Friday, November 5, 2010

Taylor Lautner headed to Brazil?

I have been AWOL recently but am getting back into everything now that my insanely busy month of October is over and my first week of NAPPING IN NOVEMBER is over....

I guess there are rumours that Taylor may go to Brazil? Seems unlikely as he has no reason to crash the honeymoon, imagine.... ha ha oh how Twilight would change ;)

Anyhow, having just heard this rumour and being extrmely late to the party, I turned to experts on the latest and greatest.... here is the low down:

TwiFans summarized here:

1.Twilight Lexicon thinks it might be a dream sequence that Bella has about Jacob and Nessie.

Others think it’s just reporters assuming Taylor is coming because the Rob, Kristen , and Taylor’s names are frequently linked in the PR and the reporters just aren’t that familiar with the books. With Stephenie Meyer as producer, it’s hard to imagine a script run off the rails so far as to have Jake as a third wheel on Isle Esme.

The other item that might come into play is that Ashley Greene is currently in South America accompanying the Jonas Brothers on their current South American Tour which is just about over. It left us wondering if she is going to hop over to Rio to film any sequences that involve looking for Nahuel and Huelin.

2. The Twilight Examiner gives us this to ponder:

On page 673, there's a moment in which Bella has prepared the paperwork for Jacob and Renesmee to escape (via J. Jenks - you remember that part, I'm sure), and she has a hope that Alice and Jasper, who she knows are in South America because they have sent Zafrina and Senna along to help, will be of assistance to them.

Then I stared at the blank ivory page for a full five minutes, concentrating on my decision. Alice might not be able to see Jacob or Renesmee, but she could see me. I visualized her seeing the moment, hoping desperately that she wasn't too busy to pay attention.

Slowly, deliberately, I wrote the words RIO DE JANEIRO in all caps across the page.

What I'm thinking is that Alice might visualize the decision and the result - Jacob and Renesmee in Rio. That would explain them bringing Taylor Lautner and Mackenzie Foy along for the Isle Esme ride in Rio, wouldn't it? Of course, it could be a whole lot more creative than that - Bella visualizing the two gallivanting around in peace in Rio, Alice picturing meeting up with them in Rio (by that logic, Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone would have to head to Rio, too, I suppose), etc. Still, the concept that this is a vision of some sort is strong, and it also lends credibility to reports which suggest Lautner (and potentially Foy) might join the others in Brazil.

It's just one idea, and of course there is nothing official to say Lautner actually is going to Rio. But you hear things often enough, and it makes you wonder. Looking at the books, this seems like a plausible explanation, right? Your thoughts?

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