Monday, November 11, 2013

#Divergent poster reveal tomorrow from yahoo and my trailer thoughts...

Yahoo Movies will be debuting the official Divergent Poster tomorrow!

I CAN NOT WAIT! What's even better? The trailer... I saw it. It is amazing. 

I chatted with my fellow bloggy gals and we shared out thoughts at

Here is an excerpt April wrote:

We have been asked by Summit Entertainment to share some of our reactions… without giving away too much of course! So… Our conversation went something like this:
April: Okay girls. So you just watched the Trailer… Give me your first reaction’s in 3 words?
Jen: 1.WOW 2. YES. 3. MOOOOOORE! 
Mandy: 1. Intense 2. PERFECT 3. SQUEEEEE! (Is Squee a word) 
April: I’ll Allow it.
Now my 3 words: 1. HUGE Goofy Grin that I’m sure they could see on the conference call (ok so that’s not a word) 2. OH EM GEE! (again, maybe not a word, but I’ll allow it) 3. HOLY Four’s Voice
Jen: Speaking of Theo’s voice… He practically sold me a car with his voice…. 
Mandy: That voice could sell cars!
(Curious? Click HERE
Overall, I think Shailene and Theo capture the characters perfectly, their chemistry is almost tangible and I can NOT wait or March... I want more!!

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