Friday, May 13, 2011

Cannes and Twilight Stars

Breaking Dawn has wrapped and Twilight Cast will have a ton of promotion to do over the next couple years with the releases of the two part film, however, it is onward and upward for the Twilight family. Cannes is a great spot for them to pitch new films and there they are working it.

Lexicon writes:
The Cannes Film Festival is THE film festival by which all others pale. It’s power brokers, see and be seen, splashy film debuts, early OSCAR buzz…you name it.

Well there are multiple projects being pitched in Cannes over the next two weeks or so that are in some way connected to Twilight actors and Stephenie Meyer. Cannes is where they hope to garner interest for financial backing, distribution and more.

So here goes the list which has been changing like crazy, it’s the most Twilight connected Cannes list I’ve seen in three years!

Peter Facinelli’s Loosies

Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene Warrior’s Heart (filmed just post filming of Twilight, before Twilight hit theaters)

Alex Meraz City of Gardens

Jackson Rathbone The Idiot (Jackson’s name was just attached to this film today!)

Michael Sheen Midnight in Paris (a Woody Allen film, and film debut)

Bryce Dallas Howard Restless (film debut)

Stephenie Meyer The Host.

Oh to be there, one day... I have always wanted to go!


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