Monday, January 3, 2011

Rob & Kristen share a NYE smooch on Isle of Wight

A NYE Kiss between Rob & Kristen? Perhaps - sure looks plausible - but either way - adorable that they spent NYE together with some of their closest pals - I spy with my lil eye - Sam Bradley, Tom Sturridge who else?

Returning to their New Year's Eve Spot on Isle of Wight again this year, RObert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart, surrounded by friends, share a smooch to ring in 2011. Adorable?!?!

TwiFans had a blogger there:

I have never made any comments here before but felt I should as I was there. The Lobster Pot is our local pub and we go there every New Years Eve, we saw Rob and Kristen last year and when they came into the pub
they looked over and said hello as though they remembered us, (I doubt
very much they did) but it made us feel kind of nice. Anyway, they are
kissing, it didn't last long but my friend and I both sighed. Trouble is
I think now the papz have got wind of their destination, I don't think
they'll come back. Apparently the police were called at another place
they visited because about 300 fans and dozens of photographers had the
cafe surrounded. They are such nice people, no airs and graces at all
and Kristen, despite all the bad press is so friendly. Rob said, see you
all next year, before they left. i just hope they do.

TOo cute for words right?

[Via TwiFans]

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Snarkier Than You said...

aw! i am glad they had a nice holiday and got to go hang in a bar on NYE without being swarmed or anything. good for them! : )