Tuesday, March 5, 2013

MTV Movie Awards

So MTV Movie Awards are April 14, 2013... earlier than usual, not sure why. Another change is that Twilight is not nominated... this sent social media into a frenzy as my facebook and twitter feeds became a flow of eme's hating on MTV. Don't mess with Twihard ok?

To be fair, Taylor Lautner has one nomination for best shirtless performance... but usually Twilight dominates not only the nominees, but the wins.... I wonder what happened? Are they over it? Were they purposely snubbed? Did they ask not to be included? I have no idea, but fans are mad!

I don't care too much, I mean they would have dominated every category as usual... *shrugs* everyone knows it - they also know an MTV award is pretty much no big deal in the grand scheme of awards.....

I am rooting for Channing Tatum anything and everything and of course Hunger Games and the cast....

See nominees list here

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