Friday, March 23, 2012

Interview with Liam Hemsworth & Elizabeth Banks - Hey U Guys

Part 1

Part 2


What are you looking forward to in the sequels? LH: There’s some pretty crazy stuff in the third book! EB: I can’t even imagine the bunker they live in! LH: The third book is wild and crazy, so for that to be a movie will be extreme. EB Intense. LH: That’s when the whole uprising is, so if we get to shoot that… Are you filming the sequels back to back? EB: The rumour is that it’s one movie at a time. LH: We haven’t shot anything else yet. EB: No one’s even read it. There’s now a tradition for the final book of a franchise to be split into two movies – have you been contracted for three or four pictures? EB: Can we confirm or deny that? [At this point there is a pause for a moment, as both Banks and Hemsworth look to the publicist, sat in the corner of the room.] I don’t believe we can confirm nor deny that! I can confirm there are three books! I don’t know how many movies.

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