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Emmy Recap, Comments, and such...

Updating as I watch, re-posting with updates during commercial breaks....


Mandy's Mind....

-Intro was good, from what we heard...Beat out the botox from Jimmy Kimmel was pretty funny!

Sound problems, which continued throughout the show annoying!

Some good jokes in the opening, politics of course... tee hee

-Jesse Tyler Ferguson's fiance is a lil' hottie, very Darren Criss-esque! Good job! And their bow ties are adorable, and on sale for a good cause, to raise money and awareness for marriage equality!!!

-Breaking Bad Show before cable was pretty funny. I still need to watch that show.

-Big Bang Theory clip on Sheldon's love for the Emmy's accountants was awesome... clever way to introduce the accountants ha ha...

-The "OMG Tracy Morgan passed on on stage" prank was actually pretty clever, I bet it trended... and boosted ratings at least briefly.... PS Love Connie and Hayden, can't WAIT to see Nashville... I am so excited for that show!!

-Jimmy Kimmel tribute to himself was funny, I know a lot of people don't like him but I think he is hilarious 90% of the time. When he first started his late night talk show I used to watch it all the time because he was pretty brutally honest, didn't give a shit about offending and now that I have also gone to his show in the audience, I can still say he is pretty awesome...

-I also liked that he had his parents escorted out "taze them if you have to" ha ha "you told me I could do anything I put my mind to... I didn't win an Emmy.

-Always feel sad at the in memoriam.... Besides a ton of composers, directors you wouldn't regcognize, there are a lot of amazingly talented people we lost this year, and every year it seems...

Davy Jones from the Monkees made me especially sad! Loved him!! Steve Jobs of course was a huge loss too! Whitney Houston feels like so long ago! Donna Summer, Tony Scott, Kathryn Joosten, and of course Dick Clark all terrible losses also... They all are of course, a lot of talent!

Presenters and Results....

Some interesting presenters, nominees, and winners!


- Modern Family, Eric stonestreet

-Jim Parsons and Zooey Dechanel present for Comedy - Louie, Louis C.K wins.

-Jon Cryer and Kat Dennings present for Comedy actress, was rooting for Mayim, surprised to see Nurse Jackie gal nominated, happily surprised! Modern Family, Julie Bowen won.

-Kathy Bates and Jimmy Fallon won guest spots and presented directing award. Modern Family, Steven Levitan won "I want to thank me, for hiring me as a director when no one else would" ha ha

-Surprised Jon Cryer (2 and a half men) won. I was hoping for Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory) but Jon was surprised and legit not expecting it, and I kind of find that endearing. He has been through one helluvah year and deserves it - his character is hilarious!!!!!

-Stephen Colbert, hilarious, presented for comedy actress.... but not before discussing politics, "war on women" and praising women for being (mostly) wonderful ha ha, because vast majority are lovely... ha ha

-Julia Louis Drefus won for Veep, which I have never seen or heard of. I did like that she and Amy P did an "accidental" speech swap ha ha.


-Damon Wayans Jr and James Van der Beek - what an odd combo to present...

-Competitions Program first. I stopped watching Amazing Race ans never get Project Runway so I was rooting for DWTS, Voice, SYTYCD or even Top Chef... Amazing Race won.. do I need to start watching this again?

-Seth McFarlane presented reality tv host... with no sound... except it was his fault he was the wrong mic... he used Stewie's voice "that is what happens when you skip rehersal... that's going to be on youtbe" bahahaha I love everything about Seth McFarlane... more so now that I have seen him in person at SDCC... his intro was awesome, youtube it for sure!! He built all the reality shows into one bit.

The winner was Tom Bergeron, DWTS, which shocked me... nominated the past 5 years and finally won. Against Betty White, Cat Deely, Amazing Race host and more... meh! He has annoyed me since America's Funniest Home Videos (which I can't believe is still even on tv!!)


-Aaron Paul won for supporting actor, Breaking Bad. I was hoping for Game of Thrones but they were all amazing.

-Homeland wins and Hayden reading the names sounded like she was not impressed... who knows...

-Nashville stars also present actress in drama... Maggie Smith Downtown Abbey, I love her!

-Boardwalk Empire wins for drama writing, I think, I missed who was presenting too, got caught up in helping kiddo with homework....

-Outstanding lead actor in drama had some amazing nominee's as always, I was hoping vor Michael C Hall (Dexter) or Buschemi (Boardwalk Empire) as those are the shows I watch and love. Jon Hamm has been nominated a lot and never won so people were rooting for him, but Damien Lewis (Homeland) won. Random...

-More awards during my dinner included Jon Stewart, Claire Danes,


Lot's of great ones, American Horror Story, Sherlock, Page Eight, Luther, Hatfields and McCoys, Missing, Great Expectations, Hemingway and Gellhorn, and more...

-Steve Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire) comes out to present, I love him... Supporting actress in miniseries or movie. American Horror Story Jessica Lange OF COURSE won... so deserving! She is going to be in season 2 as a different character apparently, such an amazing actress! Her speech was so eloquent as well - love her!

-Denis O'Hare was my pick for supporting actor, he is so amazing in AHS and True Blood. Seriously, awesomely odd. Tom Berenger won for Hatfiels and McCoys.

-Lucy Lui and Kiefer Sutherland present writing (Danny Strong, Game Change) who I remember as an actor in Buffy - wow!!! and best actress -Julianne Moore won (Game Change) also, I was rooting for Connie (AHS)

-Ginnifer Goodwin and Emily Van Camp present director and lead actor for miniseries. They are both amazing - can't wait for Revenge and OUAT to return!! Kevin Costner wins for Hatfields and McCoys, Game Change wins for directing.

-the overall win went to Game Change, which should have been clear based on their near sweep in other miniseries categories... still, AHS should've won - it was epic!

Big Ones

Drama Series - Julianne Moore presents. Homeland somehow beat out Boardwalk Empire, breaking bad, downtown abbey, game of thrones and mad men.... random.... the time it took to get everyone up there was lengthy...

Comedy Series - Michael J Fox presents. He gets a Standing O... I love him so much! I bawl just seeing him... he is amazing! 30 Rock, Big Bang, Curb your Enthusiasm, Girls, Modern GFamily and Veep are nominated. I am rooting for Big Bang Theory and sad to see Modern Family win... again... I love the show, don't get me wrong, but it is getting a vbit old, redundant, predictable non?


Not bad, some surprising wins and some shameful losses...

My to do list...

emmy's always remind me how behind I am on some shows...

Shows I haven't seen but need to watch:

-Breaking Bad

-Mad Men



-Hatfield and McCoy's (on my PVR)

-Missing (and most of the miniseries including Game Change)

I've also not seen Community, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, Downtown Abbey, The Good Wife, should I be? why?

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