Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Something Borrowed - Review and Comparison of Novel vs Movie

I read Something Borrowed a couple years ago and really loved it. What shocked me MORE was how Something Blue was able to switch my whole perspective on Darcie, but that's another story....

If you have not seen the movie or do not want spoilers do not ready on as my review and comparison of book vs movie will reveal plot and other things you may not wish to read (yet)


I love Emily Giffin's writing and knew this movie would be a chick flick. I was glad to see that much of the movie stuck to the book, with a few exceptions. Though it has been a while since I read the book, which helps.

The casting itself was amazing. Ginnifer Goodwin was a perfect Rachel. Colin Egglesfield was a sexy but sensitive Dex and Kate Hudson had all the crazy, wild, quirks of Darcy. I love John Krasinski and think he was a fantastic Ethan, but Steve Howey was NOT AT ALL what I imagined for Marcus.

The story itself is tough. Who wants a girl to hook up with her best friend's fiance? It is a tough angle to sell and make an audience want to see happen. I think the book did a better job of making you "hate" Darcy (or at least think she deserves it) and want Dex and Rachel together, whereas the mvoie tried, but in my opinion did not do as good a job.

The book also did a better job of showing the BFF status between Darcy and Rachel. The movie didn't make you believe they were life-long best friends as well. Although I did like the flashbacks in the movie to show the past, I still do not think that Darcy and Rachel had a believable relationship like the book described, with the exception of a few scenes (The sleepover, in particular the dancing etc.)

Other differences.... There is no Hilary in the movie, Marcus is a lot different than I imagined, the ending is different.

I really prefered the book ending... the movie was just kind of - meh!

Overall I loved the book, liked the movie and suggest you read before you see or you may not want to read... but I promise reading is worth it! And Something Blue, the sequel is an AMAZING book too! Wraps up some loose ends from the first book in a unique and interesting way ;)


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