Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reality TV Updates - Jan 2011

It has been a while since I did some reality tv updates. It seems pretty slow right now anyways...

The Bachelor

Brad has zero personality. He agrees with the ladies or repeats what they say in the form of a question and it drives me nuts. I don't get why he is back. I mean YES he brought a therapist to remind everyone he was "damaged" and is now "working on being fixed" and that is not my issue - my issue is that he is boring, albeit pretty to look at, he has very little going on upstairs it seems.

I really like Emily and at first wanted to see her as the next Bachelorette. But then I realized she is kind of dull... sweet, but boring. So I would like to see boring Brad and boring Emily live happily ever after.

Next Bachelorette - - - Chantal O - - - I really like her and she has so much more to her than Emily and would be more fun to see as a Bachelorette. Non?

Shawntel is also interesting. As his choice or as a Bachelorette. Thought to be honest, I wouldn't be upset if she left. And why is Ashley H still there? gah she annoys me...

I would like to see Crazy Michelle admitted into a crazy home... she is scary nuts... like TMZ should be following her because that's a tabloid waiting to explode right there!

Jersey Shore

Well, same old same old, drinking, clubbing, GTL, fights, drunks, blah blah, a train wreck but I can't stop myself from watching. I hate Sammi... I am so glad Ronnie and her are done (again) she is just - blah!

I think it is HILARIOUS that they are planning to go to Italy for the next season. Even funnier is that Italy is pissed they are coming ha ha

American Idol

New Season, New hosts. I am loving the chemistry and the change up with Steven Tyler, J Lo and Randy. I am NOT loving the emotional rollercoaster they take me on every episode. The sad stories make me bawl... I am liking that (at least it seems that) they are showing less crappy singers and focussing more on good singers and their sad stories ha! I am behind a couple episodes but during auditions I tend to wait and then watch a few at a time.

Apparently AI is apologizing for Steven Tyler's behaviour Not sure if it is a joke or if he has done something outrageous in the past couple episodes. I know he is a big flirt, busts out in song and is charasmatic... for me that is enough to keep him around ;)

Survivor - Redemption Island

Russell Hantz & Boston Rob Mariano return AGAIN to Survivor. Redemption Island will have those voted off by their tribe go to isolation until the next castaway is voted there. Then the 2 will fight in some challenge sending one home and one left... untilt he next castawa is voted off and so on. At some point who ever is on redemption island having beat other castaways in challenges, gets to return to the main island... oooh! Nice Twist. Furthermore, you will have arch nemisis' Rob vs. Russell. CAN NOT WAIT!

I am a massive Russell Fan.... I loved Rob too but I am rooting for Russell all the way! Feb 16th baby!

America's Next Top Model

New season starts it's 16th season Feb. 23. I predict a ghetto black teen who perpetuates the bad image of black women (though every season I wonder how and why Tyra Banks allows it), the tom boy skinny girl who thinks she is ugly and goes far in the competition, the rich girl who gets by on her looks, and of course at least three girls who bicker and fight non-stop... let's not forget the ones that bawl when they have to cut their hair *sigh*

Here is the cast list. Lot's of unemployed girls and/or students, or waitresses... awesome. Yet I am sure I will watch.. especially now that I got a PVR expander... ha!


Rumour is that Derek Hough will skip next season since he will be filming Cobu 3-D. That is great for him, and honestly, probably good for the other dancers and contestents since he tends to dominate the wins ;)

SYTYCD Auditions

Next season's auditions have started and continue this month. Also Mary Murphy will be back to judge. I always love this show... can't wait to meet the dancers.

Other Gossip:

Bachelor(ette) contestents Peyton and Chris are dating. I like Peyton and I LOVE Chris (was so happy Ali rejected him, I am not an Ali fan and thought he'd be better off without her). I had hoped he would be the Bachelor, but he turned it down and it's a good thing. He has been dating Peyton since last Fall (she was on Bachelor Pad and Baldwin's season) I think they are adorable and hope to hear they make it!! Chris is amazing!!!

[Reality TV News Via Reality World]

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love Russell too! can not wait for this survivor series.
you forgot the Amazing Race; isn't that starting soon too?