Friday, April 27, 2012

Vancouver Breaking Dawn Re-Shoots but first, DC

Rumours were flying when Robert Pattinson was spotted at LAX today, but he flew to DC not Vancouver BC (yet, the re-shoots are scheduled to start Monday)

See more pics here

Apparently Rob is in DC for White House Correspondents Dinner where Jimmy Kimmel is hosting. Jimmy Kimmel also hosted Rob, Kristen and Taylor's handprint ceremony.

If I hear or see more on Rob's DC activities or Vancouver re-shoots next week - you know I will blog... I have a feeling it will be short and sweet in Squamish BC early next week... and I have no desire to make drive out there for 'maybe photos'... but I know the local photographers will be all over it - thankfully :) We shall see how work goes and if I have a day off I may head to the sets I know of there in hopes to see something to share :)

Have a Great Weekend!!

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