Monday, May 9, 2011

Breaking Dawn Cast do their own Stunts

Next Movie writes:

According to Next Movie, Ashley Greene says a lot of what you’ll see on screen is not stunt doubles.

“They’re working with special effects but actually our cast as a whole is pretty athletic,” she tells NextMovie exclusively. “Everyone really wants to be able to do their own stunts. We all worked really hard to do as much as production would possibly allow us do insurance-wise.

“A lot of what you see will actually be us doing it.”

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On previous movies Ashley did a number of “stunts” and physical items herself. In Twilight she learned how to pitch, in New Moon she learned to drive stick shift and maneuver the yellow Porsche in some tight corners, and in Eclipse she did some of the newborn battle sequences.

This always makes me laugh. Yes, they do some of their own stunts but there is no way they do them all. How do I know this? Besides being common sense I know people who WATCHED stunt doubles doing stunts - So yes maybe they did do some stuff themselves, which is awesome, but CLEARLY they can't do them all - they are far too pretty for that - -

[via twilight lexicon]

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