Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nikki Reed Blogs about hiking in Squamish

I’m from Los Angeles, where designated hiking trails dictate the time you spend working out. A 6-hour hike? Even my dog wanted to turn around and go home. Apparently the locals call this place “nature’s stairmaster.” Let me tell you now, no stairmaster leaves you as beat up as this mountain left me. I only huffed and puffed my way up for about 45 min before the twitching muscles in my legs said “no more”. Then began the slow, treacherous journey down. To be honest, if I were adequately prepared I would have brought butt pads.
The following day I attempted to seek out a hike that was more about the view than the glute workout. Note to self: When taking the scenic route in another country that uses the metric system, make sure to bring a device with a converter…or Google it. I underestimated what a 12km hike was. 2 ½ hours later, Enzo and I were still wandering around in the forest trying to find our breadcrumbs.
(Don’t judge the photos. The iphone camera didn’t do this place justice. Next time I will bring my “big girl” camera.)

Posted on her blog,, March 28.

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