Monday, August 27, 2012

#bb14 shockers this week

I have to admit I have been having a tough time keeping up this week on who is in an alliance with who, who is pulling who's leg and what the heck is going on....More...

Frank nominated Dan and Dani. Jenn won PoV and Ian has golden PoV from Sunday's show with the balls.

ok... then Dan said Dani was dead to him. Jenn seemed to be forming an alliance with Frank, Brit also did, Frank told Ian if he saved Dan (or Dani I guess) Britt would go up.

Now it seems the veto was used (I think Jenn took Dan off, as per Frank's request?!?! I know WTF?!?!) and Brit is up.

It sounds like Frank saved Dan and in return Dan has to get Ian out next week... not sure...

So Dani vs. Brit on the block now. Brit is confused, as she should be!!! Things are wacked!

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