Thursday, July 17, 2014

#TBT #SDCC 2013

Last year was a great Comic-Con. There were some highs and lows, like every year, but here are a few #TBT photos as I prepare for 2014 SDCC.
Chatting with the usually shy Veronica Roth, author of Divergent

salsa bar 

TVD panel

True Blood Panel, mainly Joe winking at me
OUAT and OUATIW panel

Dane DeHaan for Metallica movie panel and Spiderman panel.
Jaime Foxx at Spiderman panel

Andrew Garfield as Spiderman

Not a fond memory, but waiting in Hall H line that wrapped around the building and down to the water. Sigh. Hungover.

No Words needed.
Photo session with Grey Damon at a party.

Awkward I should know you moment with Molly Quinn at a party


Divergent Press Conference and interviewing some of the cast at roundtables:

Several random celeb encounters in my hotel lobby and elevator

And just for kicks - a #TBT to 2012 registration...

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