Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back to Work on Breaking Dawn

According to cast tweets there were some "big" scenes that involved fake snow... thoughts?

Some believe the battle/encounter while others are saying flashbacks and flash forwards (predictions etc) The easiest way to "test" this of course is to consider which cast is in town, what they tweet and then compare to scenes from the books.

I know they only have a few more weeks in Baton Rouge so I wonder which scenes they have lined up? More importantly which scenes will be filmed here in Vancouver?

Very exciting!

After a break for the holidays the cast headed back to Baton Rouge for filming. Many were photographed at airports heading back to work.

Dakota Fanning at airport

Kellan Lutz plays shy at the airport

Ashley Greene at airport

Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas at hotel near Disney WOrld over the break

During the break they were spotted all over by fans.

Nikki Reed with fans skiing in Montana during the break

Joe Jonas, Ashley Greene and friends at a NYE Party

Rob & Kristen with a fan on Isle of Wight where they celebrated NYE

Fans in Baton Rouge pose with Dakota Fanning at local store

And now back in Louisiana, some fans have bumped into cast out and about:

I am excited that we will get two more movies out of these Saga, but the wait is killing me... at least New Moon and Eclipse was fairly quick, this two parter dragging on and on is making me impatient... just me?

Didn't think so!

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