Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Everything Water for Elephants

As with other projects Robert Pattinson has done, I am creating a one-stop-shop with links to everything Water for Elephants. It will be updated as often as I remember. Check my side bar for more "everything" pages.

Photos and Stills

-New stills.
-Black & Whites.
-WFE Poster.
-First WFE Rob Still.-Children of WFE.

-EW Outtakes.
-MTV exclusive with Rob.

-Trailer 1.
-Editing WFE.
-ET Exclusive.
-ET Trailer Teaser.
-Reese talks about Rob.
-ROb talks about wfe

**Photos from my friend who was on set**

-Rob in suit on set.
-Rob & Reese on set.
-Rob & Dog on set.
-Filming moves to TN.
-Set in LA.
-ROb on break while filming.
-Rob arrives in TN to film
-Rob waves to fans .
-More set pics
-More waves from Rob.
-OLd Jacob on WFE Set.
-Georgia Set Pics.
-Daper Rob on set.
-Beat up and Bloody Rob on set.
-Casting Call.
-Green Screen Set pics.
-More Rob and Reese.
-June 9 photos.
-June 4 pics.
-Hardworking Rob as Jacob.
-Dirty Rob on Set.
-Set photos of tents and such.
-Rob on train and set.
-Fans on set.
-More set pix.
-Day one filming.
-More from day one.
-Filming info.

-Re-Shoots. (Rob & Baby, Reese feeding wild cats, Rob carrying Reese thru mud etc.)


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