Monday, February 28, 2011

Cast & Set Report - Breaking Dawn Monday February 28

Today I worked, then came home and fell asleep, and now I blog... This is just a round up of what I have been texted, tweeted, emailed, or told about happenings with Twilight Breaking Dawn in Vancouver.

Today's Filming:

- They filmed at Jacob Black's House today
- They tried desparately to melt the snow
- Wolf Pack members were on set (Exact Cast is unknown but fans told me they saw Alex, Bronson, Kiowa, Gil and a female likely Tinsel or Julia?)
- They packed up afterwards
- They are not scheduled to retun there tomorrow

That is all I know - sorry I didn't get any pix but if any of the fans who went have any to share I shall post them for you all.

Also tonight:

- Kristen Stewart went out with John walking around Vancouver
- Gil went out for dinner

Last Night:

- The wolf pack (Alex, Kiowa, Chaske) went out for dinner and watched the Oscar's

That's all for now


Anonymous said...

weird kristen is always out alone without rob lately,i'm thinking they broke up and some are trying to cover it up.

Anonymous said...

Who is John, with whom Kristen went out Mandy? Bodyguard? Btw, great posts. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Mandy, do you know if Rob is staying at the Sheraton Wall Centre in Vancouver again with Kristen again or at the Shangri-La Hotel with the other cast members? Someone tweeted this last weekend saying he'd moved hotels: "miggiet Miggie Turple
I'm at Shangri La Hotel - Residences (1128 w Georgia, Vancouver)
23 Feb" and "miggiet Miggie Turple
RPats spotting at my house in Vancouver...or is it.....;)
25 Feb" Have you seen him at either place yet or only Kristen out and about so far? You might be staking out the wrong hotel if you're looking for him at the Sheraton.