Monday, January 20, 2014

Sam Underwood joins The Following in creepy dual role...

Sam Underwood Picture

When I saw him on the return of The Following, I remembered those luring eyes, but couldn't remember where from... of COURSE - Dexter and Homeland - OF COURSE!! I am so much more excited for The Following now, not that Kevin Bacon and local actor, Shawn Ashmore aren't enough?? And Valorie Curry? Love! If you haven't seen The Following, you need to get caught up - it is amazing!!!

I had to look him up, did he have a twin brother who was also an actor? NO! Sam plays both Luke and Mark on The Following. I was thinking maybe it was a psycho-split personality thing, he was seeing a second him, but it appears there are twins on the show, both played by Sam. Awesome!

Welcome Sam Underwood! Can't wait for more.....

Underwood, 26, enters the series as Luke, whose bedroom eyes and disarming grin seduce a young woman named Heather in her New York apartment’s lobby. In a disturbing montage, Underwood’s character then engages in post-coital banter (including an offer to make breakfast) with a very-dead Heather on her bed. Most disturbing, he slow dances with a limp-bodied Heather as England Dan and John Ford Coley’s 1976 ballad “Nights Are Forever Without You” swells in the background.
Underwood’s dual role is revealed only when Luke emerges from a bathroom shower to stand next to Mark in a scene that likely prompted viewers to hit their DVR’s rewind button, looking for visual clues to distinguish gregarious Luke (the dancer) from reserved Mark (the pillow talker). Hint: Luke favors slicked-back hair; Mark has bangs.
Playing a freak isn’t entirely new ground for Underwood. The charming native of Surrey, England, was Dexter Morgan’s young protégé, Zach Hamilton, on the final season of Showtime’s “Dexter” last year.
“I felt like I was playing with the big boys from the get-go. Once I kind of got over my initial ‘wow’ factor, it was an absolutely joyous experience,” he says. He also played Leo Carras, the troubled boyfriend of Nicolas Brody’s institutionalized daughter Dana (Morgan Saylor), last season on Showtime’s “Homeland.”


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