Friday, November 1, 2013

More Theo James coming this Christmas

Theo James is reportedly tied to the Christmas comedy 'The Most Wonderful Time'
Keaton and Arkin play Charlotte and Sam, a long-married couple who have been growing apart for decades and decide to host one last Christmas celebration before revealing to their family that they’re separating. Their grown children come home for the holidays with their own relationship issues and personality quirks, completely oblivious to their parents’ turmoil. As the entire family shares memories and creates chaos that includes a shocking episode at dinner, Charlotte and Sam begin to question their decision.


“The Most Wonderful Time” does not have a release date yet but Relativity is committed to making the movie in 2014.
This sounds like a cute holiday flick and I would love to see Theo in the lead as a "fake boyfriend" brought home by Amanda Seyfried... Merry Christmas indeed!

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