Sunday, February 5, 2012

Channing Tatum on SNL

I died - if you have my tumblr (mandysmind) then you know... Opening:

Chan as Matthew McConaughey - dead on too...

Chan as tom Brady"

This one was kind of lame/not funny but whatever:

Pretty funn dance:

Chan as a stripper ha ha:

Not Gonna Lie - the tongue move just about killed me...

Backstage with his fam

Yup, totally regret not going to NYC to try to get into SNL as I planned... worse is I know how many fans got to meet him last week during his press and rehersals and such... so sad...

Then I was going to go to LA tomorrow for the voa premiere but... i can't because of Real Life :( sad sad sad but I shall meet that man one day soon!

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