Saturday, July 16, 2011

Big Brother Updates

SPoilers Below including who are have/have-not's and who Jordan nominated:


Adam & Dominic are nominated.

Dani seems to have a crush on Dom and is trying to get Rachel to throw the PoV and grt Cassi and Shelly put up and get Cassi out. I feel like it's about Dani wanting Dom and DOm and Cassi being close - lame game move on Dani's part if true.

9 votes this week... Shelly, Kalia, Jeff, Brendon, Rachel, Danielle (maybe?) will vote Dom out... but if they get PoV (and i feel somehow like they will) then Cassi and Shelly will go out and Cassi go home I am pretty sure.

We shall see.

Lawon doesn't trust Cassi anymore, they are all paranoid over which two newbies voted with vets to send Keith home (it was Kalia and Shelly - they pretty much guess Kalia now but no one suspects Shelly... most think Adam)

The Have-Nots for the week are Adam, Dominic, Shelly and Cassi. I am not sure what the comp was because Rachel was sticking her finger down her throat to puke during the challenge (which makes me think it was eating gross stuff comp) but then there were bandaids and a medic called for Kalia, which makes it sound pretty agressive/physical - guess we will see Sunday?

Have-Not's will also get jellybeans and jerky, which is pretty nice of America's Vote.

Brendon and Rachel are freaking out, getting upset anytime JOrdan talks to Cassi, even though Jordan is talking about non-game stuff as friend with Cassi and even though Cassi is not on the block right now - - - Rachel and Cassi are cruisin' for a bruisin' - - - cat fight soon i bet....

Je/Jo and Brenchel may be headed for trouble - and Dani is crushing on Dom so it will be a VERY interesting week - hopefully the vets can pull thru it and get rid of Dom (as cute as he is) and then Cassi and then get down to some singles... Cassi and Dom are the biggest threats to vets and I am pulling for Jeff or Dani to win (since Jordan already has - tho a two time winner would be amazing)

Time will tell

Who else has live feeds? Loving it?

Here is the slide show from Rachel's pics as HOH

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