Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Solomon Trimble's Nephew Missing in Portland

My buddy Lorabell posted this at TwiCrackAddict... Her and I went for dinner and donuts with Solomon last week....

Hi all,

Many of you may not know that I got started in the Twi-world with a site for Solomon Trimble who had a small part in the first Twilight movie and is still good friends with many of the people he met whilst filming.

Since then we've become good friends and I actually visited his family in Portland last week.

This morning however, his FaceBook status update was that his 11 year old nephew, Lok Chante Marcellay-Ball is missing in Portland as of yesterday.

His family are requesting that anyone seeing this boy, please call 911 immediately

Thank you!

- Lorabell

Mandys Mind - Portland Peeps.... Help if you can!!

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