Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Terrible Things that must end in 2012?!

If this is true, I fail at life... Seriously? Mustaches *ARE* still cool... right? right?

According to GAWKER.com these are some of the trends that need to end in 2013.... I disagree!

The article is wrong about....
-mustaches - NEVER! Mustaches are ALWAYS COOL!!
-saying "swag" WHAT?
-fan names (beliebers, directioners, monsters, etc.) *ahem* krisbians, twihards?
-one word tweet responses... still totally ok
-photos of food - shuddup i like to take pics of my food
-bacon - always cool

I do agree with some....

-ipad self portraits - seriously? it is like you are holding a baking pan?!
-skinny jeans
-expensive headphones
-face tattoos
-drop crotch pants - I like JB, but those pants are sooooo 1989.. MC HAMMER style!

They also forgot something....

-YOLO - no shit!
-bad grammar in create-your-own-meme's
-sepia/antiques instagram photos, sometimes it is cool, usually not
-sending mass emails on facebook (guilty!)
-inviting everyone to facebook games (guilty - at times)

What else???

Read GAWKER.com article here

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