Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hunger Games Mall Tour kicks off in LA

Fans packed the first stop on the Hunger Games Mall Tour in LA today.

See more photos at

There are a lot of videos on youtube, but most are screaming fans and a bit of the cast on the mics.

Seeing these videos made me decide I will SKIP Seattle's Mall stop in order to get to LA earlier and scope the scene for the Hunger Games premiere. I am so excited, but also nervous because I am not sure what to expect.

Having done Breaking Dawn Part 1 which was a bit insane, I am anxious for Hunger Games. I did register so I think I will be in as long as I am in the first 400 people in line - but I hope they email all the registered guests with some more information, I am feeling a little uncertain.

Anyways - here is one of many videos from today's Mall stop:

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