Tuesday, October 2, 2012

15 New Stills from Breaking Dawn Part 2

HUNTING SCENE - saw at Comic-Con - so good - love love

LOVE THIS!! Re-enacted it with friends at that actual rock!

close up

tender vampire love

Happy Family

Rose and Emmett

I thought she was looking at her wedding ring, but wrong hand, she must be realizing her power.. wait, still in blue dress, ok waking up "I am a vampire"

This makes me happy! I remember going by the Swan house and seeing the Christmas decorations up :)

Alice and Jasper

Voluri and what are those statues?


Romantic moment?

Red Eyes, Jacob and Bella, protecting Renesme?

Feisty isn't she?
This is my most favourite photo because I found the cottage just as it was being built and couldn't see the fullage Esme gives Edward and Bella as a gift.... beautiful!

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