I could go on and on but I am tiring myself even typing it LoL

Anyways, thanks for sticking around and I promise to post more ok?

Also if anyone has cool stuff they want to share, you can always email me and I would be more than willing to post guest posts on your behalf.


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Fanpire Lynn said...

You won Mandy! =)