Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fans meet Stephenie Meyer in Vancouver

Life for Stephenie Meyer has changed, big time, compared to when 'Eclipse' was filmed. She has up-rooted her family and brought the husband, kids, tutors, and dog along for the ride to Baton Rouge and Vancouver filming. Now Stephenie can be on set everyday and worry about life at home. Home is with her.

USA Today had the only journalist invited to join the 2 day fan event with Stephenie Meyer this weekend. All 10 fans got to travel to Vancouver and have discussions with Mrs. Meyer. But USA Today got to spill the deets today!!!

What does SM think of Kristen's performance as a vampire, "She's created a new character. I was really impressed. I've only really seen her as (the human) Bella, so to have her step up and change it in the right way — she didn't have to talk to me. She knew. She knows the character so well now. She has really good instincts, and she looks amazing."

I was excited and to read about Renesmee's birth scene, "the most blood we've ever seen in the series", but was disappointed slightly to read, "I don't feel like it's graphic. You're not seeing it, but you know what's happened." I want to see it!!!!

Stephenie compares the characters to the actors which is funny. "Rob is more like Jacob than Edward. He's goofy, he's funny, he doesn't take much seriously. But he can turn Edward on like that (she snaps her fingers) when he needs to be Edward. Taylor's who we hang out with most. He's a lot like fun, happy Jacob."

Meyer says the first Breaking Dawn movie may end "when Bella opens her eyes as a vampire. That's the way it's been shot. They can still do it any other way, but I think that's the general idea. You kind of have to get there in the first film. That way you have all the time in the world to explore being a vampire and those exhilarating first moments."

Possible book in the future!!! One question she won't answer: whether the werewolf/shape shifter Jacob and Renesmee, the human/vampire hybrid child of Edward and Bella, could ever have children. (Jacob is a teenager, but baby Renesmee is aging at an accelerated rate.) "That is a question I'm reserving the right not to answer, because there is a chance I'll go back to their story."

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