Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nashville's Clare Bowen rocks

I love Nashville. During my Christmas holidays I watched every episode from the start and became obsessed. I especially love Clare Bowen's character Scarlett....
I found
this interview and it is making me excited for upcoming episodes...

It feels like Scarlett’s in her own show. Do you ever even see Connie or Hayden?
Everybody is going to crash into each other. You got a taste of that at the Ryman when Rayna [Connie Britton] and Juliette [Hayden Panetierre] were performing “Wrong Song.” More of that is to be expected.

Scarlett was just watching from afar, though.
You gotta think back to the pilot, and I can’t say more than that.

Oh! I was wondering where that producer guy Watty White went! He got all excited about “If I Didn’t Know Better” and then just disappeared.
Yeah, you’re on the right track.

So you have spent some time with Connie then. How’s that going?
That scene in the pilot when Scarlett meets Rayna for the first time, that’s pretty much me when I met Connie. She was amazing in Friday Night Lights, and I’m just rewatching American Horror Story now because I loved it so much. She told me that’s when she adopted her son, Eyob. “Yeah, I did it when I was in murder house.”

Also exciting.... Clare is going to have an album....

Are you planning to record anything of your own?
Oh, yes, I’m writing at the moment. I’ve got to find spaces in between when there aren’t cameras on me. It’s a nice problem to have.

Is your writing process different from Scarlett and Gunner’s?
It’s very much like that. It starts with an idea. That’s all you need. Whichever one gels with the person that you’re writing with, you go from there and anything can happen.

I had no idea she was Australian / had an accent.

Read more of the interview here

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