Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Real Life

Sometimes real lif sucks...

I apologize for my sporadic posts lately but there is a lot going on, so when i have time I will binge post

A little bit of a rant on my real life....

TV is my "down time"

First of all my cable provider has been absolute crap lately! My PVR started acting upa month ago and has got worse as days go by to the point where now I can't tape and watch shows and most of the time I can't even watch tv. It freezes, blacks out, pixelates, and cuts out.

The customer service of the cable provider has been even worse than the services they provide.

The tech guy came to my house to take a peek and I walked up from taking my daughter to school as he was at my door and he told me I would have to rebook because he had already called me in as not being home.

UM? WHAT? I am home now....

Not to mention to book him took sitting on hold for 4 hours - I have waited on hold for over 3 hours 4 times in the past two weeks... it is brutal!

The last phone in I made only took 3 hours on hold but then the lady seemed to not be listening to me, so I asked her to read back what she had written down and she said she hadn't typed it in yet but would. I asked if she could do it now and read back to me and she said "seriously? I don't think so" and HUNG UP ON ME!

That was the final straw, I called back, waited another near 4 hours and found out she hadn't written down anything (meaning I couldn't get an employee i.d. to report her)

Anyways, I have switched cable providers so on the 17th (which also happens to be my birthday) I will have a new cable, internet and phone provider... I am nervous after 10+ years with SHAW I am switching to TELUS... but Shaw has screwed me for the last time!

So I have been missing a lot of my shows, and my shows are me ecape from a crazy, busy, stressful real life... grrrrr

Forks Funk

It has been a week since Forks and I miss it. well, more the people... I really loved the weekend there!

October is my busy time

Yes I am always busy it seems, but October is always the worst. Besides Canadian Thanksgiving, which we just had, I have a number of friend's birthdays (including mine) and Halloween, which is the busiest holiday of the year for me because of a massive event I am involved in planning. Essentially I have no time for anything but event planning... stress city until Nov 1


November is usually a lazy month for me after a crazy October. Last year I vegged, the year before I actually had H1N1, but most years i am lazy, tired, and often sick after working so hard..

This November won't be lazy-bones month, but it WILL be busy and fun

I am going down to L.A. for Breaking Dawn Con, Premiere and other fun events and activities wityh friends. Then I am heading to NYC for more fun with friends and to see the Breaking Dawn midnight showing with friends.

Can't wait but it is a lot to plan and save money for!

Alright, I will end my rant there. I don't often use this space to rant about personal things, I keep it to fun stuff typically, but since there has been a lack of posts and a few people message me worried, or wondering what was going on, I decided to do a post and let you into my world a bit :)

So sorry and I promise to post more soon, morel ikely once my internet switches over ;)

Thanks for reading


Dee Dee said...

Wow , what a pain in the a** I would have dropped the cable company a long time ago.. Good luck on the new provider.. Take care of yourself and don't over do it.. Your body can only handle so much.. Hope you have an awesome time next month, so jealous right now!!

kathryn311 said...

Sorry about your "Cable Guy" week! I've been there too and it stinks. Glad you will be at the Breaking Dawn Con in Nov. I will hopefully be able to meet you in person since I'll be there with friends. We thought about camping out for the premiere but then reality/sanity came to the forefront of my brain =)