Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sexy Breaking Dawn Honeymoon in Brazil

USA News Week writes:

It seems that the Twilight makers have decided to make the upcoming film of the superhit vampire saga extremely hot and even more overtly sexual than previous editions, with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart set to be sent to an island of Brazil to shoot the honeymoon scene for Breaking Dawn, the next installment of the series. Twilight co-star Nikki Reed announced the destination of the honeymoon.

No sooner Reed broke the news, the speculations and talks about the filming of the honeymoon started doing the rounds of internet, with many places being named, such as Vancouver, Louisiana, and Brazil. Meanwhile, Breaking Dawn director said that he would remain faithful to the book by Stephanie Myers and shoot the honeymoon sequence in Brazil.

“They are filming a few days [in South America], but I’m not there. It’s Bella and Edward’s honeymoon,” the 22-year-old Reed said to She talked to the celebrity gossip site exclusively at the LA premiere of her new film, Last Day of Summer, September 22.

If the director will remain faithful to the book then we will see Edward not being able to control himself and he will unleash his inner sexual demons and lust. The decision to make Breaking Dawn hot and sexy is rather interesting because the Twilight sag is a phenomenon among the young tweens and too much sexual scenes does seem rather inappropriate for their age group. So keep your fingers and wait for the release of the film to judge for yourself whether it is overtly hot or the hype is not for real.

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